Free Quiz Questions about Love & Sex. Topics include positions, perversions, satisfaction, disastisfaction, romance, attitudes and money.

  1. According to a new survey men who drive which kind of car get the most sex: BMW, Porsche or Skoda?


  2. According to a new survey, what percentage of women office workers would sleep with their boss just to get a promotion?

    2 per cent

  3. According to a recent poll of Japanese people, do most Japanese people understand homosexuality or did more say they do not understand it?


  4. According to a recent scientific survey from France, which women are the horniest [want to have sex the most often]: blondes, brunettes or redheads?


  5. According to a recent sex survey: do British women prefer being spanked or tied up?


  6. According to a recent sex survey: what is the favourite position of British men: the Missionary, the Doggy or the Sixty-Nine?


  7. According to a recent study, what percentage of adult British men have, at some time or other, paid a prostitute for sex?

    9 per cent

  8. According to a recent survey – what do more Scottish people think is morally wrong: homosexuality or prostitution?

    More think prostitution is wrong

  9. According to a recent survey – what percentage of Scots think that being a pimp is morally wrong?

    81 per cent

  10. According to a recent survey – what percentage of Scots think that looking at pornography is morally wrong? Get within 5% for points.

    21 per cent

  11. According to a recent survey are more Scottish men SATISFIED or DISSATISFIED with their sex lives?


  12. According to a recent survey by Durex: who are more likely to carry condoms with them on an average night out: men or women?


  13. According to a recent survey– what percentage of British men would give up sex forever in return for £1 million? Get within 10% of right answer to get the points

    30 per cent

  14. According to a recent survey, what is the most boring job in the UK: being a secretary, being factory worker or working in telesales?


  15. According to a recent survey, what percentage of British women will answer their mobile phone whilst they are having sex? Get within 10% for points.

    43% [Accept answers within [33 - 53%]

  16. According to a recent survey, what percentage of Scots think that homosexuality is morally wrong? Get within 5% for points

    18% [Accept answers between 13-23%]

  17. According to a recent survey, what percentage of UK women have, at some time or another, thrown footwear at a man?

    40 per cent

  18. According to a recent survey, who are more horny: women who keep a nice clean tidy house, or women who don’t clean up much and live in a mess?

    Tidy birds = dirty mind!

  19. According to a recent survey: what is the average length of time it takes the average British woman to get ready to go out for a date: 1 hour, 2 hours or 3 hours?

    1 hour

  20. According to a recent survey: what percentage of Scottish men are satisfied with their sex-lives?

    25 per cent

  21. According to a survey amongst British women: which men have the sexiest accents Londoners, Aberdonians, or The Welsh?


  22. According to latest statistics: what is the average number of different sexual partners that British adult males have slept with: 6 or 16?

    6 partners

  23. According to latest survey – what is the average time a British man spends having sex before he shoots his load? 3 minutes, 13 minutes or 30 minutes?

    3 minutes

  24. According to recent News of The World sex survey, what part of a woman’s body are most men most turned on by: legs, breasts, or eyes?


  25. According to recent research - what percentage of the websites on the internet are of a sexual nature? Get within 10% of the right answer to get the points.

    60% (accept answer in range 50%-70%)

  26. According to recent statistics: which British city buys the highest proportion of Extra-Large condoms: Edinburgh, Glasgow or London?


  27. According to recent studies, who are the most unfaithful lovers in Europe: The British, The Italians or The Norwegians


  28. According to scientific research, what music should you listen to whilst making love to achieve the best orgasm: posh Classical music, hard Rock music, or easy-going Country & Western music?


  29. According to scientific research: who have more frequent sex: people from the South of England or people from Scotland?


