Free Quiz Questions about TV Industry: i.e. broadcasters, audience figures, awards, adverts, controversies and so on.

  1. How many complaints did Coronation Street get recently when they screened their first ever gay kiss? (chars Todd and Nick)


  2. How much is a one-year colour TV license as from 1st April 2008?


  3. In which year was the word "fuck" first uttered on British TV?


  4. Which famous role did 9-year-old Terry Brooks wear spectacles & a Stetson for?

    (The Milky Bar Kid)

  5. How much money does the BBC pay Terry Wogan for presenting Children in Need: £10,000 or nothing?

    £10 k

  6. When was the word ‘fuck’ first said out loud on British TV? 60s, 70s or 80s?


  7. The last series of Friends is being filmed at the moment. How many series have there been?

    9 series

  8. At the 2006 National TV Awards – who won the title of Most Popular Entertainment Presenter for the sixth year in a row?

    Ant and Dec

  9. What is the most watched TV show in history: Star Trek, Baywatch or Ready Steady Cook?


  10. Which TV channel gets more viewers: BBC 2 or Channel 4?

    BBC 2 [stats from BARB website 2005 – figures for years 2000-2005]

  11. Excluding animated TV shows, which `B` was the first American TV show to show two unmarried actors sharing a bed as a screen couple?


  12. At the National TV Awards which show won the title of Most Popular Reality Programme in 2004, 2005 and 2006?

    Big Brother

  13. Which beer was advertised by the Wiseguys song "Ooh La LA"?

    Budweiser beer

  14. What appropriate product was the first to be advertised on the UK`s Channel 5?

    Chanel No. 5

  15. Which American TV series had the highest viewing figure for a final episode: Cheers, Friends or Seinfeld?


  16. Which American TV show ran from 1982 to 1993 and featured main characters called Sam, Clifford, Rebecca and Carla?


  17. Which was the first host to give away a million pound prize to a game show contestant on British TV: Chris Tarrant, Chris Evans or Matthew Kelly?

    Chris Evans (TFI Friday 1999)

  18. Which part of the 2002 Commonwealth Games in Manchester got the highest UK TV viewing figures: the Opening Ceremony, the Closing Ceremony or the final of the 100metres?

    Closing Ceremony

  19. What show had the biggest TV audience ever: Live8, Princess Diana’s funeral or the last Superbowl?

    Diana’s funeral – 2 and a half billion!

  20. At the 2006 National TV Awards – which show won the title of Most Popular Drama for the second year in a row?

    Doctor Who

  21. What BBC TV programme was awarded the BAFTA in 2006 for Best Drama Series?

    Doctor Who

  22. Which female sports star once won £15,000 in damages after being slandered for having a masculine physique on the TV show They Think It’s All Over?

    Fatima Whitbread

  23. Who did the voiceovers for Andrex puppy ads? Paul Daniels, John Noakes or Wolf out of the Gladiators?

    John Noakes

  24. Which Scottish actress won an Emmy award in America in 2005 for her role in the TV movie The Girl in The Café?

    Kelly Macdonald

  25. One of the six main actors on Friends has been singled out for an Emmy nomination, which has made everyone else jealous. Which one?

    Lisa Kudrow (Phoebe)

  26. Which American TV series had the highest viewing figure for a final episode: MASH, Friends or Seinfeld?


  27. What night of the week gets highest TV viewing figures in the UK: Saturday, Sunday, or Monday?


  28. According to a recent poll of British schoolchildren, do most of them think there’s too much sex on TV or not enough?

    Not enough

  29. Who were voted the favourite TV advert characters of all time in a recent survey? The honey monster, The PG tips chimps, or the Oxo family?

    Oxo family

  30. Which Channel 4 program starring David Mitchell and Robert Webb won “Best TV Comedy” at the 2006 British Comedy Awards despite only pulling 1.3 million viewers per episode?

    Peep Show

  31. Which former Blue Peter presenter once appeared in a porno movie? Anthea Turner, John Leslie or Peter Duncan?

    Peter Duncan

  32. What country is the international HQ of the Arabic TV station Al Jazeera?


  33. Which UK TV show has been running the longest: Eastenders, Grange Hill or A Question of Sport?

    Question of Sport (first on air 1970)

  34. Which superstar rodent puppet caused uproar in the 1980s by switching sides from ITV to BBC?

    Roland Rat

  35. Who is the patron saint of television?

    Saint Clare

  36. Which show has been running on TV the longest: Eastenders, The Bill, or Scotsport?


  37. Which TV comedy holds the record for saying the word “shit” the most times in one episode: South Park, Family Guy, or The Young Ones?

    South Park (162 times – a shit every 8 seconds)

  38. Which show has been running on British TV longer: Eastenders or The Bill?

    The Bill

  39. Which TV show gave the pop world Steve Brookstein, Leona Lewis and Shayne Ward?

    The X-Factor

  40. At the 2006 National TV Awards – which series broadcast on BBC Two won the title of Most Popular Factual Programme?

    Top Gear

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