Free Quiz Questions on what famous people get up to when they're not being famous for their primary purpose.

  1. What did Chris Tarrant do before he was a TV star: was he a policeman, a school teacher, or a zoo keeper?

    [English] Teacher

  2. What dangerous animal is photographed with Victoria Beckham on the cover of her 2001 album Victoria Beckham?

    A panther

  3. Who was the subject of more portraits: Hitler or Churchill?

    Adolf Hitler

  4. What sport was OJ Simpson a professional in before he became a film star and later, a murderer?

    American Football

  5. Which of these TV presenters played first class League Football with Northampton Town: Angus Deayton, Des O Connor or Richard Whiteley?

    Des O Connor

  6. What kind of student was Carol Smillie: Engineering, Art or Law?


  7. What was Matthew Kelly’s first job after leaving school: bingo Caller, machine operator in a slaughterhouse or a male prostitute?

    Bingo caller

  8. Who won the boxing match between Bob Mortimer and Les Dennis in 2002?

    Bob Mortimer

  9. Which music star has a degree in astrophysics: Brian May out of Queen, Mick Hucknall out of Simply Red or soul singer Lionel Richie?

    Brian May

  10. Who got an honorary doctorate in astronomy? Robbie Williams, Brian May out of Queen or 15-1 host William G Stewart

    Brian May

  11. Which one of these people once kicked off a football match at Hampden: Billy The Kid, Buffalo Bill or Dolly Parton?

    Buffalo Bill

  12. Which actor who died in 1977 once anonymously entered a look-alike contest for himself in Monaco, and came third?

    Charlie Chaplin

  13. Gary Kasparov is aiming to become Russian president in 2008 – but what is he previously famous for: athlete, boxer or a chess player?

    Chess champion

  14. What did Nigel Benn train to become after quitting as a boxer? A DJ, a Vet, or did he just go on a permanent holiday to the Caribbean for three years?

    Club DJ

  15. What is Bruce Dickinson out of Iron Maiden’s secret second job that he does between tours? Is he a beekeeper, a perfume designer or a commercial airline pilot?

    Commercial airline pilot

  16. Which 'Friends' actress appeared in Bruce Springsteen's 'Dancing in the Dark' video?

    Courteney Cox

  17. Whose mother was a prostitute: H out of Steps, Tina out of S Club 7 or Danny out of Hear’Say?


  18. Which American entertainer, born in 1973, released an autobiography called Mysterious Stranger, which included a competition in which one reader could win $100,000?

    David Blaine

  19. Elvis Presley only ever did one TV commercial in his career. What product did he advertise: Hamburgers, Doughnuts, or Guns?

    Doughnuts (Southern Maid Doughnuts – 1954)

  20. According to a report one day in the Sun newspaper: what kind of people is Billy Bob Thornton obsessed by: dwarves, Siamese twins or albinos?


  21. Which one of these people was a genuine black belt in karate: Elvis Presley, John Lennon, or Jimi Hendrix?

    Elvis Presley

  22. Who has been the subject of the most portraits: Hitler, Gandhi or Nelson Mandela?


  23. What hobby do Iggy Pop, Steve Tyler and Keith Flint all have in common: knitting, gardening or parachuting


  24. What was the name of the magazine that air crash lunatic John F Kennedy Jr founded and edited?


  25. Which celebrity is a former European champion of the board game Monopol: Bob Monkhouse, Gyles Brandreth or Chris Tarrant?

    Gyles Brandreth

  26. Which celebrity holds the record for the longest ever after-dinner speech: Jim Davidson, Peter Kay or Gyles Brandreth?

    Gyles Brandreth [12 ½ hours]

  27. What did Sharleen Spiteri use to do before she was famous as a rock megastar in Texas? Was she a dinner lady, a hairdresser or a bus driver?


  28. Every year the Hollywood Walk of Fame committee decides on new stars, but if you are selected is it free to get a star, or do you have to pay them?

    Have to pay them [$25,000]

  29. Is Noel Gallagher out of Oasis so down to earth that he goes to the supermarket himself or is he so posh that he have a servant to do it for him?

    He does it himself – Mirror04

  30. Which Sportsman played a guitar solo on the 1999 Def Leppard album “Euphoria”? Was it boxer Prince Naseem Hamid, Motor Racing star Damon Hill or snooker ace, Stephen Hendry?


  31. Who was elected Stirling University rector in 1998? Jackie Stewart, Midge Ure or Barry White?

    Jackie Stewart

  32. Which very serious actor used to present Play School? was it Jeremy Irons, Sir John Gielguid or John Thaw?

    Jeremy Irons

  33. Which one of these people did not compete in the Olympic games: Doctor Benjamin Spock, Emperor Nero, Jimmy Hill or Princess Anne?

    Jimmy Hill

  34. Which of these DJs was once a professional wrestler? Alan Freeman, Jimmy Saville or Doctor Fox?

    Jimmy Saville

  35. Which of these people has written a book about how brilliant God is? Jet out of the Gladiators, Magnus Magnusson or Jimmy Saville

    Jimmy Saville

  36. Which actor has been invited onto a real space mission with NASA: Clint Eastwood, John Travolta or Bruce Willis

    John Travolta

  37. Which of these people has had a private lunch with Nelson Mandela? Slash out of guns n roses, Jon Bon Jovi or the dead bloke out of Big Country?

