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It's my site, I'm Dr Paul and I have been a professional quizmaster for over 20 years. This site is a resource for Pub Quizmasters and other question writers.

Current features include news, a large supply of free quiz questions, (both text and picture questions  - see links at top), downloadable quizzes and my best-selling quizmaster's manual: How To Make £100 a Night (or More) as a Pub Quizmaster.

 What does DP mean?

DP stands for my name: Dr Paul,

And Who is Dr.Paul?

I became Dr Paul when I began quizmastering in the 1996 in Glasgow, Scotland. I loved what I was doing and realised that being a quizmaster was the thing for me.

Following strong demand for own brand of quiz action I became, in the words of the Sunday Herald, a "local legend" and before long there was a chain of live weekly pub quizzes and I needed to hire extra quizmasters to cope with all the gigs.

Through various twists of fate, I ended up quizzing all over Scotland and on the telly and the radio. It's a hard-knock life, not.

Now I've moved to the internet and created DP Quiz. My mission is to help quizmasters get well-paid gigs and keep them and stay on top of their quiz material.

On the ground, my quizzes continue in Edinburgh.

That Sounds Cool, Can I Become a Quizmaster Too?

Yes you can.

Being a quizmaster is cool and, luckily for you, I have now written down all of my real-life experience of the pub quiz game into a book: How To Make £100 a Night (or More) as a Pub Quizmaster.As far as I know, there is no other book like it.

If you're looking for a job which is fun and rewarding, you should check it out.

How Can I Contact the Doc?

You can This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. any time. I am also on Twitter and Facebook. If you want to find me in person, you can come along to one of my Edinburgh gigs.


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However, please note that you are responsible for checking your own facts before using the questions in in your own event.

This is very important, particularly if its a life or death quiz situation or one which involves either a sum of money or your own reputation.

Facts sometimes change and when dealing with quiz questions from this site and from others you are strongly advised to check the latest information.

This is particularly true of questions that can easily go out of date such as "How old is Europe's oldest man?" or "What is the world record high jump?"

Countries, capitals and flags can sometimes change and, especially in showbiz and celebrity questions, subjects you could comfortably ask about a few years ago are simply no longer relevant to a general audience. The website has been somewhat dormant for a few years and there are a lot of older questions. This will remain the case for a short time while I get some new quiz articles ready for publication.

Use your common sense as a guide to help decide when it's worth looking up a question. If in any doubt, the advice is to look it up yourself.

More information and advice on this subject of checking your facts is available in my e-book How To Make £100 a Night (Or More) As A Pub Quizmaster.

Meanwhile, if you think you've spotted a mistake in any of the questions, or if you want to ask for any clarification about any of the questions, please get in touch, and I will always be happy to hear from you and correct the mistakes.


Dr Paul

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quizmaster bookGetting your own quiz night up and running is, technically, a pretty easy thing to do.

All you have to do is

DID YOU KNOW: there are 25,000 pub quizzes a week in the UK but Quizmaster jobs are never advertised: Where are these jobs? How do you get this work? Read on to find out how.

Would you like a fun part time job that pays decent money?

How do you currently make the money you need to pay your bills and extra expenses? Do you enjoy going to work? Does it pay enough?

Do you love your job?

How would you like to become part of the the lucky minority who can truly say "I love going out to work!"?

Being a Pub Quizmaster is a huge amount of fun and, if you know where to look , can be well paid.


My new book, How to Make £100 a Night as a Pub Quiz Quizmaster will show you the easy way to get started. You can become a real local celebrity and quickly start earning £100 for a two-hour shift. You’ll learn how professional quizmasters work smarter, not harder.


Did you know you about the amazing opportunity that exists right now? The Credit Crunch means that pubs are fighting for their lives. The pubs that thrive and survive will be the ones who do something pro-active to draw in the crowds. And that’s where you come in…

This book is an Electronic Product. Delivery comes in the form of a download available immediately after completing payment at Paypal

What Can Becoming a Pub Quizmaster Do For Me?

