Free Quiz Questions about settings and locations: where television series and shows are filmed and/or set.

  1. Everyone’s favourite TV show is The Wombles of Wimbledon. But Where is Wimbledon? South London or North London?

    South London

  2. In television, in which castle was 'Brideshead Revisited' filmed?


  3. In which US city is the medical ER set?


  4. Name the 80s TV series set in Florida in which Don Johnson and Phililp Michael Thomas played undercover cops Crockett & Tubbs.

    Miami Vice

  5. The real village of Hadfield in England is the setting for which TV show? Heartbeat, Emmerdale or The League of Gentlemen?

    League of Gentlemen

  6. The US version of the TV series The Office is set in a town called Scranton – which state is this supposed to be in?


  7. What island was home to Jim Bergerac in the hit 80s cop show Bergerac? : Jersey, Guernsey or Devil's Island?


  8. What US city was the setting for the TV cop shows: Kojak and Cagney & Lacey?

    New York City

  9. Where was the classic TV comedy Allo Allo set: Belgium, France or Switzerland?


  10. Which American city is the main setting for the TV show 24?

    Los Angeles

  11. Which American city was the setting for the sitcom Frazier?


  12. Which American Medical television drama first aired in 1994 and is set in The Cook County General Hospital?


  13. Which English city is the setting for TV shows Cold Feet, Making Out and Cracker?


  14. Which English city is the setting for TV shows The Likely Lads, Spender and Our Friends In The North?


  15. Which popular morning TV show ran for 10 years, and was presented from a house beside a canal?

    The Big Breakfast

  16. Which popular TV series was set in 1,000,040 (One million and forty) B.C

    The Flintstones

  17. Which state of the USA was the setting for TV cop show Starsky & Hutch?.


  18. Which top American TV show is set in Wisteria Lane in the city of Fairview?

    Desperate Housewives

  19. Which US city is the setting for the TV program: Married… With Children, and the film Backdraft?


  20. Which US city is the setting for the TV programmes Charlies Angels, Colombo and TJ Hooker?

    Los Angeles

  21. Which US city is the setting for the TV show The Golden Girls and the films Bad Boys and Bad Boys 2?


  22. Which US City is the setting for the TV shows: Will & Grace, Caroline in The City, and Spin City?

    New York City

  23. Which US State provided the setting for the first nine years of the TV show Baywatch?


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