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  1. Has Winona Ryder ever won an Oscar?

    No (although she has been nominated twice: in 1994 for Age of Innocence and in 1995 for Little Women)

  2. Name the Ukrainian-born American actress who has starred in such films as The Fifth Element and Ultraviolet?

    Milla Jovovich

  3. Name the actor who has starred in all of these films: Million Dollar Baby, Driving Miss Daisy and Bruce Almighty?

    Morgan Freeman

  4. Name the male actor who has starred in each of these films: Shawshank Redemption, Amsitad and Deep Impact

    Morgan Freeman

  5. Who played King George in The Madness of King George and starred in Yes Minister?

    Nigel Hawthorne

  6. Name the 1989 film that Daniel Day Lewis won an Oscar for, playing a man with cerebral palsy?

    My Left Foot

  7. Which actress won the 2007 BAFTA award for best actress?

    Helen Mirren (for The Queen)

  8. Over their whole career, which actor’s films have made the most money: Mel Gibson, John Travolta or Sean Connery?


  9. Over their entire career, which actor’s films have grossed the most at the box office: Harrison Ford or Robert di Niro?

    Harrison Ford

  10. Whose films have made the most money at the box office over their entire career: John Travolta or Cameron Diaz?

    John Travolta (May 04)

  11. In 1999, who became the first Hollywood star to trademark their own name? Leonardo di Caprio, Arnold Schwarzenegger or Liv Tyler?

    Leonardo di Caprio

  12. Who has had the most British top ten hits of all time: Madonna, Elvis Presley or Cliff Richard?


  13. What top class honour was awared from the BBC to the Queen in 2001 and Lewis Hamilton in 2009 and a dog called Bonnie in 1991?

    Gold Blue Peter Badge

  14. In 1990, who became the first ever Radio 1 DJ to be knighted: Jimmy Saville, Jimmy Young, or Noel Edmonds?

    Jimmy Savile

  15. What would you work in if you won a SONY award: TV, Film or Radio?


  16. In the USA, are the Emmy Awards given for television, theatre or music?


  17. Which country makes the most films every year: France, China or UK?


  18. Which country makes the most films every year: India, China or USA?


  19. Which country makes the most films every year: France, Germany or Japan


  20. Which dead celebrity has generated most cash over the last year through sales of books, posters, records, films, and so on: Marilyn Monroe, Bob Marley, or Marlon Brando? [2005]

    Marlon Brando

  21. Who was the first actor to play James Bond (on a South African radio play): David Niven, Bob Monkhouse, Sid James, Bob Holness

    Bob Holness

  22. Which fictional character lives at Apartment 3D, 344, ClintonStreet?

    Clark Kent

  23. Which fictional spy was famous for using a gun called a Walther PPK?

    James Bond

  24. Which country invented Godzilla: Japan, USA or Belgium?


  25. What is the name of the guy who played Ali G and Borat?

    Sacha Baron Cohen

  26. When UK comedian Bob Monkhouse died in 2003: how old was he?

    75 years old

  27. Spike Milligan was a funy chap but old was he when he died in 2002?

    83 years old

  28. What is the name of the guy who plays Sir Les Patterson and Dame Edna Everage?

    Barry Humphries

  29. Patrick Kielty is Irish but is the hilarious comedian from Dublin or Belfast?


  30. Which Manchester comedian died at the age of 76 in 2007? Clue: most famous for being near the knuckle in terms of racist material.

    Bernard Manning

  31. What Northern Irish comedian used the catchphrases “It’s a cracker” and “It’s the way I tell ‘em”?

    Frank Carson

  32. What's the name of the guy who used to appear on telly sporting a large Papier Mache head and a nasal Mancunian accent?

    Frank Sidebottom

  33. What comedian had characters in the 1980s called Stavros and Loadsamoney?

    Harry Enfield

  34. Benjamin Kubelsky 1894 fame as what comedian

    Jack Benny

  35. What are the first names of bizarre Scottish comedy husband-and-wife comedy double-act The Krankies?

    Jeanette and Ian

  36. Which Scots comic is billed as “the world’s most offensive comedian” and is also pretty good at card tricks?

    Jerry Sadowitz

  37. Which camp comedian used to appear on the television with his pet who was called “Fanny The Wonderdog”?

    Julian Clary

  38. Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie were best known as a comedy duo but which one of them actually rowed in the Oxford Cambridge boat race inn 1980?

    Laurie (the small unfunny straight one not the witty big gay one)

  39. Who got into the Guinness Book of Records in November 2005 for playing to the biggest solo comedy audience in the world: Lee Evans, Eddie Izzard, or Peter Kay?

    Lee Evans [played to a crowd of over ten thousand in Manchester in 2005]

  40. Which Harry Enfield character had a number 4 hit in 1988 called “Doin up the house”


  41. Keith Harris is the puppeteer famous for Orville the Duck. He had a less-famous puppet called Cuddles but what kind of animal was Cuddles?

    Monkey or Orang Utan

  42. Who won a Channel 4 poll in 2005 to find the comedians favourite comedian: Peter Cook, Spike Milligan or Eric Morecambe?

    Peter Cook

  43. What did Bob Mortimer do before he was a TV comedian? Was he a solicitor, an accountant, or a traffic warden or a marital aids designer.


  44. Which now-dead comedian famously called Prince Charles a “little grovelling bastard” at the 1994 British Comedy Awards?

    Spike Milligan

  45. Which Comedian has been banned from Leeds Fc after telling racist jokes? Bernard Manning, Stan Boardman or Graham Norton?

    Stan Boardman [2002]

  46. Which half of a famous comedy duo was born at Ulverston in the Lake District in 1890?

    Stan Laurel

  47. Where are the chuckle brothers from: Yorkshire, Lancashire or Zimbabwe?


  48. According to recent research - what percentage of the websites on the internet are of a sexual nature? Get within 10% of the right answer to get the points.

    60% (accept answer in range 50%-70%)

  49. What is David Blaine going to do next: jump out of a helicopter without a parachute, fry himself in a huge wok of boiling oil or cut his own head off?

    Jump out of helicopter

  50. Judge Jules is a famous DJ: How much does he get paid for a night’s work according to a recent article in the Sun?


  51. There are about 2000 stars on The Hollywood Walk of Fame, but how long is the walk: 1½ miles, 3½ miles or 15½ miles?

    3½ miles

  52. Which top UK celebrity used to sign their autograph “safe hands”? Is it Jeremy Beadle, Cliff Richard or David Seaman?

    David Seaman

  53. Whose breasts are insured for over a million pounds: model Jordan or singer Dolly Parton?

    Dolly Parton

  54. What part of his body did Charlie Chaplin have insured for $150,000: his hair, his feet or his hands?

    Feet (because his silly walks were so valuable to his comedy)

  55. Which mobile phone company paid Catherine Zeta-Jones £11 million to promote their products: Virgin, O2, or T-Mobile?


  56. Who is the richest: Joan Collins, Tom Jones, or Brian May?

    Tom Jones

  57. Which name is shared by a 2003 album by the White Stripes, a 2003 film by Gus Van Sant, and is also the name of an animal?


  58. David Schwimmer of Friends says he want to quit acting and get into what profession? Teacher, Doctor or a Motor Racing Driver?


  59. Which Radio One DJ’s name is rhyming slang for when things fail to go according to plan?

    Pete Tong (wrong)

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