  30. According to statistics, are there more or less lesbians in Britain than there were 10 years ago?

    More lesbians

  31. According to the latest survey(1999), what percentage of women in Britain prefer gardening to sex?

    25 per cent

  32. According to The News of The World, what is the average number of lovers had by Scottish Women: 2, 7 or 16?

    7 lovers

  33. At what age does the average British person lose his or her virginity?

    16 years old

  34. Do British teenagers have the highest rates of STIs [Sexually Transmitted Infections] in the EU, or the lowest?


  35. Does the average person have more or less than 1000 hours of sex during their lifetime (not including foreplay)?


  36. Dr Patricia Rashbrook was the oldest ever woman in the UK to give birth. Within three years, how old was she?

    62 [Accept answers within 59 - 65]

  37. From the Arena magazine sex-survey from 1998 – what percentage of readers said they enjoyed sado-masochism during sex? More than half or less than half?

    Less than half

  38. How many hard-ons does the average man experience during an average nights sleep? 6, 16 or 60?

    6 stiffys

  39. How many minutes of sex per week does the average Scottish housewife get?

    15 minutes

  40. I brought a pack of hardcore playing cards back from Greece. How many of the 52 featured dogs?

    5 cards

  41. In a recent sex survey for Arena magazine, what percentage of readers said that they enjoyed sado-masochism during sex?

    24 per cent

  42. In Cornwall, a man in his 30s has recently married a woman in her 70s


  43. In the six months following Sep 11th World Trade Centre attacks did the level of casual sex in New York City go sky high or did the amount of people having casual relationships plummet?

    It plummeted.

  44. In the UK, how many men are trans-sexuals? 1 in 30, 1 in 300 or 1 in 30,000?

    1 in 30,000

  45. In the year following the Sep11 WTC disaster – did levels of casual sex in NYC soar or plunge?


  46. Sex shop in trouble in Norwich March 2000. This was cos of something offensive in the window. What was it? Sex-doll with a Vanessa Feltz mask, a sign saying “We Will Screw You”, or a teddy bear with a big cock?

    teddy cock.

  47. Since the 1930s has the average British man's sperm count gone way up or way down?

    Way down

  48. The Hung Jury club of Los Angeles is a club for men with large penises. What is the qualifying erect measurement (in inches) to get into the club?

    8 inches

  49. Were there more lesbians in Britain in 1992 or 2002?

    there were more in 2002. Lesbianism is increasing.

  50. What do you like doing if you are fan of “bagpiping.” Is it fucking someone in the armpit or is having sex whilst making lots of noise?

    Fucking someone in the armpit.

  51. What is faster: the speed of semen leaving the male cock during ejaculation or that speed that top sprinters reach when running the 100metres?

    Spunk (28 mph v 22 mph)

  52. What is the average number of dates that a British female has to go on before she lets the fella have sex with her?

    3 dates

  53. What is the more popular activity in the UK: sex in the shower or sex in the bath?


  54. What percentage of Americans are officially Sex Addicts?


  55. What percentage of British teenagers have had sex by the time they reach 16 years old?

    38 per cent

  56. What percentage of Scottish Women claim to have never had an orgasm?

    2 per cent

  57. Where in Britain do women have most casual sex: Newcastle, Aberdeen or Belfast?


  58. Which country has the highest divorce rate: Germany, Sweden or USA?


  59. Which country has the lowest divorce rate: Germany, Sweden or USA?


  60. Who are more horny, according to a recent study: women who keep a nice clean tidy house, or women who don’t clean up much and live in a bit of a mess?

    Women with a clean house. Tidy house = dirty mind!

  61. Who buy the most condoms – men or women?


  62. Who do British women fantasise about the most: policemen, firefighters, or soldiers?


  63. Who have more frequent and more enjoyable sex: Coffee Drinkers or Non-coffee drinkers?

    Coffee drinkers

  64. Who live longer: people who stay single or people who get married?


  65. Who provided the penis on which the world's best selling dildo was moulded? Porn Star Jeff Stryker, Musician Jimi Hendrix or former Dutch football god Johann Cruyff


  66. Who spend more money on Valentine’s gifts: Men or women?


  67. Within two years, how old was Britain’s youngest ever grandmother?

    26 [Accept answers within 24 - 28]


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