DP Quiz originated in Glasgow - the Big Apple, the city that never sleeps. That's why this magnificent destination gets a page of quiz questions all of its own.

  1. Are there more streets in Glasgow that start with letter a, b or c? (eg: Argyle Street, Buchanan Street or Cambridge Street


  2. What is believed to be buried under the Kelvin walkway beside the Big Blue pub in Glasgow? A million pounds worth of pirate gold, five thousand plague victims from the middle ages, or an elephant?

    An elephant

  3. 421 Sauchiehall Street = which Glasgow pub.


  4. How many of Glasgow's 15 tube stations are SOUTH of the river?


  5. How many stations are there on the Glasgow underground?


  6. If you get on the Glasgow Underground at St.Enoch and travel 5 stops on the Outer Circle: where are you?


  7. If you get on the tube at St Enoch and travel one stop on the Outer Circle, what station are you at?

    Bridge Street

  8. On the Glasgow Underground, are there more tube stops North or South of the Clyde?


  9. On the underground at St.Enoch. Travel three stops on Outer circle and get off you are at.....?

    Shields Road

  10. Where in Glasgow is Celtic Street: Maryhill, Govan or Springburn?


  11. Which City Centre Glasgow pub supposedly has the longest bar in Europe?

    The Horseshoe

  12. Which city, famous from the Second World War era, is twinned with Glasgow: Hiroshima, Nuremberg or Dunkirk?


  13. From 2005 figures, are there more male or female students at Glasgow University?


  14. How many students are there at Glasgow uni to the nearest thousand?


  15. Which British city has the schools with with the highest truancy rates: Glasgow, London, or Belfast?


  16. What is larger: the world population of elephants or the human population of Glasgow?


  17. On the Glasgow Underground, does the Inner Circle go Clockwise or Anti-Clockwise?


  18. Which is further away by road from Glasgow: Aberdeen or Inverness?


  19. Which is further away from Glasgow by road: Once down to London or up to Aberdeen and back?

    London once

  20. What is the average daily maximum temperature for Glasgow in December?

    7 degrees C

  21. What is the average daily maximum temperature for Glasgow in January?

    6 degrees C

  22. Glasgow North Yellow Pages: are there more listings for pubs, newsagents or farmers?


  23. In Glasgow North Yellow pages 97/98: are there more Dog Trainers, Distilleries or Dairy Farmers?

    Dairy Farmers

  24. In Glasgow North Yellow Pages are here more taxidermists, sausage casing manufacturers. or perfume shops?

    perfume shops

  25. In the Glasgow North telephone book, are there more florists, furniture retailers or funeral directors?

    Furniture retailers.

  26. What are there more of in the current Glasgow North Yellow Pages? Archaeologists, Blacksmiths or Cinemas?


  27. In Glasgow, are there more street names that start with letter F,G or H? (i.e. Firhill Street, George Street, or High Street)


  28. In Glasgow, are there more streets whose names start with letter R, S, or T?


  29. In the Glasgow North telephone book are there more people called Green, Black or White?


  30. What is the most popular surname in the Glasgow Telephone Directories? Coia, Donnelly or Nanjiani?


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Careful out there!

Every care is taken with question accuracy, but as with all of the free questions on the Dr Paul Quiz site, please remember that you use these at your own risk.

If you're using the questions in a competitive quiz, make sure you check the answers yourself.