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  1. How old was the oldest ever contestant to appear on Countdown?

    87 years old (Betty Bourne)

  2. Which former tennis player became the presenter of the the TV show ‘A Question of Sport’ in 1997?

    Sue Barker

  3. Richard Whiteley is dead: but what English city was Countdown made in?


  4. The game Trivial Pursuit has been made into a TV show twice. Who were the two hosts: clue: one with beard and other is a slimy wee wank who used to be on Who’s Line Is It Anyway (both English)

    Rory McGrath and Tony Slattery

  5. The presenter of the BBC TV quiz show A Question of Sport is Sue Barker – which sport did she excel in when she was younger?


  6. TV: Name the BBC kids TV prog from the 80s where a school kid takes on a teacher in a noughts and crosses based quiz show.

    Beat The Teacher

  7. Vernon Kaye is the new presenter of Family Fortunes - who was the original host of the show when it first aired in 1980?

    Bob Monkhouse

  8. Was the first (and, so far, only) person to win the £250,000 on the UK version of Deal or no Deal, a man or a woman?

    Woman [Laura Pearce]

  9. What is the title of Britain’s longest-running TV game-show, which has been on the air since 1970?

    A Question of Sport

  10. Which game show was the first programme to ever appear on Channel 4 in 1982 and is still running to this day?


  11. Who used the TV catchphrase “I’ve Started, So I’ll Finish”

    Magnus Magnusson

  12. Who won celebrity Mastermind on BBC2 on Boxing Day 2003: David Blunkett or the actor who plays Barry in Eastenders

    Barry (Shaun Williamson)

  13. According to a recent poll by, what is the greatest game show of all time: Blankety Blank, The Krypton Factor or The Crystal Maze?

    The Crystal Maze

  14. Betty Bourne is the oldest ever contestant to appear on Countdown. How old was she when she appeared on the show: in her 70s, 80s, 90s, or was she over 100?

    In her 80s (87)

  15. On the Channel 4 game show Countdown, how many letters are there in a Countdown Conundrum?

    9 letters

  16. On the TV quiz show Bullseye, Bully’s Prize Board was two colours: black and red. What colour did contestants have to hit to win prizes?


  17. On which TV game show did Roy Walker use the catchphrase: says "Say What You See"?


  18. On which TV quiz show did Magnus Magnusson use the TV catchphrase “I’ve Started, So I’ll Finish”?


  19. Which European country invented the TV game show Deal or No Deal: France, Holland or Poland?


  20. Which TV game show featuring numbered boxes was the first broadcast in the UK to feature cash prizes, and was hosted in the 90s by Des O’Connor?

    Take Your Pick

  21. Has the Countdown Conundrum ever been the word “conundrum”: yes or no?


  22. A Question of Sport presenter Sue Barker played tennis, but did she ever win a grand slam tennis title?

    Yes (French Open in 1976)

  23. Within one year, how young was the youngest ever winner on Countdown?

    8 years old

  24. Which 1990 classic TV game show was presented by Richard O’Brian, and later Edward Tudor Pole, and regularly featured a character called Mumsy?

    The Crystal Maze

  25. Which quiz has won the National TV awards title of “best quiz” every year since it was launched in 1998 (to 2004)

    Who Wants To Be A Millionaire

  26. Which veteran of British showbiz took over as the presenter of Channel 4’s 'Countdown' after Des Lynam?

    Des O’Connor

  27. How many times has the Countdown clock music been played on the show over the years: over 5,000 times, over 15,000 times or over 25,000 times?

    Over 25,000 times

  28. Racist football manager Ron Atkinson played against Irish TV presenter Eamonn Holmes in an edition of the TV game show Countdown in 1998. Who won?

    Eamonn Holmes [39 – 27]

  29. The 1997 Christmas Special of TV game show Countdown featured Richard Whiteley playing against Carol Vorderman. Who won?

    Carol [43 – 30]

  30. TV personality Mylenne Klass appeared on Mastermind in 2005 and scored 17 points on her specialist subject. How many points did she score on general knowledge: 1, 11 or 20?

    1 point

  31. Which TV game show featured an animated character called Mister Chips acting out well-known phrases for two contestants?


  32. How many contestants make up one team on the TV gameshow Family Fortunes?

    5 plus a reserve

  33. The game show Family Fortunes is back on the telly – which Radio One presenter is the new host of the programme?

    Vernon Kay

  34. What is the name of the island in the Hebrides where the Castaway 2000 show was filmed?


  35. Two bands came out of reality show PopStars in 2001. Liberty X were one of them – but who were the less-successful winners?


  36. Michelle Pop Idol is 15 stone and from Glasgow but where: West End, East End or South Side?

    East End (Baillieston)

  37. Name of the woman who in 1998 was a crap Cruise Liner pub singer until she appeared on a docu-soap, became famous and then shot to number one in the album charts?

    Jane McDonald

  38. Which company withdrew their sponsorship of Celebrity Big Brother after the Jade Goody outrage?

    Carphone Warehouse

  39. Which phone company sponsored Big Brother series 7 and Celebrity Big Brother series 4?

    Carphone Warehouse (Talk Talk)

  40. Big Brother 7 starts on Thursday 18th May 2006 on Channel 4: but during which month is the series due to finish?


  41. During which months did Big Brother 7 start and finish in 2006?

    May and August

  42. How old is Celebrity Big Brother winner Shilpa Shetty?

    31 years old

  43. How old is non-celebrity celebrity Chantelle Houghton (winner of Celeb Big Brother 4)?

    22 (born Aug 21 1983)

  44. Which winner of I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here was also the first ever DJ to broadcast on BBC Radio One?

    Tony Blackburn

  45. According to Jade Goody on Big Brother in 2002, who was the inventor of the toilet: Saddam Hussein, Sherlock Holmes or Charles Dickens?

    Sherlock Holmes

  46. What was the name of the 1998 docu-soap that shot Jane McDonald to temporary fame?

    The Cruise

  47. What was the name of the all boy group that came from the same reality TV programme that produced Girls Aloud?

    One True Voice (show was “Popstars: The Rivals”)

  48. Which BBC2 TV show features budding entrepreneurs pitching their ideas to five wealthy heads of business in order to secure money in exchange for a share of their business?

    Dragons’ Den

  49. In the first seven series of Channel 4’s Big Brother – have there been more male winners or more female winners? [not including Celebrity Big Brother]


  50. What nationality was Nadia Almada, the transsexual who won Big Brother 5 in 2004?


  51. Who became famous on TV in 2002 for being thick and thinking that Sherlock Holmes invented the toilet?

    Jade Goody

  52. Which celebrity reality program was won in 2005 by Fran Cosgrave?

    Celebrity Love Island

  53. Which UK actor played a pantomime dame for 37 years in a row until 2007 when his winning appearance on I'm a Celebrity, Get ME Out of Here meant he was unavailable to work at Christmas?

    Christopher Biggins

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