Free Quiz questions about Madonna, the queen of pop.



  1. Who has had more gold albums in the UK: Madonna or Kate Bush?


  2. What song does this lyric come from: "Swaying room as the music starts, strangers making the most of the dark."

    Crazy for You (by Madonna)

  3. Which American singer was the top-selling artist in the UK singles charts for three years in a row: 1985,1986, and 1987?


  4. Which female pop singer performed all over the world in 2008 on her "Sticky & Sweet" tour?


  5. Who has had more gold albums in the UK: Madonna or Kate Bush?


  6. Which slightly naughty Christmas song was originally recorded by Eartha Kitt in the 50s but has also been performed by Madonna, Kylie, and The Pussycat Dolls?

    Santa Baby

  7. Name any one of the songs which Madonna perofrmed at the 'Live Earth' gig in July 2007 at Wembley

    Hung Up, La Isla Bonita, Ray of Light, Hey You

  8. Did Madonna advertise Coke or Pepsi?


  9. Madonna is the most successful female recording artist of all time but did she have more UK top ten hit singles in the eighties or the nineties?


  10. Madonna had a number one hit single in 2000 which was a cover of a song which got to number 2 in 1972. What was the song?

    American Pie

  11. Early in her career, Madonna was in a band called Breakfast Club. What instrument did she play: guitar, drums or banjo?


  12. What is Madonna’s hobby: knitting or skydiving? (2004)


  13. What tattoo does Madonna have on her bum: a fish, an eagle or a picture of Marilyn Monroe’s face?

    Marilyn Monroe’s face

  14. Madonna has a famous person’s face tattooed on her arse: is the picture of a woman or a man?

    Woman (Marilyn Monroe)

  15. Who’s the oldest: Paul Weller, Dale Winton or Madonna?

    Dale Winton by about four years

  16. Madonna, Geri Halliwell and Baby Spice are all the same height: what height? (answer in feet and inches please!)


  17. Who is taller: Madonna or Ben Stiller?

    Ben Stiller (by four inches)

  18. What is Madonna’s favourite alcoholic drink: champagne or real ale?

    Real Ale

  19. What is the name of Madonna's first child & for a bonus - what was the name of the the kid's father?

    Lourdes, Carlos Leon

  20. What 3rd-World country did Madonna adopt David Banda from in 2006?


  21. Which of these rappers did Madonna once go out with for 8 months: Ice Cube, Ice T or, Vanilla Ice?

    Vanilla Ice

  22. What year: Madonna had a hit with the song Papa Don’t Preach?


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