Free Quiz Questions on Famous People's private lives. Topics include celebrity weddings, divorces and babies plus sex gossip and other such fun.

  1. Elton John is getting married to his boyfriend David Furnish. What is the age difference between the couple?

    15 years age difference

  2. How old was Jordan when she lost her virginity?

    16 years old

  3. Film starlet Catherine Zeta Jones and sex addict Michael Douglas share the same birthday. What is the age difference between the couple?

    25 years (they share same birthday)

  4. How many times was Marilyn Monroe married?

    3 times (James Dougherty, Joe DiMaggio and Arthur Miller)

  5. Dirty old man Luciano Pavarotti got married at the weekend. What is the age difference between him and his bride?

    34 years

  6. What were Barry White’s pets: 4 Alsatians, 5 piranha fish or 1 walrus

    4 alsatians

  7. How many children does Bono have?

    4 kids

  8. In 2002 Jennifer Lopez got married to Ben Affleck but forced him to sign a pre-nuptial agreement that stipulated how many times they should have sex every week. So how many shags per week did she demand?

    4 shags

  9. How many times was Frank Sinatra married?

    4 times

  10. A few years ago a girl from Aberdeen was in the papers describing a sex-romp with footballer Stan Collymore. According to the girl, how long did Stan last before he shot his bolt? 5 hours, 5 minutes or 5 seconds?

    5 minutes

  11. In 1997 footballer Stan Collymore appeared in the papers following a love-rat romp with a girl from Aberdeen. But according to the 18 year old girl (Pauline Ingram) how long did the lovemaking last? 5 minutes, 5 hours or 5 days?

    5 minutes

  12. Jude Law and Sadie Frost divorced in 2003, but how long were they married (full years)?

    6 years

  13. How many children has Stevie Wonder got [2006-wikipedia]?

    7 kids

  14. What does serial shagger Peter Stringfellow NOT have in his bedroom? A mirror above the bed, a copy of the Kama Sutra or a Jacuzzi?

    a Jacuzzi

  15. According to Barry White is Cunnilingus A)disgusting B)brilliant C) a man's duty, whether he wants to or not.

    A man’s duty

  16. Who sparked outrage in 2002 when they said that they would like to give birth to a gay son? Amanda Holden, Alanis Morisette or Cher?

    Alanis Morissette

  17. Which one of these pop stars is actually married: Lily Allen or Amy Winehouse?

    Amy Winehouse (to a man called Blake Fielder-Civil)

  18. Which celebrity has, in the past, been married to both Jonny Lee Miller and Billy Bob Thornton?

    Angelina Jolie

  19. Divine Brown is the hooker who was caught with Hugh Grant a few years ago. Hugh Grant is now doing all right but what about Miss Brown? Is she comfortable millionaire after selling her story or has she spent the lot and gone back to whoring

    Back on da streets

  20. According to an interview in the Sun newspaper (2002), what does Janet Jackson look for in a man: a big wallet, big nose or big cock?

    Big cock

  21. What animal does David Beckham have a phobia of: cats, dogs or birds?


  22. In a survey by a BBC magazine, who was voted the world’s most eccentric celebrity: Ozzy Osbourne, Chris Eubank or Bjork?


  23. Which Irish pop star was chucked out of a lap dancing club in London for touching the dancers? Shane Lynch out of Boyzone, Bob Geldof, or The Edge?

    Bob Geldof

  24. Which popstar called his kid Elijah Bob Patricius Giggu Q Hewson?


  25. Who has won title of sexiest man in a 2005 poll for Company Magazine: Brad Pitt, David Beckham or Wayne Rooney?

    Brad Pitt

  26. What Hollywood action-star is the father of children called Rumer and Scout and Talullah Belle?

    Bruce Willis

  27. Which rock star did Princess Diana shag in 1996 according to reputable sources: Mick Hucknall, Bryan Adams or Phil Collins?

    Bryan Adams

  28. What pop star gave birth in 2001 after getting artificial insemination: Celine Dion, Annie Lennox or Bjork?

    Celine Dion

  29. What was Elvis’s house Graceland used for before he bought it and turned it into his “pad”? CHURCH Court House School Brothel ?


  30. What fear does Billy Bob Thornton share with Puff Daddy and Andre Agassi: fear of Heights or Fear of Clowns?


  31. Does Charlie out of Busted use a condom when he has sex or does he prefer to go bareback?


  32. What did Keith Richard out of the Rolling Stones call his baby daughter: foxglove, dandelion or weed?

    Dandelion [she later changed her name to Angela]

  33. According to the Sunday Sport newspaper - who is the best shag in showbusiness? Dani Behr, Shaznay out of the All Saints or Lisa Reilly from You’ve Been Framed?

