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The Doctor's Orders pub in Clerkenwell, London is taking the specialist concept even further with a

Hip Hop Quiz on July 25th.

I wonder if such a specialist quiz is be a good idea. I tried a music-only quiz back in Glasgow which attracted a small-but-loyal following.

Let's hope this London pub quiz event is a big winner and it will be interesting to find out how the niche-niche approach works for DJ LoK and Spin Master, who are organising the event.



poshI have been tidying up the Entertainment section of the free quiz text questions which has resulted in a few new pages:

Entertainment - Film - Awards - Acting

Entertainment - Film -Taglines

Entertainment - Music - Songs - Firstlines

Entertainment - TV -Characters

Entertainment - TV -Settings

Entertainment - Radio

Entertainment - Theatre

The biggest addition is the Entertainment - Music - Songs - Firstlines page with 90-odd new questions. These questions are all first lines of popular songs (and some obscure ones too). Quizgoers love that tip-of-the-tongue feeling they get from lyric questions. Why not try some in your quiz.


Meanwhile, thanks to Alan Hazlie for pointing out that Scarey Spice had a baby before Posh Spice and was the first Spice to sprog. The question on this page has been accordingly corrected.