    Jon Bon Jovi

  38. What movie star used to be in a rock band that was called Dog Star?

    Keanu Reeves

  39. Which English actress and swimwear designer born in 1979 was recently voted “body of the decade” by shoppers at La Senza lingerie chain?

    Kelly Brook

  40. What is Madonna’s hobby: knitting or skydiving? (2004)


  41. In a kind of Schwarzenegger move, The singer out of Runrig stood for election, in the Western Isles a few years ago: but what party did he represent?


  42. Donnie Munro, the Runrig guy was up for election last week for Scottish Parliament. What party was he standing for and did he win or did he lose?

    Labour, lost

  43. Paul Robeson the singer of 'old man river' had what profession?


  44. Luke Goss, Simon Le Bon and Jason Orange: which one advertised soap powder on TV

    Le Bon

  45. What was the name of Posh Spice’s autobiography? Is it called Learning To Fly, Taking The Knocks or Talent Free?

    Learning To Fly

  46. Which of these stars used to write soft porn stories for a living? Mystic Meg, Anthea Turner or Dale Winton?


  47. Big Daddy is dead but what was Big Daddy before he was a wrestler? Miner, Pig Farmer or Bank Clerk?


  48. Whose hobby is it to plant a load of trees in his back garden so he can watch them grow a bit and then cut them down with an axe? Is it Sylvester Stallone, Mister T or Richard Whitely?

    Mister T

  49. Who used to make a living from writing porn: Matthew Kelly, Mystic Meg, or Sara Cox?

    Mystic Meg

  50. Before Sean Connery was famous was he also... door-to-door pie salesman, naked life-model or dogcatcher?

    Naked life model

  51. When Sylvester Stallone isn’t being famous and making Rocky sequels, what hobby does he like to relax with: Painting or Skydiving?


  52. When Michael Jackson visited London in June 2002: where did he go for a day out: Madame Tussauds, The Houses of Parliament or The Museum of Childhood?


  53. Which now-deceased actor was still taking part in motor races like the Daytona 500 race at the age of 75?

    Paul Newman

  54. What did Tom Cruise train to be before he became an actor: a soldier, a sailor or a priest?


  55. In which Australian state is Steve Irwin’s Australia zoo?


  56. Randolph Crane became famous as which cowboy actor?

    Randolph Scott

  57. Which one of thee guys used to be a grave digger before he was famous: Matthew Kelly, John Leslie or Rod Stewart?

    Rod Stewart

  58. Which of these people was a national swimming champion? Pete Waterman, Rolf Harris or Lorraine Kelly?

    Rolf Harris

  59. Which of these action movie stars is actually quite good at playing trumpet and French Horn: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Samuel L Jackson or Bruce Willis?

    Samuel L Jackson

  60. What part-time job did Lily Allen have whilst living in Ibiza aged 15: delivering newspapers, refilling tampon dispensers or selling ecstasy?

    Selling Ecstasy

  61. Which one of these celebrities was at one point, American ambassador to Ghana? Shirley Temple, Judy Garland or Roy Rogers?

    Shirley Temple

  62. Which of these pop moguls appeared as a contestant on Sale of the Century in 1990: Pete Waterman, Simon Cowell or Louis Walsh?

    Simon Cowell

  63. Who used to be a stripper before she became a pop star: Sinead O’Connor, Bjork or Britney Spears?

    Sinead O Connor

  64. What is Nicole Kidman’s hobby: knitting or skydiving?


  65. Which tennis player used to be a Goth: Monica Seles, Steffi Graf or Tim Henman?

    Steffi Graf

  66. Which of these actors used to be a firefighter: Steve Martin or Steve Buscemi?

    Steve Buscemi

  67. Who dropped out of beauty school in the 60s to become an oscar-nominated tough guy action hero movei star in the 70s and 80s?

    Sylvester Stallone

  68. What hobby does Damon Albarn from Blur favour for relaxation? Jigsaws, Crosswords or Tae Kwon Do?

    Tae Kwon Do

  69. Which one of these guys was, at one time, a semi-professional football goalkeeper: Pope John Paul II, The Dalai Lama or the Reverend Ian Paisley?

    The Pope

  70. Which of these people spent a year training to become a priest: Jack Nicholson, Tom Cruise or Frank Bruno?

    Tom Cruise

  71. According to a 2006] survey, who has the most recognizable voice in Britain: The Queen, Tony Blair or Sean Connery?

    Tony Blair

  72. The Bronte Sisters had a brother called Branwell. Was Branwell a successful poet, a successful Member of Parliament or was he a useless alcoholic?

    Useless alcoholic

  73. Which star of showbiz once wrote a university thesis on domestic violence: Will Young, James Brown or Sean Connery?

    Will Young

  74. Patrick Moore is Britain’s top TV astronomer, but is also famous for playing which musical instrument?


  75. Can Michael Barrymore swim: yes or no?


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