Free Quiz Questions on Famous People who died or who are going to die. Topics include how, why, where and when the reaper does his business.

  1. On 1st January 2000, was Adam West (who playedBatman in the 1960s TV series) dead or alive?

    Alive (still kicking at May 06 – age 77)

  2. Barry White is dead: but where did he live: California, Switzerland or Bermuda?


  3. By a freakish coincidence a hurricane hit Kansas in 1969 on the same day as the funeral of which Hollywood actress?

    Judy Garland

  4. Dead or Alive: Steve Jones (guitarist Sex Pistols)?


  5. Falco, 1986 now-dead one-hit-wonder "Rock Me Amadeus". What country was Falco from?


  6. Gene Anthony Ray - The bloke who played Leroy in Fame - died in 2003, how old was he?

    41 years old

  7. How did Echo & The Bunnymen’s drummer Pete de Freitas the drummer die: a drug overdose, a motorbike accident or was he sat on by an elephant?

    Motorbike accident

  8. How did Sonny Bono die?

    He hit a tree whilst ski-ing.

  9. How much did Elvis Presley weigh when he died? 14½ 16½ 18½ stones?

    16½ stones

  10. How old Mother Theresa when she died?

    87 years old

  11. How old was Barry White when he died?

    58 years old

  12. How old was Marilyn Monroe when she died?

    36 years old

  13. How old was showbiz junkie Paula Yates when she accidentally died right in front of her kids?

    41 years old

  14. In Kurt Cobain’s suicide note, whom did he say he envied and could never live up to as a rock star? Elvis Presley, Freddy Mercury or Tom Jones?

    Freddy Mercury

  15. In which month of the year do crowds visit Graceland to honour Elvis on the anniversary of his death?


  16. Is Mark David Chapman, the bloke that killed John Lennon, still alive - or is he now dead as well?

    Still Alive (September 2006)

  17. Is the famous British wrestler “Big Daddy” dead or alive?

    Dead (died 1997, age 67)

  18. Is the famous country music singer Tammy Wynette dead or alive?

    Dead (1998)

  19. John Entwistle, the bass player out of The Who is dead – what other instrument did he play in the band: Sitar, French Horn or Pink Oboe?

    French Horn

  20. Kurt Cobain, Jim Morrison and Jimi Hendrix were all the same age when they died… how old?

    27 years old

  21. Name the jovial, tubby British actor who died in 1988 when he fell off a horse during the filming of The Three Musketeers?

    Roy Kinnear

  22. On the 1st January 2000, was former world snooker champion Ray Reardon dead or alive?

    Alive (still alive March 09)

  23. On the 1st Januray 2000 was singer songwriter Elliot Smith dead or alive?

    Alive (committed suicide in 2003)

  24. On the 1st Januray 2000 was the guy who played Captain Mainwairing in "Dad’s Army" dead or alive?

    Dead (arthur Lowe died in 1982)

  25. On the 1st of Januray 2000 was movie dance legend Ginger Rogers alive or dead?

    Dead (1995)

  26. On the night he was murdered in 1996, Tupac Shakur was out being entertained. What was he watching? A Celine Dion concert, A Mike Tyson fight or a recording of The Jerry Springer Show?


  27. River Phoenix died of booze and drugs at the Viper Club in Hollywood 1993. Which other young acting star was the owner of the club?

    Johnny Depp

  28. Singer Lisa Left Eye Lopes was killed in a car crash in 2002. What American girl band was she a member of?


  29. Stuart Lubbock is the name of the guy who died in Michael Barrymore's swimming pool but what did he do for a living: was he butcher, a baker or candlestick maker?


  30. Superman Christopher Reeve died in 2004. How old was he?

    52 years old

  31. What 1993 film was Brandon Lee making when he was accidentally shot dead on set?

    The Crow

  32. What age was Freddy Mercury when he died?

    45 years old

  33. What does Richard Whiteley have in common with famous French philosopher Rene Descartes? Were they both famous philosophers, Were they both born in France, or did they both die of pneumonia?

    Both died of pneumonia.

  34. What top country music star, who died in 2003, was known as The Man In Black?

    Johnny Cash

  35. What vehicle was Nico out of the Velvet Underground using when she died: car, bicycle or space rocket?


  36. What was the first name of the Bee Gee who died in 2003?


  37. What was the name of the bloke that shot John Lennon?

    Mark David Chapman

  38. What was the name of the former Playboy bunny model from America who died in 2007 aged 39. Clue: she was most famous for marrying an 89-year old billionaire?

    Anna Nicole Smith

  39. What was the name of the singer from TLC who was killed in a car crash in 2002

    Lisa Left eye Lopes

  40. When Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix and Jim Morrison and Kurt Cobain all died, they were the same age. What age were they?

    27 years old

  41. When Lisa Left Eye Lopes of TLC was killed in a 2002 car crash – what country was she in? Clue: name of country begins with letter G


  42. When Madonna studied a Marriage and Family course at High School: what grade did she get, an A or an F?


  43. Where were George Harrison’s ashes being scattered: America, Britain, or India?


  44. Which animal killed Steve Irwin the Crocodile Hunter in 2006?


  45. Which dead celebrity generated most cash during 2006 through sales of books, posters, records, films, and so on: John Lennon, Elvis Presley or Kurt Cobain?

    Kurt Cobain [2006]

  46. Which dead celebrity generated most cash over 2005 year through sales of books, posters, records, films, and so on: Andy Warhol, JRR Tolkein or Charles Schulz?

    Charles Schulz [2005]

  47. Which music star died younger: guitar legend Jimi Hendrix or Sid Vicious from the Sex Pistols?

    Sid Vicious (Vicious was 21, Hendrix was 27)

  48. Which of these Carry On actors died first? Kenneth Williams, Sid James or Frankie Howerd?

    Sid James

  49. Which of these famous men died first: Rabbie Burns, Isaac Newton or Vincent van Gogh?

    Isaac Newton

  50. Which of these music stars died youngest: Michael Hutchence, Elvis Presley or Bob Marley?

    Bob Marley (he was only 36)

  51. Which of these rock stars died younger: John Lennon or Jim Morrison?

    Jim Morrison

  52. Who died first? Isaac Newton, Leo da Vinci or Dick Turpin?

    Leonardo da Vinci (1519)

  53. Who died first? Queen Victoria, Alexander Graham Bell or Karl Marx?

    Karl Marx

  54. Who died younger: Buddy Holly or Elvis Presley?

    Buddy Holly

  55. Who died younger: Elvis Presley or Freddy Mercury

    Elvis [elvis 42, mercury 45]

  56. Who died younger: Kurt Cobain or Buddy Holly?

    Buddy Holly

  57. Who died younger: Michael Hutchence or Elvis Presley?


  58. Who died younger: Rock n Roll legend Buddy Holly or punk icon Sid Vicious?

    Sid Vicious (Vicious was 21, Holly was 22)

  59. Who had an identical twin who died at birth: Freddy Mercury, George Michael or Elvis Presley?


  60. Who once attempted suicide with a gas oven: Frank Sinatra or Freddy Mercury?


  61. Whose boat Bluebird was recovered from Coniston water in 2001?

    Donald Campbell

  62. Within five years of the right answer: how old was Frank Sinatra when he died in 1998?

    82 years old

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