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Free Quiz Questions about Albums: album hits, album tracks, album covers

  1. Which English band released an album called in 1999 called 'Synkronized' which included elements of disco, funk and jazz?


  2. On which British coin can you find the title of an Oasis album?

    £2 (Standing On The Shoulders of Giants is written around the edge of some of the coins)

  3. At the 2007 NME Awards, Razorlight’s self-titled album was nominated for the Worst Album award, but what rating did NME give it in their magazine: 2/10, 5/10 or 8/10?


  4. What farm animal appears on the cover of the classic Pink Floyd album Atom Heart Mother?

    A cow

  5. How many records do you have to sell to receive a gold album in the UK these days: a hundred thousand, a million, or ten million?

    A hundred thousand

  6. What animal appears on the cover of the Pink Floyd album 'Animals'?

    A pig

  7. Which famous Beatles album cover features the band crossing the road at a zebra crossing?

    Abbey Road

  8. Which U2 album has most tracks: Achtung Baby, Joshua Tree or Zooropa (original releases only)?

    Achtung Baby (12 tracks, Joshua Tree is 11 and Zooropa is 10)

  9. Who was originally on the cover of the Beatles album Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band but was removed before the sleeve was printed: Adolf Hitler, Myra Hyndley or Matthew Kelly?

    Adolf Hitler

  10. What 1980s band came back in 2000 when they released an album called 'Minor Earth, Major Sky'?


  11. Which solo female singer got to number 12 in the UK album charts in 2005 with an acoustic version of an album that had got to number one ten years previously?

    Alanis Morissette (album was Jagged Little Pill)

  12. Who has had one of their albums voted as best of all time by US magazine ‘Rolling Stone’? Is it The Beatles or Bob Dylan? (bonus point to name the actual album)

    Beatles: Sergeant Pepper

  13. Which English band released a 2007 album called 'A Weekend In The City'?

    Bloc Party

  14. In pop music, which American new wave band released the 1979 album 'Eat To The Beat'?


  15. What is the series of Happy Hardcore CDs on React records called featuring megamixes by DJ's like Sharky, Hixxy and Dougal?


  16. Which Welsh band's final album in 2001 was called Scissor Paper Stone – they split up after cos of poor sales?


  17. What Irish Indie band had nineties albums called No Need To Argue and To The Faithful Departed?


  18. Whose debut album was released earliest: Texas, The Proclaimers, or Del Amitri?

    Del Amitri

  19. What kind of animal is Olivia Newton John riding on the cover of her “Physical” album? A Dolphin, a zebra or a donkey?


  20. What is the only album by the White Stripes to get to number one in the UK: [The White Stripes, Elephant or Get Behind Me Satan]


  21. What piano-playing superstar had a 70s album called Don’t Shoot Me, I’m Only The Piano Player

    Elton John

  22. Who has scored more gold albums in the UK: Elton John or Elvis Presley?

    Elton John

  23. Which album by Bob Marley is also the name of a book in the Old Testament of the Bible?


  24. Which one of these acts has sold more albums than Elvis Presley? Daniel O’Donnell, Garth Brooks or Pink Floyd

    Garth Brooks

  25. Which Beatle’s first solo album came out in 1970 and featured garden gnomes on the cover?

    George Harrison (album was called All Things Must Pass)

  26. Whose number one albums have included Faith and Patience?

    George Michael

  27. Who sang as Jesus on the original Jesus Christ Superstar album: Ian Gillan from Deep Purple, Ozzy Osbourne from Black Sabbath or Roger Daltrey from The Who?


  28. Which band had a number 1 hit album out in May (2006) called St. Elsewhere?

    Gnarls Barkley

  29. Which Queen album sold most copies worldwide: A Kind of Magic, Made in Heaven, or Greatest Hits?

    Greatest Hits (more than 27 million worldwide)

  30. Which English band had a number one album out in 2006 called 'Stars of CCTV'?


  31. What band is fronted by a singer known for his silly hats and released a top selling greatest-hits album in 2006 called 'High Times'?


  32. Which English rock band, beginning with the letter "K", have had an album called Empire?


  33. Which English band have had an album called Under The Iron Sea?


  34. Which former member of The Rolling Stones released a solo album called "Talk Is Cheap"?

    Keith Richards

  35. Complete this Fairground Attraction album title: The First of A Million…? Steps, kisses, hamburgers


  36. In pop music, whose album was 'The White Room'?


  37. Which Scottish singer has sold more than 2 million copies of a 2004 album called Eye To The Telescope ?

    KT Tunstall

  38. What has been Led Zeppelin’s biggest selling album: I, II or III?

    Led Zepellin II

  39. Who has had more gold albums in the UK: Madonna or Kate Bush?


  40. Which US rock act has had top ten albums in the UK called Mechanical Animals and The Golden Age of Grotesque?

    Marilyn Manson

  41. Who recorded the monster hit album 'Bat out of Hell'?


  42. Who is the only former Spice Girl to fail to get a solo album into the UK top ten since the band’s demise? (as of july 06)

