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QNC_125I recently promised you a  review of Quiz Night Chief, which is a piece of software designed by an Australian company called Oakfocus and intended for use by quizmasters.

The full price version costs $35 USD but you can also get a free trial.

I gave it a whirl this week and discovered that

guinness-is-good-for-youRemember: things always change. I used to have a true or false question along the lines of:

True or False: The Irish blood transfusion service gives you a free pint of Guinness every time you give blood.

Answer: True

I was about to include this in a recent quiz when I thought I'd better

doc_graham_wwWhen you’re a quizmaster, and people find out what you do, they often say “Oh, what a great job, what’s your favourite question?”

This itself is a great question, so to co-incide with the contest to find the world's best quiz question, I asked around my favourite quizmasters and here's what