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Free Quiz Questions for use as tiebreakers.

These questions are not supposed to be the kinds of questions that people get exactly right.

They are intended to be useful when you need to split a tie.

Ask one of these questions and whoever gets closest the correct answer is the winner.


  1. Including Benedict the 16th, how many popes have there been?

    265 popes

  2. By how many votes did George Bush eventually win Florida in the US Presidential Election of 2000?

    530 votes

  3. How many British fighter planes were shot down during the Battle of Britain in the Second World War?

    1023 planes

  4. How many German bomber planes were shot down in the Battle of Britain in the Second World War?

    1014 planes

  5. How old was Mahatma Gandhi when he was shot dead?

    78 years old

  6. How old was Mother Theresa when she died?

    87 years old

  7. What year was Wilbur Wright born – the elder of the Wright brothers who invented powered flight?


  8. What year was the Satsuma Rebellion in Japan?


  9. What year was Karl Marx born?


  10. What year was King Ferdinand the 7th of Spain born?


  11. What year was King John the 3rd of Sweden born?


  12. How many total votes did Labour poll in the 2001 UK general election?

    10.7 million

  13. What year did Brazil declare independence from Portugal?


  14. What year did Henry VIII marry Anne Boleyn?


  15. What year did Morocco achieve its independence from France and Spain?


  16. What year did the first Glasgow Underground open?


  17. What year did the Statute of Westminster give complete legislative independence to Canada?


  18. What year did the thirteen years war between Poland and Prussia end with the second treaty of Torun?


  19. What is the world record speed for a 100 year old man running a hundred metres?

    28.7 seconds

  20. How many gallons of oil were spilled out of the Exxon Valdez when it ran aground in Alaska in 1989?

    10,080,000 gallons

  21. As of 2008, how many employees worked for The Carphone Warehouse?

    21,380 employees

  22. According to a 2004 survey, France is the sexiest country in the world because they have most sex. So how many times in a year does the average French adult have sex?

    137 times

  23. According to a 2008 study, what is the percentage chance of getting a promotion by having sex with your boss at a Christmas Party?

    12 per cent

  24. According to a recent survey - how many hours per year does the average British adult spend on hold on the phone?

    45 hours

  25. According to figures from 2005 – how many employees work for Tesco?

    389,258 employees

  26. According to recent figures [2005] – what is the average cost of a UK wedding?

    £16,475 pounds

  27. How long in their life does the average person spend watching TV?

    12 years

  28. How many Christmas cards does the average American household receive in 2004?

    20 cards

  29. How many letters to Santa are received at the Greenland Post Office at Nuuk, Greenland every year?

    50,000 letters

  30. How many Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) are there?

    785 MEPs

  31. How many turkeys are eaten in Britain every Christmas?

    10 million

  32. How many dollars did the average American spend on Christmas in 2006?

    791 dollars

  33. How many hours does the average person take to complete their Christmas shopping?

    15 hours

  34. How many metres tall is the world's tallest Christmas Tree, which can be found in Sweden?

    38 metres

  35. How many pairs of pants does the average British male own?

    16 pairs

  36. How many spam emails does the average UK pc user receive in one year?

    11315 emails

  37. How many times has the Queen visited Australia (as of May 06)

    15 times

  38. In 2006, what was the height, in feet and inches, of President George W Bush's Christmas tree at the White House in Washington?

    18 feet 6 inches

  39. Since the world record began in 1912, how many centimetres have been added to the high jump world record (men)?

    47 cm (1.98m to 2.45m)

  40. The longest serving head of state in the world is King Rama IX of Thailand – what year did he become King?


  41. What % of Scottish women are happy with their bodies?

    7 per cent

  42. What number of people chose Christmas Day 2006 to file their tax return online?

    84 people

  43. What percentage of American children still believe in Santa Claus after the age of ten?

    15 per cent

  44. What percentage of Americans believe in the afterlife:

    80 per cent

  45. What percentage of British men will answer their mobile phone whilst on the toilet, according to a 2006 survey?

    57 per cent

  46. What percentage of British people have a milky drink before going to bed?

    43 per cent

  47. What percentage of Britons believe in God, according to 2005 survey?

    55 per cent

  48. What percentage of Scots said in a recent survey that they think prostitution is morally wrong?

    33 per cent

  49. What percentage of the UK population choose to send Christmas Cards?

    66 per cent

  50. When was ENIAC built, the world's first fully electronic computer?


  51. What year was the first branch of Sainsbury’s opened?


  52. What year was Yale University founded?


  53. George Campbell died in 2004 held the world record for number of languages spoken. How many languages could he speak and write fluently?

