Free Movie Trivia Quiz Questions on Acting Awards.

These quiz questions are all about best actor, best actress, etc. See the awards page for more general film awards questions

  1. For which 2006 film was Leonardo di Caprio nominated for an Oscar playing a character called Danny?

    Blood Diamond

  2. Jennifer Hudson won the Oscar for best supporting actress in 2007 – but for which film?


  3. What 2006 film gave Eddie Murphy his first Oscar Nomination?


  4. Which black actor won the Oscar in 2007 for best actor?

    Forest Whitaker (for the Last King of Scotland)

  5. Which British actress was Oscar-nominated for a 2006 film in which she played a character called Susan Pierce?

    Kate Winslett

  6. For which film did Sean Penn win the best actor Oscar in 2004?

    Mystic River

  7. Who won the best actor Oscar in 2004: Ian McKellen, Sean Penn or Jack Nicholson?

    Sean Penn

  8. For which film did Dustin Hoffman win the best actor Oscar for in 1988?

    Rain Man

  9. What film did Susan Sarandon win best actress Oscar for in 1995?

    Dead Man Walking

  10. What film did Frances McDormand win a best actress Oscar for in 1996? (film also got best Original screenplay)


  11. Which 1993 film won the best actor Oscar for Tom Hanks?


  12. Geoffry Rush won the best actor Oscar in 1997. For which film?


  13. In film, which actor received an Oscar nomination for his role in the film 'Serpico'?

    Al Pacino

  14. Which Italian-American actor's only Academy Award for acting came in 1992 for his role in 'Scent of a Woman'?

    Al Pacino

  15. Who won a best actor Oscar for the 1951 African Queen?

    Humphrey Bogart

  16. Who’s had the most Oscar nominations: Michael Caine or Sean Connery?

    Caine [as of 2009, Caine has been nominated 6 times and connery only 1]

  17. Who’s won more Oscars: Susan Sarandon or Emma Thompson?

    Emma Thompson (one for Howard’s End and one for writing Sense and Sensibility screenplay.) (Sarandon –dead man walking)

  18. Who has had most Academy Award nominations as an actor: Clint Eastwood or Tom Hanks?

    Hanks (by a score of 5-2)

  19. Who has had most Oscar nominations: Jack Nicholson, Dustin Hoffman or Robert di Niro?

    Jack Nicholson

  20. Who has had most Oscar nominations: Katharine Hepburn, Vanessa Redgrave or Halle Berry?

    Katharine Hepburn

  21. Has Steve Martin ever won an Oscar: yes or no?

    No, as of 2009

  22. Has Arnold Schwarzenegger ever won an Oscar: yes or no?

    No [In fact, never been nominated]

  23. Has Michael J Fox ever won an Oscar: yes or no?

    No, as of 2009 [Never even nominated]

  24. Has Sharon Stone ever won an Oscar: yes or no?

    No, as of 2009 [Nominated for Casino in 1995]

  25. Has Harrison Ford ever won an Oscar: yes or no?

    No, as of 2009 [Nominated for Witness in 1985]

  26. Which of these actors has NOT won an Oscar for best actor: Jeremy Irons, Oliver Reed, Anthony Hopkins?

    Oliver Reed

  27. For which of these films did Woody Harrelson receive an Oscar nomination: Natural Born Killers, People versus Larry Flynt or Kingpin?

    People vs Larry Flynt

  28. Which two films have won Tom Hanks the Oscar for “best actor in a leading role”?

    Philadelphia and Forrest Gump

  29. What was the name of the actor who won the Oscar for playing writer Truman Capote in Capote at the 2006 Oscars?

    Phillip Seymour Hoffman

  30. Name either film that earned Robert de Niro an acting Oscar?

    Raging Bull or The Godfather Part 2

  31. Which singer was Jamie Foxx playing when he won the Oscar for best actor in 2005?

    Ray Charles (in the film called Ray)

  32. Which actor has won most Oscars: Al Pacino or Robert de Niro

    Robert de Niro

  33. Who’s had more Oscar nominations: Sylvester Stallone or Arnold Schwarzenegger?

    Stallone (1-0)

  34. What is the only film that Sean Connery ever won an Oscar for? (clue: only one he was ever nominated for as well, a 1987 gangster movie)

    The Untouchables (he played Jim Malone)

  35. Who was the first ever hip-hop star to be nominated for an Academy Award (an Oscar): Will Smith, Mos Def, or Ice Cube

    Will Smith - Imdb

  36. Has Sean Connery ever won an Oscar?

    Yes – for Best Actor in a supporting role in The Untouchables, 1987

  37. Has Russell Crowe ever won an Oscar: yes or no?

    Yes [Best Actor, Gladiator]

  38. Has Tom Hanks ever won an Oscar: Yes or no?

    Yes [Twice, Best Actor, Forrest Gump and Philadelphia]

  39. Has legendary actor Robert De Niro ever won an Oscar: yes or no?

    Yes [twice, Raging Bull and Godfather part 2]

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