Free Geography Quiz Questions which stretch from Mexico to the Malvinas.

  1. How many sheep are there for each person in the Falklands: 3, 30 or 300?


  2. Is the Caribbean Sea North or South of the equator?


  3. Mexico, Argentina and Cuba all have different currencies that share the same name. What name?


  4. On which continent is there a country called Surinam?

    South America

  5. Trinidad lies off the coast of which South American country?


  6. What animals appear on all the Trinidad and Tobago banknotes: crocodiles, snakes or birds?

    Birds of paradise

  7. What is the main unit of currency in Ecuador and is also the French word for sugar?


  8. What is the official language of Brazil: Dutch, German, Portuguese or Brazilian?


  9. What is the official language of the Bahamas?


  10. What is the official language of the South American country Uruguay?


  11. What is the official language of Trinidad and Tobago?


  12. Which Central American state is also the name of a type of headgear?


  13. Which crop accounts for 75% of Cuba's exports?


  14. Which export generates more income for the Jamaican economy: sugar or marijuana?


  15. Which island is larger: Trinidad or Tobago?


  16. Which Latin American country's name literally means Saviour

    El Salvador

  17. Which South American country has borders with both Chile and Colombia?


  18. Which two countries in South America do NOT share a border with Brazil?

    Ecuador and Chile

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