This is what you get from running your own small business as a local pub quizmaster:

  • Full-time money on part time hours – Are you ready to be paid £100 for a night’s work?
  • Confidence and Presentation Skills. Once you discover the tricks for wowing a quiz crowd, you’ll never fear any presentation again.
  • Hours You Control. No last-minute shift-changes. Your quiz night happens at the same time every week and only lasts for 2 hours. It’s the kind of shift we all should be doing!
  • New Friends. Quizmasters are at the centre of a great night out. Everyone's pleased to see you!
  • The Freedom of self-employment. When you’re the quizmaster, you set the rules.
  • Job Enjoyment. Never mind "job satisfaction". How many people can go all the way and say they actively enjoy going to work? Quizmasters are part of that rare club who love their work!
  • Local Fame. When you get recognized by in the supermarket by your fans, that’s when the fun of being quizmaster really starts. You Won’t be as Famous as Brad Pitt but you won’t be hounded by the paparazzi either. It’s a happy medium!


Follow the 8 easy modules of this book and you will be on your way to a great income for a fraction of the work and hassle.

join the gang

But don’t just take my word for it. There are 25,000 pub quizzes a week in the UK. Many others have already discovered what it’s like to make money and have fun as a pub quiz quizmaster.

“I enjoy performing my quiz as I get to do a bit of everything; I put a bit of stand up in, I sing a lot, and I ask questions. It's a touch anarchic too, and I love it when people get involved in the mayhem with me.”

Jim Davis, Quizmaster, London

“I kind of fell into the quizmastering. I took over from the previous quiz chap as a lark. But found it fun and it helped boost my confidence in public speaking and dealing with people in general.”

Jim Smith, Quizmaster, Glasgow

The Author – a Real-Life Pub Quiz Expert

"From my 12-year experience in the pub quiz game and personally presenting more than 2000 live quiz nights, I'll reveal what works and what doesn’t. Learn from my mistakes, profit from my discoveries.

Some quizmasters just work for beer but with 15 million people socialising in the nation's pubs every week and an estimated 25,000 weekly pub quizzes taking place in the UK alone, there is no doubt that there is a viable marketplace for a professional quizmaster.

After helping other quizmasters get started in Glasgow, I realised that I should put my unique expertise in a book. There is no other book available that gives you step-by-step instructions on making a viable business from being a pub quizmaster.



Email: paul [at] dpquiz [dot] co [dot] uk

Skype: dpquiz

The author of How To Make £100 a Night (or More) as a Pub Quizmaster is Dr. Paul of DP Quiz

After ruling the pub quiz scene in Glasgow, Scotland for 12 years, the doc has moved to quizzing on the internet and is now ready to share his pub quiz secrets.

“Dr. Paul himself has become a Glasgow folk figure in the 10 years he's been in business and the breadth of his domain now extends to pubs all over the city.”

Who Would Suit Becoming a Quizmaster?

Becoming a Pub Quizmaster is a greatjob for anyone looking to make a great extra income from part-time hours, but there are certain groups who will get extra benefit.

If you're looking for experience of presenting or performing, Quizmastering can give you plenty of that, as well as paying a nice extra income.

  • Comedians - If you’re trying to break through as stand-up, working as a quizmaster gives you invaluable mic-time and a ready-made audience: an amazing opportunity to sharpen your style while getting paid proper money. Your fellow stand-ups will wonder how you suddenly became so relaxed and professional!
  • Actors - Being a quizmaster gives you the ideal opportunity to build your experience of handling a live crowd. Presenting a weekly quiz could be your secret weapon!
  • Students - Making a quick £100 on a Monday night as a quizmaster could be exactly what you need to get through the year without breaking the bank and still having time to study.
  • DJs and Karaoke Presenters - If you get a lot of work on Fridays and Saturdays, but find the rest of the week slow, hosting Quiz Nights gives you a chance to put your skills to work on Sundays, Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays too.
  • Speakers - Anyone who wants to present for a living, be it in education, politics or business will gain irreplaceable experience from running a weekly quiz night... all at the same time as getting paid good money!
quizmasters make real money

“When I'm doing a quiz, the people in the pub look at me like I'm a God.”

Edwin Todd, Quizmaster, London

download button

Value: £17.99 (including VAT)


To be at the centre of the reason everyone is there, and for them to choose to come along and want to be there - to do this every night is my enjoyable and enviable goal.”

