Free Quiz Questions about famous peoples' weight, tattoos and other physical attributes, such as extra toes and freakishly small hands.

  1. Who weighs more: 3 x Geri Halliwells or 1 x Robbie Coltrane?

    1 x Coltrane

  2. How many stones does pop idol Michelle McManus weigh (acc. Sun newspaper-2003)

    15 stones

  3. How big are Jordan’s tits: 34DD, 34GG or 34 XXX?


  4. Which of these female celebrities has a tiger tattooed on her back: Angelina Jolie, Beyonce or Pink?

    Angelina Jolie

  5. Macaulay Culkin was friends with Michael Jackson but what colour are Macaulay Culkin's innocent eyes: Blue, Brown or Black?


  6. What is Dale Winton's tattoo? Pineapple on shoulder, dragon on his chest or crab on his arse?

    crab on arse

  7. What’s wrong with Oscar-winning Hollywood actress Halle Berry: is she arthritic, diabetic or schizophrenic?


  8. Which crazy pop star has ‘slit here’ tattooed on their right wrist? Eminem, Prince or Annie Lennox?


  9. Mel B – Scary Spice once had her tits done. Did she get them enlarged or reduced?


  10. What does Halle Berry have tattooed on her bum: a flower, a butterfly or a dragon?


  11. What kind of picture does Billy Connolly have tattooed on his feet: is it some flowers, some fish or some barbed wire?


  12. Who is the heaviest girl out of Girls Aloud: Kimberley or Nicola?

    Kimberley (she’s the only one who weighs more than 9 stones)

  13. Does pop star Britney Spears have no tattoos or lots of tattoos?


  14. Who was widely reputed to have six toes on one foot: Marilyn Monroe, Jimi Hendrix or Elvis Presley?

    Marilyn Monroe

  15. What tattoo does Madonna have on her bum: a fish, an eagle or a picture of Marilyn Monroe’s face?

    Marilyn Monroe’s face

  16. What does Tom Waits have tattooed on his belly: a pizza menu, a picture of an ice cream cone, or a picture of a salad bowl

    Pizza Menu

  17. What has crusty old jazz rock singer Tom Waits have tattooed on his belly: his will, the name of his favourite five albums of all time, or a pizza menu?

    Pizza menu

  18. Which was Jeremy Beadle’s weird hand?


  19. Who has got bigger feet? Leonardo di Caprio or Kate Winslett – or do they both have the same size of shoes?

    Same size

  20. What size feet does Dannii Minogue have?

    size 3

  21. What does Ozzy Osbourne have tattooed on his knees: Smiley faces or skulls?

    Smiley faces

  22. What does Jon Bon Jovi have tattooed on his arm? The Superman logo, a plain blue circle or a great big tiger's head?

    Superman logo

  23. What did Tom Cruise once spend £20,000 on? Teeth Straightened, Hair Transplant or Penis Extension?


  24. Who’s got a pizza menu tattooed on their belly? Kris Kristofferson, Tom Waits or Tracey Ullman

    Tom Waits

  25. Who has the biggest ears out of Uma Thurman, Sarah Jessica Parker and Daniella Westbrook?

    Uma Thurman

  26. Madonna has a famous person’s face tattooed on her arse: is the picture of a woman or a man?

    Woman (Marilyn Monroe)

  27. In a poll for Eve magazine (2005) – who did women vote best body and figure on the planet: Angelina Jolie, Catherine Zeta Jones or Kate Moss?

    Zeta Jones

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