Free Quiz Questions on Famous Peoples' opinions and preferences. Warning: the stuff on this page really is extremely trivial.

  1. John Travolta, Tom Cruise, and Anthea Turner: which one is NOT a scientologist?

    Anthea Turner

  2. Before he died, was Christopher Reeve (the superman in a wheelchair) a believer in God or was he an atheist?


  3. Does Michael Stipe (the singer out of REM) believe in God or is he an atheist?


  4. Who famously said that he thought it was women’s own fault that they got raped because they dressed provocatively: was is politician George Bush or soul singer Barry White?

    Barry White

  5. What is Britney Spears favourite flavour of pop tart: Blackberry, Strawberry or Chocolate?


  6. What Scottish football team does Noel Gallagher out of Oasis support? Celtic, Rangers or Saint Mirren?


  7. Freddy Mercury is dead, but while he was alive, what was his favourite drink: Champagne, Guinness or Bloody Mary?


  8. What is Will Smith’s favourite board game: Chess, draughts or Cluedo?


  9. What religion is the singer out of Belle & Sebastian: Christian, Muslim or Buddhist?


  10. According to a recent interview, who is George W Bush’s favourite actor: Keanu Reeves, Johnny Depp or Chuck Norris?

    Chuck Norris

  11. Whilst in Scotland for the MTV Europe awards in 2003, Justin Timberlake sampled some haggis. Did he say it was ‘cool’ or ‘gross’?


  12. What is Rolf Harris’s least favourite animal: Chimpanzee, Crocodile or Penguins?


  13. In the words of Britney Spears, what is an orgasm like: “eating chocolate”, “riding a pony”, or “watching football on TV”?

    Eating chocolate

  14. Hilarious TV comedy actor Bill Cosby was his opinion of hit MTV show The Osbournes. Did he reckon it was 'brilliant' or 'garbage'?


  15. What is P Diddy’s view on cunnilingus. Does he love it, does he hate it or does he think it’s a man’s duty, whether he wants to or not?

    Hates it

  16. According to a newspaper interview, does Colin Firth LOVE being called a sex symbol or does he HATE being called a sex symbol?

    He hates it

  17. When Craig David was recently asked for his opinion on pornography did the singer say he thinks it’s “OK” or does he think it’s “disgusting”?

    He reckons porn is OK

  18. According to recent reports, is Gordon Brown really looking forward to the new Harry Potter book coming out - or could he not care less?

    He's looking forward to reading it

  19. What Edinburgh football team does Television presenter John Leslie support?


  20. Is Rachel Stevens (formerly of S Club 7) a Hindu a Buddhist or a Jew?


  21. Is Ben Stiller Jewish or Catholic?


  22. How did Italy's wartime leader Benito Mussolini ward off the evil eye? Would he throw salt over his left shoulder, would he jiggle his testicles or would he rub his head and pat his tummy at the same time?

    Jiggle his balls

  23. According to Pop Idol winner Will Young – who is the role model he owes all his success to? Tom Jones, Robbie Williams or Karl Marx?

    Karl Marx

  24. What is Her Majesty The Queen’s favourite cop show ever: Kojak or Starsky and Hutch?


  25. What is Barry White’s view on cunnilingus. Does he love it, does he think its disgusting or does he think it’s a man’s duty, whether he wants to or not?

    Man’s duty

  26. How does Jennifer Lopez describe her music in this month’s CHAT magazine? Music to make love to, music to clean the house to or music to chop up dead animals to?

    Music to do the housework to

  27. Who do Ant & Dec support, football wise?

    Newcastle United

  28. What music does Robbie Williams say he wants played at his funeral: something by Frank Sinatra, something by Led Zeppelin one of his own records?

    One of his own records: Angels.

  29. Which of these stars has publicly stated that he will not go down on women? P. Diddy, Barry White or Darius?

    P Diddy

  30. What Scottish actor starred in "My Name is Joe" and has also fronted political broadcasts for the Scottish Socialist Party?

    Peter Mullan

  31. Which of these American singers has become a Jehova’s Witness: Madonna, Prince or Kelly Clarkson?


  32. Hardman football actor Vinny Jones has a lot to say about the issue of foxhunting. But is he pro-hunting or anti-hunting?


  33. Alan Titchmarsh is one of the most important people in Britain but is he pro-hunting or anti-hunting


  34. Is football commentator Archie McPherson a Protestant or a Catholic?


  35. What is Madonna’s favourite alcoholic drink: champagne or real ale?

    Real Ale

  36. What is Dale Winton’s favourite book in the bible: Genesis or Revelations?


  37. While alive, the Godfather of Soul, James Brown, liked to drink lager but what did he like to sprinkle on his pint to make it taste better: Salt, pepper or vinegar?


  38. What is Tom Jones’s recurring dream? He saves Elvis’s life, He takes over from Kurt Cobain as lead singer with Nirvana or He has sex with Freddy Mercury?

    Saves Elvis

  39. What is the name of the mad religion that crazy film star Tom Cruise subscribes to?


  40. What is Will Smith’s favourite board game: Monopoly, Scrabble or Risk?


  41. William Shatner is involved in calls for: End to seal culling; End to landmine trade; New government initiatives on recycling.


  42. For which Football have cockney duo Chas and Dave recorded four FA Cup Final records?

    Spurs (Tottenham Hotspur)

  43. According to a recent survey: who is Britain’s favourite superhero: Batman, Spiderman or Superman?


  44. Which London football team do Chas n Dave support: Chelsea, Spurs or West Ham?

    The Spurs

  45. Charlotte Church has met Tony Blair and George W Bush. She said one of them was “a really nice guy” and the other was a twat. Name the nice guy.

    Tony Blair

  46. What is H out of Steps favourite animal: Snake or Horse or Werewolf?


  47. Does Beyonce prefer white bread or brown bread?


  48. Mike Read (Frank Butcher) is now dead, but according to an interview in the News of The World in 1998, did he believe in space aliens: yes or no?


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