Free Quiz Questions on the names of Famous People. Including questions on real names and nicknames.

  1. Whose real name is Joseph Foreman: The Rock, Shaggy or Afroman?


  2. Which English pop star from the 70s and 80s was born with the name Bernard Jewry and was also known as Shane Fenton?

    Alvin Stardust

  3. What is Beenie Man's real name: Nigel, Anthony or Charles?

    Anthony (Davis)

  4. Mark Perry became famous as a dancer in the late 1980s and early 1990s and later won a series of celebrity Big Brother, but by which name is he better know?


  5. What does Arnold Schwarzenegger’s surname mean? black hat, black ploughman, or black power?

    Black ploughman

  6. What music legend's real name is Robert Alan Zimmerman?

    Bob Dylan

  7. What is Marilyn Manson’s real name: Jeff, Dave or Brian?


  8. Which famous Carole was born Jane Alice Peters in 1908, became a famous movie star in the 20s and 30s and married Clark Gable before dying in a plane crash at the age of 33?

    Carole Lombard

  9. Who was born with the real name Cherilyn Sarkisian in the 1940s and won a best actress Oscar in the 1980s?

    Cher (film was 'Moonstruck')

  10. Whose nickname was The King of Hollywood: Clark Gable, Cecil B de Mille/, or John Candy?

    Clark Gable

  11. What first name is shared by a British singer who's sold more than 250 million records and the postman from the TV show Cheers?


  12. What is Julian Clary’s middle name: Colin, Ronald or Bitch?


  13. What is rapper 50 Cent’s real name: Is he called Curtis, Lemar or Leonard?


  14. What is the real name of ‘The Edge’ out of U2? Dave, Bob or Leonard?

    Dave [Evans]

  15. Which million-selling English rock star has the real name Reg Dwight?

    Elton John

  16. Which American Medical television drama is set in The Cook County General Hospital?


  17. Whose real name is Isaac Freeman III: Shaggy, Dr Dre or Fatman Scoop?

    Fatman Scoop

  18. Which US rap star’s real name is Jonathon Drayton: Flavor Flav, Ludacris or Snoop Dogg?

    Flavor Flav

  19. Which now-dead English rock star’s real name was Farook Bulsara?

    Freddy Mercury

  20. Which criminal celebrity’s real name is Paul Gadd?

    Gary Glitter

  21. What was Erich Weiss better known as?

    Harry Houdini

  22. What is Elton John’s middle name: Brian, Phyllis or Hercules?


  23. Which Australian actress and singer with a Christmassy first name played a character in Neighbors called Flick?

    Holly Valance

  24. Of these rockers... who's real first name is Tracy: Ice T, Meatloaf or Ozzy Osbourne?

    Ice T

  25. What is Iggy Pop’s real name: Paul, James or Sidney?

    James (Jewel Osterburg)

  26. Whose real name is Kate Price? Ms Dynamite, Pink or Jordan


  27. What does the J stand for in pop star JC Chasez’s name?


  28. Which movie star’s real name is Kevin Fowler: is it Kevin Spacey, Vin Diesel or Christopher Walken?

    Kevin Spacey

  29. Issur Danielovitch was born in 1916 but became famous as a tough-guy actor under which name?

    Kirk Douglas

  30. Which American R&B singer is best known for her 1999 hit 'I Try' and has the real name Natalie McIntyre?

    Macy Gray

  31. Whose real name is Marvin? Meatloaf, Alice Cooper or Gary Glitter?


  32. How did Jimmy Nail get his name. Is it cos he was hard as nails at school, is it cos he accidentally hammered a nail one day or is it just his real name?

    Nail through hand accident

  33. What is the real name of ‘Bono’ out of U2: David, Paul or Michael?


  34. What is Robbie Williams’ middle name: Peter, Percy or Prendeville?


  35. Which female singer has had eleven top ten hits since 2000, is known by a one-word name but has the real name “Alecia Moore”?


  36. What is Fatboy Slim’s real first name? – name he was given by his parents

    Quentin [Leo Cook]

  37. Roy Scherer Jr was the real name of which famous actor who was named America's most popular actor in 1954?

    Rock Hudson

  38. What is P Diddy’s real name?

    Sean Combs

  39. Which Scots actor is known in the tabloid papers such as the Daily Record as "Big Tam"

    Sean Connery

  40. Whose real name is Orville: Shaggy, Afro Man or Ozzy Osbourne?


  41. Who is Michael Barratt better known as: Leo Sayer, Suggs, Meatloaf, Shakin Stevens?

    Shakin Stevens

  42. Which famous American singer, born in 1950 has the real name Steveland Judkins?

    Stevie Wonder

  43. Whose real name is Graham McPherson: Bono, Coolio or Suggs?


  44. What is American rapper Busta Rhymes's real name: Is it Brian, Wayne, or Trevor?

    Trevor (Smith)

  45. Whose real name is Robert Van Winkle: Vanilla Ice, MC Hammer or Eminem?

    Vanilla Ice

  46. What is Public Enemy rapper Flavor Flav’s real name: George, Williams or Herbert?

    William (Drayton)

  47. Under what name did Allen Stewart Konigsberg, born in Brooklyn in the 1930s become famous as?

    Woody Allen

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