    Mel B

  43. Complte the name of the 2003 Travis album '12________'?


  44. Which Scottish band had an album out in March 2006 called Mr Beast?


  45. Which English rock band released an album called Black Holes & Revelations in 2006?


  46. What city is photographed on the cover of the 1999 Oasis album Standing on the Shoulder of Giants?

    New York City

  47. What is the name of the Radiohead album that has a picture on the cover of a baby’s head in the middle of a flower?

    Pablo Honey

  48. What colour was Ringo's outfit on the cover of the Sergeant Pepper album. Green Blue or Pink


  49. Who released her debut album `Can`t Take Me Home` in 2000?


  50. During their career of more than 20 years, which British rock band had hit albums called News Of The World, The Miracle and The Game?


  51. What British band’s 'Greatest Hits' album is the biggest selling record of all time in the UK?


  52. Who has recently taken over from the Beatles as the band with the most weeks ever in the British album charts: Pink Floyd, Status Quo, or Queen?


  53. Who have scored more gold albums in the UK: Queen or Pink Floyd?


  54. Name either of Queen's first two albums.

    Queen, Queen II

  55. Which English rock band had albums in the 1990s called Pablo Honey and The Bends?


  56. Which British singer had an album in the charts in 2006 called 'Rudebox'?

    Robbie Williams

  57. Which British solo singer had a number one album in 2002 called 'Escapology'?

    Robbie Williams

  58. Which glam rock band released albums in the 1970s called For Your Pleasure and Country Life?

    Roxy Music

  59. Who had an unexpected number one hit album in Norway in 1999: MC Hammer, Shakin' Stevens or Des O Connor?

    Shakin Stevens

  60. What singer released an album called 'Come On Over' which became the highest ever selling album by a female artist?

    Shania Twain

  61. Which American rap star’s real name is Calvin Broadus and has had hit albums called The Last Meal and The Blue Carpet Treatment?

    Snoop Dogg

  62. Which UK pop band had a single in the charts called Chasing Cars and an album called Eyes Open, both in 2006?

    Snow Patrol

  63. Whose albums have included Blue For You, On The Level, and 12 Gold Bars?

    Status Quo

  64. Who played up to their status as wankers this year by releasing their album title one letter at a time, one letter a week?

    Suede (Head Music)

  65. Who’s had more number one albums in the UK charts: The Beatles, The Rolling Stones or Westlife?

    The Beatles

  66. Which hugely popular British band's twelfth album was released in 2006 and was called 'Superbi'?

    The Beautiful South

  67. Who had big hit 90s albums called “Forgiven Not Forgotten” and “Talk On Corners”?

    The Corrs

  68. Whose Greatest Hits album is the biggest selling of all time: The Bee Gees, The Eagles or Elton John?

    The Eagles

  69. What English band have released over 90 albums including compilations since the 1970s and are led by their only permanent member, a singer called Mark E Smith?

    The Fall

  70. Which Glasgow pop band had an album out in 2006 called Costello Music?

    The Fratellis

  71. Which American band had an album out in 2006 called Sam’s Town and have a lead singer called Brandon?

    The Killers

  72. Who has had a number one album out of these people: Telly Savalas, Captain Sensible, The Muppets?

    The Muppets (no.1 in 1977)

  73. Which Scottish Band have had hit albums called This Is The Story, Hit The Highway and Sunshine on Leith?

    The Proclaimers

  74. Which American rock band had a top selling album out in 2006 called Stadium Arcadium?

    The Red Hot Chili Peppers

  75. Whose albums have included You Gotta Go There To Come Back, Word Gets Around and Performance and Cocktails

    The Stereophonics

  76. In pop music, who had a U.K. number one in the 90s with the album 'Urban Hymns'?

    The Verve

  77. On which Manic Street Preachers Album is their number one single If You Tolerate This Then Your Children Will Be Next?

    This Is My Truth Tell Me Yours

  78. Name any of Shakin' Stevens four top ten albums

    This Ole House, Shaky, Give Me Your Heart Tonight, Greatest Hits

  79. Which girl band had hit albums called Crazysexycool and Fanmail?


  80. Which female solo artist has released albums which include titles such as have included Little Earthquakes, and Under The Pink?

    Tori Amos

  81. Name the Female solo singer who played the female lead in Ken Russell’s film "The Boyfriend" and had an album out in the sixties called - Please Get My Name Right


  82. Whose hit album titles have included: October, War and Pop?


  83. Record Covers: What kind of animals are on the cover of the Catatonia album: International Velvet?

    White horses

  84. Did the 2005 Oasis album, Don’t Believe The Truth, get to number one in the UK album charts or not?


  85. Did the Oasis album, Heathen Chemistry, get to number one in the UK album charts or not?


  86. Which prog rock band of the 70s had albums Close To The Edge, Drama and Relayer: was it Yes, Focus or Emerson Lake & Palmer?


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