James Oakley, Quizmaster, Glasgow

Your fans await

What's In The Book?

How to Make £100 a night (or more) as a Pub Quizmaster contains 29 chapters, arranged as 8 easy modules

You'll learn how the scene works and how you can quickly get started to become a local celebrity with your own set of fans and a tidy extra income.

Here’s a rundown of contents of the 485-page book:

Module 1

An introduction to quizmastering for money: including my own story and a look at the gap in the market for quizmasters and whether it’s the right job for you.

Chapter 1- MY STORY

Chapter 2 - YOUR STORY


Module 2 - Selling Your First Gig

How to find a pub that needs a quiz and how to sell them the night.

Chapter 5 - THE PITCH



Module 3 - Finding an Audience

How to round up a crowd for your quiz night, including tips on printing posters, using the internet to its maximum potential, and how to get free publicity.

Chapter 7 - WORD OF MOUTH

Chapter 8 - IN THE PUB

Chapter 9 - POSTERS & FLYERS

Chapter 10 - INTERNET & EMAIL



Module 4 - The DP Quiz Format

A detailed quizmaster’s-eye view description of my own quiz night format which kept Glasgow quizgoers entertained for 12 years.




Chapter 16 - TIEBREAKERS

Chapter 17 - RULES

Module 5 - Other Formats

Almost every quiz night in Britain is different in some way. This part shows various ways that you can format and customise your pub quiz.

Chapter 18 - OVERALL

Chapter 19 - BONUS ROUNDS


Chapter 21 - TIEBREAKERS

Chapter 22 - CHALLENGES


Module 6 - Getting Ready

Half of the secret to being a successful quizmaster is getting on top of problems before they arise. This module describes the organisation you need to make your quiz-life easy.

Chapter 24 - QUIZ HQ

Chapter 25 - QUESTIONS



Module 7 – On the Night

Quiz like a pro. Learn the secrets that will leave your audience hanging on your every word and coming back every week.

Why be just another quizmaster when you could be a quiz legend? This part is a step-by-step guide to actually presenting your quiz night and is packed with tips, tricks, shortcuts and know-how to help you be the best and keep your quizgoers coming back for more.

£17.99 (inc VAT). Click to buy now.



Module 8 – Taking Care of Business

The aim is to make money, so you’ll need to know how to manage your affairs.


Chapter 31 - PAYING TAX

Chapter 32 - GETTING HELP

Bonus Material: the DP Quizmaster’s Starter Kit

When you get How to Make £100 a Night (Or More) as a Pub Quiz Quizmaster, you also get the DP Quizmasters’ starter kit to make it easier than ever to get your quizmaster career started straight away.

  • Starter Database of 100 Pub Quiz Questions.
  • Template for Answer Sheets
  • Template for Quizmaster’s Scoresheet
  • Sample Music Round mp3
buy now button to reach paypal

£17.99 (inc VAT) Click to buy now

So why should I buy your book?

You could go it alone and start from scratch like I did, but you’ll find it far easier after you've read about what works and what doesn't.

Being a quizmaster is a brilliant way to make money but you need to know what you're doing.

It took me years to work out the best ways to do things: how to sell a quiz in the first place, and how to negotiate a good price.

I had to learn how to build an audience, how to develop a format for the quiz that keeps the audience coming back every week and how to write questions that work.

Bottom line: I wish I’d had this book when I started out: it would have saved me a lot of time!

"This is the book I wish I'd had when I was starting out as a Quizmaster."

There’s never been a book on this subject before. Now you can learn from my mistakes and benefit from my easy instructions.

This book gives you the shortcuts to 12 years or real-life knowledge and experience.

You could start without it. But don't be one of the quizmasters out there who doesn’t know their own value. Some quizmasters are working too hard for too little pay because they don’t know the important shortcuts to a busy and successful night.

£17.99 is a small one-off fee to when you think of how you’ll soon be pulling in £100 a night.

£17.99 (inc VAT). Click to buy now.

Until now, there simply hasn’t been a textbook for quizmasters, now there is!

