Free Quiz Questions about TV presenters.

  1. Which TV presenter with a Christmassy first name has presented shows called Telly Addicts and Deal or No Deal?

    Noel Edmonds

  2. Name the cocaine-snorting Blue Peter presenter who was sacked in 1998 and went on to work on the Big Breakfast

    Richard Bacon

  3. Who used to host Sale of the Century on television and is also the presenter of Just a Minute on the radio?

    Nicholas Parsons

  4. Who used to present Bullseye and was forced to retire from showbusiness in 2002 after making racially offensive comments on a radio show?

    Jim Bowen (called a woman a "nig-nog")

  5. Before becoming a pop star, Lisa Stansfield was a presenter on which British music show?


  6. Kelly Brook was sacked from Big Breakfast in August 1998 for being shite and not being able to read anything. But was she actually dyslexic or just thick as fuck?


  7. Name the hyperactive presenter who used to do Dance Energy on YOOF TV, and went on to do Board Stupid - a show about snowboarding


  8. On T.V. what bingo term was applied to Jennifer Paterson and Clarissa Dickson Wright?

    Two Fat Ladies

  9. On television, who left 'Blue Peter' to join 'Big Breakfast'?

    Richard Bacon

  10. On television, who originally presented 'Don't Try This At Home'?

    Davina McCall

  11. On TV,who presented 'This Is Your Life' until it left our TV screens?

    Michael Aspel

  12. What are Ant and Dec's surnames?

    McPartlin and Donnelly.

  13. What did Michael Barrymore do to a deaf couple on Strike It Lucky? Did he tell them jokes in sign language, did he snub them at the after-show party by refusing to talk to them or did he buy them a new car?

    new car

  14. What nationality is Ulrika Jonsson?


  15. What type of entertainer is Rory Bremner?


  16. What's the name of the children's TV presenter who has been the frontman for such shows as Fun House, Art Attack and Number 73.

    Neil Buchanan

  17. What's the name of the Dyslexic TV star who was sacked from Channel 4's Big Breakfast in 1998 for having problems reading the autocue and more recently presented Celebrity Love Island on ITV?

    Kelly Brook

  18. When Ant and Dec used to be PJ and Duncan: which one was Dec: PJ or Duncan?


  19. Which British TV host’s catchphrases included “Nice to see you, to see you nice”

    Bruce Forsyth

  20. Which TV game show host used to be a shipyard worker: Les Dawson, Nicholas Parsons or Leslie Crowther?

    Nicholas Parsons

  21. Which TV presenter, now famous as a quiz show host was the presenter of children’s TV show TISWAS in the 1970s and 80s?

    Chris Tarrant

  22. Which British TV program ran for 10 years with an Australian presenter and was about sick animals?

    Animal Hospital

  23. Which TV sports presenter is known for presenting both the snooker and Ski Sunday?

    David Vine

  24. Which winner of TV’s 'New Faces' went on to present the show in the late 80s

    Marti Caine

  25. Who was presented the TV show 'It’ll Be Alright On The Night' from 1977 to 2006?

    Dennis Norden

  26. Who was the first woman to appear on Channel 4?

    Carol Vorderman

  27. With whom did Alan Titchmarsh and Charlie Dimmock join forces to form the Ground Force?

    Tommy Walsh

  28. Which female newsreader has also presented Antiques Roadshow, Crimewatch and Call My Bluff?

    Fiona Bruce

  29. Which regular contributor to 'Countdown' also wrote the words for Andrew Lloyd Webber's musical 'Starlight Express'? (CLUE: not Tim Rice)

    Richard Stilgoe

  30. Which Scottish TV presenter was the first ever voice on Channel 4 and has also hosted Pebble Mill and the game show Catchword?

    Paul Coia

  31. Who was the first black newscaster on British television: Moira Stewart or Trevor McDonald?

    Trevor McDonald

  32. Rex Hunt, John Wilson and Jack Charlton have all presented TV programmes about which pastime?


  33. TV presenter Carol Vorderman used to sing in a band, but what were they called: Lovely Leggy Ladies, Dawn Chorus and the Blue Tits or Rotherham’s Apocolypse?

    Dawn Chorus and the Blue Tits

  34. Which long-running TV program was presented in 2008 by people called Andy, Helen, Joel, Zoe and Gethin?

    Blue Peter

  35. Which long-running TV program was presented in 2008 by people called Konnie, Simon and Matt?

    Blue Peter

  36. Which popular children’s TV programme was presented by Geoffrey Hayes in the 70s, 80s and 90s?


  37. How many years did Barry Norman do his Film show on the BBC before moving to SKY?


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