    Dani Behr

  34. What was the name of the prostitute that Hugh Grant was caught with in 1995?

    Divine Brown

  35. What are Barry White’s pets? 4 Alsatians, 5 piranha fish or 1 walrus


  36. Is Jon Bon Jovi married to a supermodel, a lawyer or a martial arts expert?

    Dorothea is a judo champ.

  37. According to Urban Myth, who likes prostitutes to shit on him? Dougie Donnelly, Jim Delahunt or Archie McPherson

    Dougie Donnelly

  38. According to a groupies’ website, who is the best lay: Fred Durst out of Limp Bizkit or Marilyn Manson?


  39. According to an online groupie site internetrash dot com. who’s got the biggest cock: Eddie Murphy, Michael Caine or Sean Connery?

    Eddie Murphy

  40. Which of Charlie Sheen's sons was Demi Moore engaged to before she got married to Bruce Willis?

    Emilio Estevez

  41. According to MORE magazine: who has got the biggest cock: Robbie Williams or Ewan McGregor?

    Ewan McGregor

  42. According to groupies website metal-sludge dot com: who is a better lay: Fred Durst out of Limp Bizkit or Marilyn Manson?

    Fred Durst is better at groupie sex

  43. Morrissey lives in Los Angeles. Who does he live with: His gay lover, his female lover or seventeen cats?

    Gay lover

  44. Which one of these superstars is a Gemini: Eddie Murphy, George Michael or Liz Hurley?

    George Michael

  45. Radio One DJ Sara Cox has recently given birth to a baby. Was it a boy or a girl?


  46. According to a vote in Maxim magazine, who was the "Shag of The Century" Grace Kelly, Jane Fonda or Princess Diana?

    Grace Kelly

  47. What was the name of George Michael’s dog? Hippy or Punk?


  48. When Joan Collins got married again in 2002 – how many times was that?

    it was her 5th marriage

  49. Where does George Clooney live: Spain, Italy or France?

    Italy (Laglio - 2005)

  50. Who’s got the most children: Jack Nicholson or Bruce Willis?


  51. What two pop stars has Patsy Kensit been married to before she got into Liam Gallagher?

    Jim Kerr of Simple Minds and Dan Donovan out of B.A.D.

  52. Who has been out with Winona Ryder, Kate Moss and Vanessa Paradis?

    Johnny Depp

  53. What is the name of Britney Spears’ husband?

    Kevin Federline

  54. Which woman was recently voted world’s sexiest woman in FHM magazine? Clue: she's the daughter of a rock star.

    Kimberley Stewart (Rod Stewart's daughter)

  55. What did Catherine Zeta Jones buy her gran for Christmas in 2003: A Ferrari, a new pair of knees or a date with Cliff Richard?


  56. What was the name of the woman Michael Jackson married in 1994 and divorced in 1996?

    Lisa Marie Presley

  57. What is the name of Madonna's first child & for a bonus - what was the name of the the kid's father?

    Lourdes, Carlos Leon

  58. For which waxwork did a Saudi Millionaire offer £1M to Madame Tussauds in 1998? The Queen, Freddy Mercury or Joanna Lumley?


  59. According Sunday Sport which pop star spent her entire teenage years masturbating? Natalie Imbruglia, Macy Gray or Baby Spice?

    Macy Gray

  60. What 3rd-World country did Madonna adopt David Banda from in 2006?


  61. Where did Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston get married in 2000: California, Hawaii or Europe?

    Malibu, California

  62. Which US rock star got divorced from Dita von Teese when he had an affair with Evan Rachel Wood?

    Marilyn Manson

  63. Police were called to a pop stars house in London when a woman was heard screaming. It turned out to be noisy lovemaking rather than physical assault, but who was the unlucky star who had his shag interrupted? Mark Morrison, Jarvis Cocker or Tom Jones

    Mark Morrison

  64. Who claimed in last week’s Sun that he used his acting skills to play with women’s emotions and get them into bed: was it Danny de Vito or Ewan McGregor?


  65. According to a recent survey – who do more women fancy: Ewan McGregor or Mel Gibson?

    Mel Gibson

  66. Who’s got most children: Bruce Willis, Mel Gibson or Rowan Atkinson?

    Mel Gibson: [7 kids]

  67. According to various women who have shagged Tom Jones, the singer only likes sex in one position. What position: Missionary, Doggy, or standing up against a wall?


