A selection of questions with answers on the subject of books, all with multiple choice answers.


  1. In Hugh Lofting's books, which of these was NOT one of Dr Dolittle's pets?

    A: Achilles the tortoise

    B: Jip the dog

    C: Gub-Gub the pig

    D: Polynesia the parrot

    Achilles the tortoise


  2. What type of animal is Samuel Whiskers in The Tale of Samuel Whiskers by Beatrix Potter?

    A: Cat

    B: Dog

    C: Rat

    D: Squirrel



  3. In Mervyn Peake's 'Gormenghast' trilogy of novels, which character's name appears in the title of two of the three books?

    A: Titus

    B: Steerpike

    C: Lord Sepulchrave

    D: Fuchsia


    The first book is entitiled 'Titus Groan' the third 'Titus Alone' and the other (2nd) book of the trilogy is simply called 'Gormenghast'.

  4. In Lord of The Rings, what race does Gimli belong to?

    A: Dwarf

    B: Elf

    C: Human

    D: Orc


    Gimli aids the Ring-bearer, participates in the War of the Ring, and becomes close friends with Legolas, overcoming an ancient enmity of Dwarves and Elves.

  5. What is the title of the 1845 poem by Edgar Allan Poe in which the narrator laments the loss of his love, Lenore?

    A: The Albatross

    B: The Owl

    C: The Raven

    D: The Vulture

    The Raven


  6. What kind of animal is Rikki-Tikki-Tavi in a story by Rudyard Kipling?

    A: Baboon

    B: Snake

    C: Mongoose

    D: Anteater


    It's a short story in the Jungle Book

  7. Nancy and Peggy Blackett are important characters in which children's book?

    A: Swallows & Amazons

    B: The Lion The Witch & The Wardrobe

    C: Bedknobs & Broomsticks

    D: Peter Pan

    Swallows & Amazons


  8. What is the writer Julia Donaldson's most famous creation?

    A: Bob The Builder

    B: Maisie The Cat

    C: The Gruffalo

    D: The Moomins

    The Gruffalo


  9. What is the first name of the writer of the popular 'Gruffalo' series of children's books?

    A: Arthur

    B: Debbie

    C: Julia

    D: Peter

    Julia Donaldson

    Her full name is Julia Donaldso

  10. Which country is the main setting for "White Fang" a novel written by Jack London?

    A: USA

    B: Canada

    C: Australia

    D: Scotland


    Yukon Territory, Canada during the Gold Rush

  11. What is the name of French fictional elephant Babar's wife?

    A: Celeste

    B: Jesamine

    C: Fleur

    D: Isabelle


    Celeste is also Babar's cousin

  12. Complete the title of Frank McCourt's 1996 book about growing up in Limerick: 'Angela's...'?

    A: Ashes

    B: Bones

    C: Fire

    D: Umbrella



  13. Which writer's debut novel was published in 1916 and had the opening line "Once upon a time and a very good time it was there was a moocow coming down along the road"?

    A: George Orwell

    B: James Joyce

    C: Rudyard Kipling

    D: Virginia Woolf

    James Joyce

    The novel is 'A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man'



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