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Free Quiz Questions about rock and pop bands, band members, band names, etc

  1. Apart from Bono and The Edge – what are the names of the other two blokes out of U2?

    Adam Clayton and Larry Mullen

  2. As of March 2009, how many of the four original members of Led Zepellin are still alive?

    3 members (as of March 09)

  3. Both Peter Gabriel and Phil Collins are former lead vocalists of which pop group?


  4. Featuring Chris Bailey, what country did influential punk band The Saints come from?


  5. Frank Black is an American singer and guitarist who released his first solo album in 1993 after the breakup of which hugely influential band?


  6. From what classic 1980s film do the Scottish band Mogwai take their name?


  7. How many blokes were there in the village people?

    Six: Cowboy, Indian, Cop, Army, Construction Worker and Leatherman

  8. In pop music, what was the surname of the brothers in Spandau Ballet?


  9. In pop music, who charted with 'Twist and Shout' in the 1990s ?

    Deacon Blue

  10. In rock music, which heavy metal band hit the top ten with their 'Enter Sandman' single?


  11. In the seventies, who had the beard in ABBA. Benny or Bjorn?


  12. Jagger, Richards, Wyman, Jones, Watts, Stewart - which band?

    The Rolling Stones

  13. Mary Hopkin, Peter Skellern and Julian Lloyd Webber once formed a band together - what was it called: Oasis, Blur or Verve?


  14. Maurice Gibb the BG is dead, but what are the names of his two brothers who made up the BGs?

    Robin and Barry

  15. Name the 60s band from Manchester who had a hit with a song called "Jennifer Eccles"

    The Hollies

  16. Name the Liverpool duo that sang 'Cry Baby' and scored 'nil points' for Britain at the 2003 Eurovision Song Contest? Clue: name sound like a zodiac sign.


  17. Name the Scottish Rock band who have been around since 1995, have a lead singer called Roddy and share their name with a Science Fiction novel by Nick Sagan?


  18. Roy Stride is the lead singer of which UK band?

    Scouting For Girls

  19. Syd Barett, Roger Waters, Richard Wright, Nick Mason were all members of which major rock band?

    Pink Floyd

  20. The English band Radiohead took there name from a song by which other band?

    Talking Heads

  21. The rock-group `Satan`s Jesters` later found fame with which name?

    The Rolling Stones

  22. The singer out of Coldplay is called Chris (Martin). What is the first name of any of the other blokes in Coldplay?

    Jon (Buckland, guitar), Guy (Berryman, bass), Will (Champion, drums)

  23. Two of the Beastie boys share the same first name. Which name?

    Adam (Horowitz & Yauch)

  24. UB40 were a mixture of black guys and white guys, but were there more white guys or black guys?

    More white

  25. Unbelievably, who were the only British act to reach number one in America in 1991?


  26. What band have an outer-space-type name and charted with an album called 'Frances The Mute' in 2005?

    The Mars Volta

  27. What band replaced Eric Clapton with Jeff Beck and who's biggest hit was For Your Love in 1965?

    The Yardbirds

  28. What band split up and quit pop in 2001 after their last album Scissor Paper Stone failed to sell very well?


  29. What British mega-band of the 60s and 70s were formerly called "The High Numbers"

    The Who

  30. What did the Red Hot Chili Pepper's guitar player have to show the rest of the band at his audition: his tattoos, his drinking ability or his erect penis?


  31. What is the name of the 4-piece Indie band from Birmingham who had an album out in 2005 called The Back Room and whose highest chart single is called Blood?

    The Editors

  32. What massive hip-hop band from the 1980s had a front man called Chuck D, a DJ called Terminator X and a list of hits that included Don’t Believe The Hype?

    Public Enemy

  33. What nationality was the 1970s prog rock band Focus?


  34. What pop band is Sarah Cracknell the singer for?

    St Ettienne

  35. What successful Scottish band share their name with a Space Commander character from the classic TV Sci-Fi series Blake’s Seven?


  36. What top 60s singing duo started out as Cleo & Caesar before going to sell over 80 million records under their more familiar name?

    Sonny & Cher

  37. What was the name of the Dutch one hit wonders who got to number one in the charts with a house music version of the Charleston in 1994. Record and band had the same name - one word - four letters.


  38. What was the surname of the real-life pop-star brothers who played the Kray Twins in the 1990 film The Krays?

    Kemp (Gary and Martin Kemp who were both in Spandau Ballet)

  39. What were the first names of the Reid twins: otherwise known as the Proclaimers?

    Craig and Charlie.

