Free Quiz Questions on Famous Peoples' bumps and scrapes.

  1. What kind of tree did Keith Richards fall out of in 2006: coconut, pineapple or banana?


  2. How did Orlando Bloom shatter his vertebrae in 1998: did he crash on a motorbike, did he slip in the shower, or did he fall whilst climbing a drainpipe?

    Climbing a drainpipe

  3. Who broke several ribs and ruptured his spleen in a motorbike crash in 1998: Leonardo di Caprio, Keanu Reeves, or Billy Bob Thornton?

    Keanu Reeves

  4. Who has suffered a broken nose on at least 4 different occasions: Britney Spears, Cameron Diaz or Oprah Winfrey?

    Cameron Diaz

  5. What food does Kylie Minogue rely on to boost her energy levels for her draining 2-hour live shows: Mangoes, oysters or raw steaks?


  6. Which of these was vegetarian: Ringo Starr (drummer from The Beatles) or Adolf Hitler?

    Adolf Hitler

  7. Which of these actors suffers from manic depression in real life: Owen Wilson, Ben Stiller or Will Ferrell?

    Ben Stiller

  8. Was Stevie Wonder born blind – or did he become blind?

    He became blind (whilst in an incubator – caused by too much oxygen)

  9. Phil Collins has decided to give up touring (2002). Why? Is he worried about losing his voice, worried about losing his hearing or does he say he’s got so much money now that he never has to work again and simply can’t be bothered.


  10. Who was born with cross eyes: Bruce Willis or Demi Moore?

    Demi Moore

  11. Does Mick Jagger smoke cigarettes: yes or no?


  12. What was John Candy’s last meal before he died in 1994: spaghetti or salad?


  13. Why did Lord of the Dance star Michael Flatley go to see TV hypnotist Paul McKenna in 1997? Was it to cure his addiction to smoking, cure his addiction to sex, or to cure his addiction to the belief that he was King Edward The First in a previous life.

    Addiction to sex

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