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  1. According to a BBC survey, what band are responsible for penning the song with the worst lyrics of all time: Des’ree, D:ream or Chas and Dave?

    Des’ree [Life]

  2. According to a recent survey, what Beatles’ song was voted worst song of all time: I am the Walrus, She Loves You or Ob-la-di, Ob-la-da?

    Ob-la-di, Ob-la-da

  3. According to an interview in The Sun in 1998, where does Richard Ashcroft (The Verve) get his best ideas for songs? When he's polishing his furniture, when he's visiting zoos, or when he's Scuba Diving.

    Polishing furniture.

  4. According to the words of the song, how many ways did Paul Simon reckon you had to leave your lover?

    50 ways

  5. Complete the second line of this Christmas song by Shakin Stevens: 'Snow is falling, all around me …'

    …children playing, having fun'.(song title is Merry Christmas Everyone')

  6. Complete the second line of this Christmas song by Slade: 'Are you hanging up your stocking on the wall …'

    … it's the time that ev'ry Santa has a ball' (song title is Merry Christmas Everbody')

  7. Complete this Pink Floyd song title. Set The Controls For...

    The Heart of The Sun

  8. Eddie Grant had a hit in 1983 and 2001 with the song Electric Avenue, but where is the Electric Avenue he was singing about: London, New York or Dundee

    London (It's a street in Brixton which was one of the first in Britain to get Electric street lights)

  9. George Harrison is dead. But which one of these Beatles tunes did he write all by himself? …Here Comes The Sun, Ticket To Ride, or Dear Prudence

    Here comes sun

  10. How many times does Kylie Minogue say the word “lucky” in the song “I should be so Lucky”?

    65 times

  11. In music, who composed 'Begin The Beguine'?

    Cole Porter

  12. In the ABBA song how old was the Dancing Queen

    17 years old

  13. In the lyrics of the song, where was the house of the Rising Sun?

    New Orleans

  14. In which language did Steeleye Span have a top 20 Christmas Hit in the 1970s: Latin, Aramaic or Greek?

    Latin (Gaudete)

  15. Little Jackie Paper was the human friend of which famous fictional character?

    Puff the Magic Dragon

  16. Lyric question: "Ole Ole, Ole Ola, We're going to bring that World Cup back from over thar'." -

    Rod Stewart, Ole Ole, 1978

  17. Name any two of the four men’s names in the Paul Simon song Fifty Ways To Leave Your Lover?

    Jack, Stan, Roy, Gus, Lee

  18. Name this early 60s song from these lyrics “You come on like a dream peaches and cream,lips like strawberry wine”

    You're Sixteen (by Johnny Burnette)

  19. What Caribbean holiday destination did Typically Tropical sing about in 1975?


  20. What day of the week is mentioned in the title of top ten hits by Oasis, Morrissey, and Blondie?

    Sunday (hits are Sunday Morning Call, Everyday is like Sunday and Sunday Girl

  21. What is Elton John’s song “Daniel” all about? Vietnam, AIDS or just about a bloke he knew called Daniel?


  22. What is the only ABBA song which mentions Glasgow in the lyrics?

    Super Trouper [1st line of first verse goes “I was sick and tired of everything, When I called you last night from Glasgow”]

  23. What was Barry Manilow's "Mandy " originally called in the USA: Brandy, Randy or Sandy?


  24. When I find myself in times of trouble... what happens next according to the song?

    Mother Mary Comes to Me

  25. Which 2 American states are mentioned in the Beatles song “Get Back”?

    Arizona & California

  26. Which American bandleader was known as the King of Swing, The Professor, and the Patriarch of the Clarinet?

    Benny Goodman

  27. Which Asian country has the same name as a Kim Wilde a pop hit from the 1980s?


  28. Which Beatles song did Sinatra say was the best love song ever written: Yesterday, Something or I Wanna Hold Your Hand?


  29. Which Christmas Carol has a second verse which starts with the words "For all to see there was a star, Shining in the East beyond them far?"

    The First Noel

  30. Which Christmas song has been recorded by Harry Belafonte, Boney M, and Dame Kiri te Kanawa?

    Mary's Boy Child

  31. Which Christmas song was a hit for Boney M and tells the story of a poor boy who has no gifts for Jesus so instead plays a musical instrument?

    Little Drummer Boy

  32. Which football team were the subjects of a top 20 record from 1974 which contained the lyric "Yabadabbadoo - we support the boys in Blue"?

    Scotland (song is "Easy Easy" by the Scotland World Cup Squad 1974

  33. Which religious political leader were the Clash referring to in "Rock The Casbah"?

    Ayatollah Khomenie

  34. Which Scot co-wrote the Band Aid hit Do They Know It’s Christmas with Bob Geldof?

    Midge Ure

  35. Which song opens with “The taxman’s taken all my dough”?

    Sunny Afternoon

  36. Who is the only artist to have a top 20 hit so far this year (2006) wit the word “horse” in the title?

    Goldfrapp (Ride A White Horse got to no.15 in Feb)

  37. Who produced John Lennon’s Happy Xmas(War Is Over) and is currently awaiting trial for murder?

    Phil Spector

  38. Who sung the best-known version of the rock n roll song: 'Hound Dog'?

    Elvis Presley

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