    44 languages (guy had a stutter as well!)

  54. If you add up all the cash and spending power of the debit cards and credit card in the average Brit’s wallet – how much are we carrying around with us?

    £12, 316 pounds

  55. If you add up all the cash and value of debit cards and credit card limits in the average British female’s wallet – how much are we carrying around with us?

    £10,035 pounds

  56. If you add up all the cash and value of debit cards and credit card limits in the average British male’s wallet – how much are we carrying around with us?

    £14,596 pounds

  57. What per cent of British dogs get a present from their owner ever year?

    72 per cent

  58. What is the average number of presents that British children receive at Christmas?

    18 presents

  59. What is the average value of unwanted gifts received by British person every year?


  60. What is the average weekly pocket money (2004) of a British kid aged between 11 & 14?


  61. What is the average weekly pocket money (2004) of a British kid aged between 7 & 10?


  62. What is the average weekly pocket money for kids aged between 11-16 in the UK? (year 2002)


  63. What percentage of British people are naturally blonde?

    3 per cent

  64. What percentage of cosmetic surgery operations in the UK are carried out on men?

    20 per cent

  65. What percentage of Scotland’s population are redheads?

    10 per cent

  66. What's the record speed in which 2 nurses can make up a hospital bed with 3 sheets, 1 blanket, 1 pillow and 1 counterpane?

    19 seconds

  67. To the nearest thousand, what is the average number of cups of tea that a British person drinks in their lifetime?


  68. What is the average number of sesame seeds found on a McDonald’s bun?


  69. What is the average time it takes a woman in the UK to get ready to go out for work in the morning?

    27 minutes

  70. How many millimetres long is the short side of a sheet of A5 paper?

    148 mm

  71. How many UK postmen reported being attacked by a dog in 2007?

    6000 postmen

  72. How many umbrellas are lost every year on the London Underground?

    80,000 umbrellas

  73. In 1975 a guy from Manchester pushed an ancient Chinese wheelbarrow 2000 miles across the Sahara desert. How many days did it take him?

    93 days

  74. In centimetres, how tall is a stack of 100 x new 1p coins?

    16.5 cm

  75. In seconds, what is the World record time for eating a kilo of snails?

    65 seconds (by a Spaniard)

  76. On average – what percentage of the world’s population are drunk on booze at any given moment?

    7 per cent

  77. On the 18th June 2007, how many Japanese Yen was one British pound worth?

    244.70 yen

  78. How many Christmas cards are sent in Britain every year?

    1.7 billion

  79. How many square kilometres of wrapping paper end up in British dustbins after Christmas?

    83 square km (enough to wrap the island of Guernsey)

  80. In a 2006 survey, what percentage of Brits said they thought Christmas was too commercialised?

    89 per cent

  81. In 2007, what was the average amount of money a British family spent on presents for their children?

    262 pounds

  82. In metres, how tall was the record-breaking snowman called Angus which was built in Bethel, Maine, USA in 1999?

    35.5 meters

  83. In 2006, how many full-time students were there in the whole of Scotland?

    267,029 students

  84. What is the record number of human beings squeezed into a Mini (car)?

    39 people

  85. What percentage of Americans between the age of 18-50 have a tattoo?

    24 per cent

  86. What percentage of British adults are smokers [2006 figures]?

    26 per cent

  87. What percentage of British drivers actually wear seatbelts:

    60 per cent

  88. What percentage of British people wear socks in bed during the winter?

    23 per cent

  89. What percentage of British women do not use cosmetics of any sort?

    7 per cent

  90. What percentage of men and women in this country have regular anal sex?

    8 per cent

  91. What was the average price of a house in Greater London in 2005?

    £238, 950

  92. What was the average price of a house in Northern Ireland in 2005?

    £122, 813

  93. What was the average price of a house in Scotland in 1995?

    £57, 886

  94. What was the average price of a house in Scotland in 2005?

    £107, 294

  95. What was the average price of a house in the UK in 2005

    £162, 850

  96. What was the average price of a house in Wales in 2005?


  97. What was the total revenue for BT in 2005? Figure in billions of pounds.

    £18.6 billion

  98. What was the total revenue for GlaxoSmithKline in 2005? Figure in billions of pounds.

    £21.66 billion

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