Free Quiz Questions about male and female vocalists, both about their solo work and what they get up to in bands and collaborations.

  1. In 2000, what became Kylie Minogue`s first single to enter the UK charts at number one?

    Spinning Around

  2. Madonna is the most successful female recording artist of all time. Has she had more top ten hits in the eighties or the nineties?


  3. How old was pop singer Aaliyah when she was killed in a plane crash in 2001?

    22 years old

  4. Madonna’s had a number one hit single in 2000 which was a cover of a song which got to number 2 in 1972. What was the song?

    American Pie

  5. Which American singer, known as The Queen of Soul, sang with the Eurythmics in 1985 on the hit song Sisters Are Doin’ It For Themselves?

    Aretha Franklin

  6. Which British singer and actress in her twenties has an autobiography out called Growing Pains?

    Billie Piper

  7. What is the name of the deaf woman from Aberdeenshire who is a world famous percussionist?

    Evelyn Glennie

  8. Whitney Houston had three number ones in the 1980s. name any one of them.

    I Wanna Dance With Somebody, Saving All My Love For You, One Moment in Time

  9. Which Australian singer has had top ten albums in the UK charts called Fever, Light Years and Enjoy Yourself?


  10. Who is the older sister: Kylie Minogue or Dannii Minogue?

    Kylie (Kylie is three and a half years older)

  11. Which female solo singer starred in the 1989 movie The Delinquents and had a hit song from that film called Tears On My Pillow

    Kylie Minogue

  12. Which female pop singer performed all over the world in 2008 on her "Sticky & Sweet" tour?


  13. In 2000, who became the first female to reach number one in the charts as a soloist, in a duo and as part of a group?

    Melanie C

  14. How old is Alison Goldfrapp out of Goldfrapp? Is she over 30 or under 30?

    Over 30

  15. Did Madonna advertise Coke or Pepsi?


  16. Who sung 'Stand by Your Man' and was known as the `First Lady of Country Music`?

    Tammy Wynette

  17. Which American solo female singer sang the official song for the Olympic Games in 1988 and what was the title of the song – (which was also a no.1 hit)

    Whitney Houston – One Moment In Time

  18. Bob Dylan has had six top ten hit singles in Britain: during which decade were they all hits?


  19. Rebel XD is the fastest rapper in the world. How many syllables did he rap in his 55 second world record breaking rap?

    670 (12.2 per second)

  20. Roddy Woomble, the singer from Idlewild, is married to the bass player from which other Scottish band?

    Aberfeldy (the woman in question is called Ailidh Lennon)

  21. What was the name of Jimmy Nail's big number one hit single of 1992?

    Aint No Doubt

  22. What are the first names of the Three Bee Gees

    Barry (hair), Maurice(baldy) Robin (weird face)

  23. What was the name of the Blues Legend who played with U2 on their 1989 hit called When Love Comes To Town?

    BB King

  24. What are the first names of the guys in Abba?

    Benny & Bjorn

  25. Which rock band was Ozzy Osbourne the lead singer for: Black Sabbath, Deep Purple or Iron Maiden?

    Black Sabbath

  26. Which male singer has made more 'Top of The Pops' appearances than anyone else in the history of the show?

    Cliff Richard

  27. How is Neil Primrose best known? Is he the singer out of Mogwai, the drummer out of Travis or the trumpet player out of Belle and Sebastian?

    Drummer from Travis

  28. In pop music, which DJ had hits with 'Rockafella Skank' and 'Praise You'?

    Fatboy Slim

  29. Which member of Take That had a solo number one hit in 1997 called Love Won’t Wait?

    Gary Barlow

  30. Which singing cowboy’s biggest hit was his 1949 version of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer?

    Gene Autry

  31. What is the name of the Argentinean/Swedish singer who has a hit album called Veneer in the charts at the moment?

    Jose Gonzales

  32. Who had a series of rude reggae hits in the 1970s and shared his name with a character later played by Sylvester Stallone on the big screen?

    Judge Dread

  33. Which member of Take That had a solo top ten hit in 2003 called 4 Minute Warning?

    Mark Owen

  34. What is the name of the singer who has been touring as the singer of Queen?

    Paul Rodgers

  35. What singer from America has been going since the 1970s and, since the millennium, has released albums called Musicology, 3121, and The Rainbow Children?


  36. Which Puerto Rican singer has sold 55 million records as a solo artist after starting out with a boy band called Menudo?

    Ricky Martin

  37. Which member of the Beatles had a solo hit single in 1972 called Back Off Boogaloo which got to number 2 in the charts?

    Ringo Starr

  38. What singer had six number one hits in the 90s as a part of a boy band and then had a string of solo hits including songs called The Long Goodbye and I Hope You Dance?

    Ronan Keating

  39. Who was the singer of The Nipple Erectors in the 1970s and went on to sell millions of records as singer of another band in the 1980s and 90s?

    Shane McGowan (other band = The Pogues)

  40. Jose Gonzales is known as half Argentinean and half Swedish – but which country was he actually born in?


  41. Robert Palmer is dead: what was the name of the band he used to be in with Elkie Brookes: Salty Joe, Vinegar Joe or Pickled Egg Joe?

    Vinegar Joe

  42. Which Scottish singer worked with Prince in the 1980s and performed the title theme for the Bond Film For Your Eyes Only?

    Sheena Easton

  43. Kelly Jones is the lead singer of which Welsh rock band?


  44. Who sings the opening line on the original 1984 Band Aid version of the song Do They Know It's Christmas?

    Paul Young

  45. Who holds the title of the most recorded human voice in history: Elvis Presley, Bing Crosby or Adolf Hitler?

    Bing Crosby

  46. What’s the name of Whitney Houston’s husband who keeps getting into trouble for battering her?

    Bobby Brown

  47. Who had a 42-acre theme park named after them that included an enormous guitar-shaped swimming pool? Elvis Presley, Eric Clapton or Chuck Berry?

    Chuck Berry (the place is called Berryland)

  48. Who was the most-played artist on British radio over the 20 between 1986 and 2006: Elton John, Robbie Williams or George Michael?

    George Michael

  49. Who said: "I'm the innovator. I'm the emancipator. I'm the originator. I'm the architect of Rock n Roll" ?

    Little Richard

  50. In 1997 a 47 year old woman from Liverpool was awakened from a 16 month coma after hearing a tape recorded message from which life-saving pop star? Gary Glitter, Michael Jackson, or Phil Collins?

    Phil Collins

  51. Who used to sign their autograph as "Love God": George Michael, Prince or Gary Barlow?


  52. On the original 1984 Band Aid song Do They Know It's Christmas, who sings the line "Throw your arms around the world at Christmas time"?

    Boy George

  53. Which Irish singer had a number one hit in1987 with a song called Orinoco Flow?


  54. Who came top of the BBCs poll for greatest singer of the 20th Century: Elvis Presley, Barbara Streisand or Frank Sinatra?

    Frank Sinatra

  55. Frankie Goes to Hollywood were a band who had a huge Christmas hit in 1984 with a song called The Power of Love. But what was the Christmassy name of their singer?

    Holly Johnson

  56. Which Grammy-nominated rapper has also starred in such films as Taxi, Chicago and Bringing Down The House?

    Queen Latifah

  57. On the original 1984 Band Aid song Do They Know It's Christmas, who sings the line "At Christmas time it's hard, but when you're having fun"?

    Simon le Bon

  58. Is the famous American singer Randy Crawford a man or a woman? Clues: Randy Crawford's biggest hit songs were Almaz and One Day I'll Fly Away.


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