Free Quiz Questions about childrens and family TV shows.

  1. Does the children’s TV character Postman Pat wear glasses: yes or no?


  2. Edie McCredie, Miss Hoolie, and PC Plum are characters in which CBeebies TV series?


  3. How many windows were there on Play School?

    3 (arch, round and square)

  4. In 1984 a kid phoned up Saturday Superstore when Matt Bianco were getting interviewed by Mike Reid. What did the kid (Simon Roberts) call them live on air: twats, wankers or cunts?


  5. In May 2000, the Bungle costume out of kids TV show Rainbow was kidnapped. What did the kidnappers demand: did they ask for a million pounds, did they demand that Rainbow be put back on the telly or did they demand that Geoffrey of Rainbow comes out of the closet about his homosexuality?

    They demanded Rainbow back on telly.

  6. In Sesame Street, what colour is Elmo’s fur: red, blue or purple?


  7. In Sesame Street: which character has yellow skin, a monobrow and pet pigeons?


  8. in the 1960s, what kind of TV animal was Skippy?

    The bush kangaroo

  9. In the classic TV children’s programme Rainbow, What colour were George’s eyes


  10. In which television programme would you have found Looby Loo?

    Andy Pandy

  11. Kids TV: Who introduced Animal Magic from the 60s to the 80s?

    Johnny Morris

  12. Leila Williams was the first female presenter of which long running childrens programme?

    Blue Peter

  13. On television in the 1960s, what was Flipper?


  14. Ringo Star narrated which children's TV series in the 80s and 90s?

    Thomas the tank engine

  15. What colour was the Tellytubby called Dipsy?


  16. What colour was the Tellytubby called Laa Laa?


  17. What is the name of Postman Pat's black and white cat?


  18. What is the name of the yellow Telly tubby


  19. What kind of animal was George in the TV kids program 'Rainbow'?

    Hippo (a pink hippo, in fact)

  20. What was the name of the Tellytubby who was yellow?

    La La

  21. What was the name of the Womble of Wimbledon who fixed things and was named after a place on a Scottish island?


  22. What was the tortoise in the TV show `The Flowerpot Men` called?


  23. Whereabouts in Scotland does the Great MacWomble live? Loch Ness, Ben Nevis or underneath Edinburgh Castle?

    Beside Loch Ness.

  24. Which Blue Peter dog has a statue erected at BBC TV Centre, London?


  25. Which British children’s TV puppet had a catchphrase that went: “Boom, Boom!”?

    Basil Brush

  26. Which children’s television series is set in the fictional Welsh town of Pontypandy?

    Fireman Sam

  27. Which Children’s TV character’s favourite food is marmalade sandwiches?

    Paddington Bear

  28. Which children’s TV hit of the 70s and 80s had Molly Weir playing Hazel the McWitch?


  29. Which children’s TV show features PC Plum and Josie Jump?


  30. Which childrens TV series is set in Pontypandy?

    Fireman Sam

  31. Which classic children’s TV show featured “the Iron Chicken”: was it Ivor the Engine, The Clangers or Bagpuss?


  32. Which kids TV program featured regular appearances by Slimey the Worm: Play School, Sesame Street or Dangermouse?

    Sesame Street

  33. Which of these people appeared on the first ever episode of Sesame Street? Jerry Seinfeld, Luther Vandross or President Richard Nixon?

    Luther Vandross

  34. Which one of the Tellytubbies was green?


  35. Which Tellytubby was purple?

    Tinky Winky

  36. Which Tellytubby was Red?


  37. Which TV show from America has been running since 1969, is still getting made, and has won more Emmy awards than any other show in TV history?

    Sesame Street

  38. Which two-dimensional children's TV character had an Auntie called Flo and got his mail delivered by a postman called Frank?


  39. Who were Drooper, Bingo, Fleegle and Snorky collectively better known as on kids TV?

    The Banana Splits

  40. After more than 40 years on television, which show aired its first ever Christmas Special in 2005 which featured Earth being invaded by aliens from the planet Sycorax?

