Free Quiz Questions about TV's original predecessor - Radio.

  1. Name the decade BBC first Broadcast Opera on radio, Stanley Baldwin became Prime Minister


  2. Who was the first Female Radio One DJ

    Anne Nightingale

  3. What was the name of the first ever female DJ to get her own show on on BBC Radio One?

    Annie Nightingale

  4. Who was the 1st female DJ on Radio 1?

    Annie Nightingale

  5. What radio station can you hear throughout the UK on 909 Medium Wave?

    BBC Five Live

  6. On which UK national radio station can you hear Jonathan Ross. Sarah Kennedy and Ken Bruce on a regular basis?

    BBC Radio 2

  7. Radio: What UK national radio station can you pick up in Glasgow on 101.7FM?

    Classic FM

  8. What national radio station broadcasts on 101.7 FM?

    Classic FM

  9. Which childrens radio program always began with the words ”Are you sitting comfortably, then I'll begin”

    Listen With Mother

  10. Which radio 1 show won the NME award for best radio show in 1997 and 1998?

    Mark and Lard.

  11. The Radio One top 40 is presented on a Sunday by a guy called Wes, who did it for several years before being replaced by Wes?

    Mark Goodier

  12. What is the more popular radio station: do more people listen to Radio 3 or Radio 4?

    Radio 4

  13. Radio: What kind of music can you hear in Glasgow on 96.3 FM?

    ROCK (station is called 96.3 Rock Radio)

  14. Which 31-year old ex heroin addict has increased the listenership of BBC Radio 6 by 40% over the last year?

    Russell Brand

  15. Which former Radio One DJ's autobiography was called "My Tune"

    Simon Bates

  16. What radio station for old people do you get on 105.2 FM?

    Smooth FM

  17. What national radio station broadcasts on 1053 & 1089 Medium Wave?

    Talk Sport

  18. Which British Soap Opera is set in Ambridge?

    The Archers

  19. Which radio station do you get if you tune to 1215 Medium Wave?

    Virgin Radio

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