  68. What is the only position that Tom Jones will make love in? Missionary, Doggy or Standing Up?


  69. Roger Moore was knighted in 2003. But where does he live? Monaco, Barbados or Blackpool?


  70. In 2002, Hugh Hefner’s favourite pet died at the age of 32 years. What was it? Monkey, Snake or Eagle?


  71. According to a 2007 poll, which member of Girls Aloud has the best legs in pop music: Nadine, Cheryl or Kimberley?


  72. Who did Liam Howlett from The Prodigy marry in 2002: Natalie Appleton, Natalie Portman or Natalie Imbruglia?

    Natalie Appleton

  73. Which one of the All Saints does Liam Gallagher go out with: Natalie or Nicole?


  74. Who has Robbie Williams actually been engaged to: Nicole Appleton, Tania Strecker or Geri Halliwell

    Nicole Appleton – Mirror 04

  75. Were legendary 1980s ice-skate partners Jayne Torville and Christopher Dean ever lovers?


  76. New poll from Sky Movies: Britain’s sexiest actor: Ewan McGregor, Orlando Bloom or Jude Law? (June 04)

    Orlando Bloom

  77. Which of these people lost his virginity to a Chinese prostitute: singer Shane McGowan, Game show host Jeremy Beadle or Magician Paul Daniels?

    Paul Daniels

  78. Who was voted unsexiest man on the planet in a poll for Company magazine: Johnny Vegas, Michael Jackson or Peter Andre?

    Peter Andre

  79. Which evil pop star is rumoured to have divorced his second wife by sending her a fax: Rod Stewart, Phil Collins or Bono?

    Phil Collins

  80. Which pets did boxer Mike Tyson keep: racing pigeons, greyhounds or Vietnamese pot bellied pigs?


  81. Back in 1999, who became the first Spice Girl to have a baby?

    Scarey Spice (Mel B gave birth to Phoenix-Chi in February 99 and Posh Spice gave birth to Brooklyn in March)

  82. Chris Evans married his third wife in August 2007, but what does she do: is she a hang-gliding instructor, a professional golfer or a retired prostitute?

    Professional golfer [Natasha Shishmanian]

  83. Which Oscar winning actress met, married and separated from a singer called Kenny Chesney, all in the course of the year 2005?

    Renee Zellweger

  84. Which pop star has admitted in an interview that he enjoys depraved watersports: Robbie Williams, Ricky Martin or Gary Glitter?

    Ricky Martin

  85. Which superstar has triple stitched crotches on his trousers so that his enormous undercarriage doesn’t rip through when he’s dancing on stage: Robbie Williams, Ricky Martin or Gareth Gates?

    Ricky Martin

  86. Beckham babies: Who was heavier at Birth Brooklyn or Romeo?


  87. Why did Tom Cruise sue the Daily Express in 1998: did the paper say he was gay, did they say he had had a nervous breakdown, or did they say he was a thief?

    Said he was gay

  88. Which James Bond actor publicly claimed to have lost his virginity at the age of 8?

    Sean Connery

  89. Which showbiz mum has a daughter named Misty Kid?

    Sharleen Spiteri out of Texas

  90. According to a recent interview: does Jennifer Lopez love doing sex scenes in her movies or does she hate them?

    She hates them

  91. What kind of dog does Paul McCartney have? Sheepdog, Yorkshire Terrier or 3-legged-rottweiller?


  92. Which American singer-songwriter was engaged to former Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong in 2005 but split up from him in 2006?

    Sheryl Crow

  93. What did Orlando Bloom recently have fitted to his home: the UK’s largest satellite dish, large solar panels or a big sign saying “I hate Johnny Depp”?

    Solar panels.

  94. Who did Sharon Stone officially adopt in 2003: a baby, some grandparents or a monkey?

    Some Grandparents

  95. Which famous pop star once claimed in the papers that he picks up lovers on late-night telephone chatlines? Boy George, Jimmy Somerville or Richard Fairbrass out of Right Said Fred?


  96. According to groupie website, metal-sludge dot com, who is a better lay? Steve Tyler out of Aerosmith or Axl Rose out of Guns n Roses?

    Steve Tyler

  97. What animal was the leather on Peter Andre’s wedding shoes made of: a crocodile, a stingray or a wombat?


  98. According to Will Smith has all his training for starring as Muhammad Ali made him a sexual superstud or has it left him so tired that he can’t have sex?


  99. According to star-sex rumour, does Winona Ryder spit or swallow?


  100. According to a recent survey of UK women: who’s got the sexiest voice: Trevor McDonald or Samuel L Jackson?

    Trevor McDonald

  101. Will Smith is one of the world’s greatest actors. But how many times has he been married?

    Twice (Jada Pinkett 97-present and Sheree Smith 1992-95 - imdb)

  102. According to groupie website who is the better fuck: Axl Rose or Steve Tyler?


  103. Johnny Depp is getting married. What is the name of the singer he's getting married to?

    Vanessa Paradis

  104. Which of these rappers did Madonna once go out with for 8 months: Ice Cube, Ice T or, Vanilla Ice?

    Vanilla Ice

  105. Where did Angelina Jolie get her most recent adopted baby from: Vietnam, Afghanistan, or Dundee?


  106. According to Keith Richards, does Mick Jagger have a big cock or a wee willy?

    Wee willy

  107. Bobby Gillespie out of Primal Scream had a baby boy in 2002. What name did Gillespie give to his child: Monkey, Wolf or Hawk?


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