    Doctor Who

  41. Ali Paton was the only Scottish Gladiator. Was she Scorpio, Siren or Rocket?


  42. Boy George once appeared in a 1986 episode of The A-Team but did he get paid for performing or did he have to pay them?

    He paid them

  43. Holy Pressure Cooker, Holy Handlebars, Holy Ashtray: which of these expressions did Robin never come out with in the 1960s colour Batman TV series?

    Holy handlebars

  44. How fast can KITT supposedly go in the TV series Knight Rider: 100, 200, 300mph?

    300 mph

  45. In Dallas, what was the name of the family who owned the Southfork ranch?

    The Ewings

  46. In top TV-show The A-Team, what form of transport is BA Baracus scared of?

    Anything that flies

  47. On Saturday teatime television from 1992-1999, what character was Michael van Wijk better known as?

    Wolf (Gladiators)

  48. On television, which star was being mimicked by the man who won 'The Stars In their Eyes' Champion of Champions contest in 1999?

    Chris De Burgh

  49. On TV show Gladiators what was the name of the final round where contestants raced against each other rather than the Gladiators?

    The Eliminator

  50. Ventriloquist Keith Harris is most famous for his duck, Orville. But what was Harris's less-famous monkey puppet called?


  51. Was Mister Blobby yellow with pink spots or pink with yellow spots?

    Pink with yellow spots

  52. What are the names of the two actresses who played Daisy Duke in the 80s TV version and the 2005 film version of The Dukes of Hazzard?

    Catherine Bach and Jessica Simpson

  53. What is David Hasselhoff’s character name in Baywatch?

    Mitch Buchannon

  54. What is Miss Piggy from the Muppets` surname?


  55. What is the name of the drummer in The Muppets?


  56. What kind of car is KITT in Knight Rider: Chevrolet, Pontiac or Chrysler?


  57. What kind of muppet has been introduced into the South African version of Sesame Street? A gay muppet, A muppet who smokes pot reefers or an HIV positive muppet?

    HIV muppet

  58. What kind of pet does Miss Piggy have in The Muppet Show: cat, dog or snake?


  59. What mini soap opera was part of the Muppet Show: Dogs in Space, Frogs in Space or Pigs in Space?

    Pigs in space

  60. What nationality is the hapless chef in the Muppet Show?


  61. What was the name of the short lived ITV game show from the late 1990s, hosted by Dani Behr and described as “Gladiators on Ice”?

    Ice Warriors

  62. What’s the name of the Baywatch spin-off series in which David Hassellhoff plays a private dick?

    Baywatch Nights

  63. Which famous British homosexual once made a special guest appearance in an episode of the A Team: Elton John, Boy George or Graham Norton?

    Boy George

  64. Which famous TV program from the 1970s featured a stand up comedian who was a bear and a sexy glamorous pig?

    The Muppet Show

  65. Which model once failed an audition for a part on Baywatch: Kelly Brook, Kate Moss or Jordan?


  66. Which Muppet had a star added to the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2003? Kermit the Frog or Miss Piggy?


  67. Which muppet was banned from television in Turkey during religious festivals: Miss Piggy, Kermit the Frog or The Swedish Chef?

    Miss Piggy

  68. Which TV show from the 1990s featured characters called Shadow, Scorpion and Lightning?


  69. Who was Diane Youdale better known as on Saturday evening TV in the 1990s?

    JET (Gladiators)

  70. Who was the original host of The Generation Game when it first wnt on air in 1971?

    Bruce Forsyth

  71. In the TV cartoon ‘The Flintstones’, What is the name of Fred and Wilma's daughter?


  72. Which BBC 2 TV programme ran from 1998 to 2002 and featured regular characters called Sergeant Bash, Mister Psycho, and Matilda?

    Robot Wars

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