There is simply no other book like this available today.

Quizmasters across the country are having fun and making easy money every week, but I’m the first to put it all down in a book and show you how to do it, step-by-step.

I can’t wait to see you become a successful pub quiz quizmaster.

buy now button to go to paypal

FAQs: Still wondering if this is for you?

If you're still not sure whether or nor or not you would enjoy being paid good money for speding your night in the pub, here are the answers to some questions you may have.


Q. Don’t I need to spend money on lots of fancy equipment to get started?

A. No. I’ll show you how it’s easy to get started with the absolute minimum of outlay on equipment.

Q. Is there really a market for quizmasters?

A. Yes. Every week in the UK, 15 million people visit the pub. There are 25,000 pub quizzes a week. The Independent newspaper describes Britain as “a nation of quiz addicts.” I made a full-time living from quizmastering. In fact, not only is there a market – but the lack of professional quizmasters means there is a big gap in the market. There is little competition; it’s an open goal.

Q. Do I need to be a trivia whiz to be a quizmaster?

A. No. Having a little bit of general knowledge will help but I’ll show you how to insure yourself against any quiz problems by asking watertight questions. And, at the end of the day - you're the one with the answer sheet!

Q. Don’t I need to be funny?

A. No. Some quizmasters are hilarious but as you’ll learn when you read the book, it’s far more important to be a warm person.


A. Don’t Worry! My book is a step-by-step guide.

“The pub quiz has become a national obsession. No self-respecting boozer can now do without its own questionmaster”

London Evening Standard

paypal pay now buuton

Order Safely for Instant Delivery

I am so confident that my book will quickly and easily get you on the road to pub quizmaster success, that I’m offering a full 30-day money back guarantee if you are not entirely satisfied with the book. That’s the Dr.Paul Guarantee and it means you can buy in complete confidence.

Reasons why you can order your copy now of Make £100 a night (or more) as a Pub Quizmaster in complete confidence:

  • We use Paypal to process transactions which means you can use any credit card – you don’t have to have a paypal account.
  • The book is an electronic product and is delivered instantly as a download, within minutes of completing your transaction.
  • The Dr Paul guarantee applies: if you are not fully satisfied with your purchase, let me know within 30 days and I’ll give you your money back – no questions asked!

guarantee symbol

Thank You!

Thank you for reading this page. I hope you’re already excited at the prospect that you could soon be soaking up the applause and counting out the cash.

I wish you the very best and don’t forget, if you have any more questions you can get in touch with me:

Email: paul [at] dpquiz [dot] co [dot] uk



Director, Quizmedia Ltd.

PS – There’s never been a better moment for Quizmasters: Now is The Time – The Recession Opportunity

As the credit crunch bites hard in 2009, pubs up and down the country are fighting for their lives. At some pubs, the windows have already been boarded up and more will close.

The ones that survive and thrive will be the ones who take real action to attract customers. This action includes putting on a pub quiz. Believe it or not, the recession is a boom time for quizmasters.

Order the book now and learn how to approach them… before they close.

You could even save your local pub before it goes to the wall!

buy now button

£17.99 (inc VAT). Click to buy now.

"The pub quiz is more popular than ever. Traders are telling us that this activity is increasingly important to their business. They know they need to get people in every night, and they're aware that pub quizzes are an almost guaranteed means of doing that mid-week, when things are usually quiet.”

Phil Mellows, The Publican(Trade Journal), London

PPS - Don’t just take my word for it – look what the Senior Marketing Manager of Mitchells & Butlers (which runs more than 2000 pubs, bars and restaurants in the UK) has to say:

“The way consumers use pubs is constantly changing and in a very competitive market place we have to look at giving consumers compelling reasons to visit our pubs (over a competitor and or staying at home). Quiz nights are inclusive events that people of different ages, backgrounds and interests can all join in with and are one of a number of tools we employ.”

Matthew Deane, Mitchells & Butlers.

buy now button

PPPS: This is the first ever book specifically written with all the detail on exactly how you can become a pub quizmaster. Get in now before someone else in your area snaps up all the pubs!