  40. When the Housemartins broke up at the end of the 80s, which group was formed and went on to sell 7 million records?

    The Beautiful South

  41. Which act contains brothers: Outkast, The Darkness or The Strokes?

    The Darkness

  42. Which American band come from Las Vegas and are comprised of members called Mark, Ronnie, Dave and Brandon?

    The Killers

  43. Which American band played for over 9 minutes in 2005 to hold the record for the longest ever performance on Top of The Pops?

    Green Day (performing Jesus of Suburbia)

  44. Which American glam band featured an Israeli-born bass player who livened up gigs by performing fire-breathing stunts


  45. Which American rap group includes members called Swift, Bizarre, Proof and Kon Artis?


  46. Which American rock band had a singer called David Lee Roth, had a hit with the song Hot for Teacher, and was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2007?

    Van Halen

  47. Which American rock band have a lead singer called Michael Stipe, and were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2007?


  48. Which American rock band stipulated in their gig contracts that a bowl of M&Ms should be placed in their dressing room, with all the brown ones removed: Black Sabbath, Van Halen or KISS?

    Van Halen

  49. Which American rock star is immortalised in a bronze statue in Vilnius, Lithuania: Captain Beefheart or Frank Zappa?

    Frank Zappa

  50. Which Australian band was founded in 1973, inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2003, have sold 200 million records and were still gigging in 2008?


  51. Which band appeared on Top of The Pops 87 times, the most times in the show’s history: Queen, Status Quo, or U2?

    Status Quo

  52. Which band from Liverpool has a lead singer called Dave, a female saxophone player called Abi, and had an album out in 2006 called 'Tired of Hanging Around'?

    The Zutons

  53. Which Beatle was left-handed: Paul McCartney or John Lennon?


  54. Which British rap crew includes members called Maggot, Eggsy and Adam Hussein?

    Goldie Lookin’ Chain

  55. Which chart topping group from the 90s included a guitar player called "Bonehead"?


  56. Which English band has a singer called James Skelly?

    The Coral

  57. Which English pop band had a number one debut album in the 90s called 'The Good Will Out' and were fronted by a singer called Danny McNamara?


  58. Which English rock band had their first hit in 1965 and headlined the Glastonbury festival this year?

    The Who

  59. Which English rock band with a weather-related name released an album this year called Robert Johnson’s Tombstone?


  60. Which famous band had a bass player called “Duff”: was it The Stone Roses, Guns n Roses or Oasis?

    Guns n Roses (guy was called Duff McKagan)

  61. Which famous old punk band re-released record called 'Spunk' in 2006?

    Sex Pistols

  62. Which group have been fronted by both Shane MacGowan and Joe Strummer?

    The Pogues

  63. Which hip hop band from New York City featured a rapper called Flavor Flav?

    Public Enemy

  64. Which Indie rock band from Liverpool were big in the 80s and had a lead singer called Ian McCulloch?

    Echo & The Bunnymen

  65. Which multi-million selling English band's albums have included titles like Animals, Pulse, and Wish You Were Here?

    Pink Floyd

  66. Which of the four Beatles was the youngest?

    George Harrison

  67. Which of these acts contain brothers: The Orb, Orbital or Underworld?


  68. Which of these bands have had most records in the top ten of the UK singles chart: Kaiser Chiefs, Kraftwerk or the Kinks?

    The Kinks

  69. Which of these foreign artistes has had the most top tens hit singles in the UK charts: Roxette, The Vengaboys or Julio Iglesias


  70. Which one of these great Europop acts is from Germany: The Vengaboys, Alice Deejay or DJ Sash?

    DJ Sash

  71. Which rock band released top-selling albums in the 1990a called 'Definitely Maybe' and 'Be Here Now'?


  72. Which Scottish pop band became the shirt sponsors of Clydebank FC in 1993?

    Wet Wet Wet

  73. Which Swedish band did Tom Jones team up with in 1999 to have a hit called Burnin' Down The House?

    The Cardigans

  74. Which Welsh band has a guitarist called Darren Smith (7 x top 40 hits since 2003 – biggest hit called “Streetcar”)

    Funeral For A Friend

  75. Which Welsh band, who have had 7 top 40 hit singles, have a keyboard player called Jamie Oliver?


  76. Who did the Stereophonics’ singer (Kelly Jones) sack from the band in 2003 – the guitarist, the bass player, or the drummer?

    The Drummer (Stuart Cable)

  77. Who has been recognized by the Guinness Book of Records as the loudest band on Earth: Black Sabbath, Deep Purple or Simply Red?

    Deep Purple

  78. Who was the youngest member of Queen: Freddie, Brian, Roger or John?

    John Deacon (born 1951)

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