This book is an Electronic Product. Delivery comes in the form of a download available immediately after completing payment at Paypal

If you have a discount coupon code, please enter it here to get your discount:

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It's tough trying to think of a pub quiz team name. Here's some of the better ones we've heard and it's a list that will grow, especially if you send me some good 'uns that you've heard or used.

Warning - some of the stuff on this list is pretty foul so click away to look at something far more pleasant now if you don't like that sort of thing.

  1. Sausage & Gash
  2. Netflix & Kill
  3. One Way Ticket To Seshlahem
  4. Fat Kids Are Harder to Kidnap
  5. Gin'll Fix It
  6. Gash In The Attic
  7. We'll Always Be Together, Together In The Custard Creams
  8. Legal High Cherry
  9. Danny Dyer's Chocolate Homunculus
  10. Halal - Is It Meat You're Looking For?
  11. Ryan Giggs Owes My Mum Fuck Money
  12. Aint Nobody Deeder than the Drummer from Feeder
  13. All Students Are Cunts
  14. Barrymore’s Pool Cleaners
  15. Cosmic Pant Glow
  16. Dazed & Confused
  17. Fat People Use More Soap
  18. Harold Bishop's Red Speedos
  19. Heather Mills’ Leg Waxers
  20. I Was a Teenage Splash Conception
  21. I’d rather get a 180 than a 69
  22. I’m Trying to Get My Ex-Girlfriend Drunk So I can Shag Her Up The Arse
  23. Kate’s Bush
  24. Leo Sayer’s Terrified Eyes
  25. Mikey’s Farewell Blowjob
  26. Mrs Mangel’s Sweaty Snatch
  27. Mrs Whorebag Bitch and Her Minions From Hell
  28. My Grandmother’s A Shoplifter – You Should See Her Snatch
  29. My Wife’s No Gardener, But You Should See Her Bush
  30. Owen’s Vegan Jobby
  31. Primrose Shipman Eats Dead Grannies
  32. Punished! And Sent to Bed
  33. Rod Hull, If Only You Had Cable!
  34. Serious Moonlight
  35. Slow Foaming Motions
  36. Thank fuck that balding layabout, alky ginger fuckhead has finally fucked off back to Ireland, about bloody time
  37. The Bad Kittens Murdered Margaret
  38. The Bawbags
  39. The Brazen Hussies
  40. The Cunning Stunts
  41. The Diners and the 69ers
  42. The Forbidden Team of Mystery
  43. The Guy With The Crap Haircut Is Not Here Yet
  44. The Hamster’s Dead But The Wheel Keeps Spinning
  45. The Prom Night Abortions
  46. The Rawshank Injection
  47. The Wizard’s Sleeve
  48. Quiz Team Aguilera
  49. Wankin’ Santa Bathes in My Jism
  50. When The Rhino Approaches Drive Away Slowly
  51. Ewok Porn
  52. Quizzie Rascal
  53. Mayonnaise Is A Food Group
  54. Bucks Quiz
  55. Stephen Hawking's Football Boots
  56. The Mind Crushers
  57. Scud Books From Glasgow
  58. Stephen Hawking's Dance Revolution
  59. I Wish This Microphone Was a Big Fat Cock
  60. Helen Keller's Telly
  61. Ken Dodd's Dad's Dog's Dead
  62. Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwrndrobwillantysillogogogoch Train-Spotting Society
  63. Crouching Barmaid Hidden Sausage
  64. Fact Hunt
  65. The Four Skins
  66. 664 The Neighbour of The Beast
  67. Stephen Hawking's Karaoke Machine
  68. My Wife Can't Wrestle but You Should See Her Box
  69. Stop The Bus And Let My Brother Jack Off
  70. Bruce Springs-Team
  71. My Dad is No Architect But You Should See His Erections
  72. Agatha Quiztie
  73. Linford Quiztie
  74. Quiz Akabusi
  75. I Am The Butterfly And He Is The Moth
  76. Suck My Quiz
  77. Spartacus


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Amy Ling

Billy McDonald

Melissa Taylor



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dp_50_penceThank you for informing dpquiz about your link.

I will have a little look and, as long as its not complete nonsense, it should be on the link page soon.


Dr Paul

Quizmaster Book