Free Quiz Questions on the British Isles: including England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, Irish Republic, Isle of Man, Channel Islands, etc...

  1. On which British coin would you see engraved the words “Standing on the Shoulders of Giants”?

    £2 coin

  2. According to a recent survey: what percentage of people living in Scotland described themselves as ‘British’ as opposed to Scottish

    27 per cent

  3. What, in Centigrade is the lowest temperature ever recorded in the UK?

    -27.2 C (at Altnaharra, Highlands)

  4. Wthinin 10 miles, what is the furthest distance you can get from the sea in the UK?

    75 miles

  5. Within a hundred miles, how many miles is it from Land’s End to John O’Groats by road?

    873 miles

  6. Charles Darwin's cousin Sir Francis Galton did a survey about where beautiful women were to be found in Britain. He concluded that London had the most beautiful women. But where had the ugliest? Aberdeen, Hull or Swansea?


  7. What UK city has a main street called Union Street and is reached by the A90 and is the birthplace of singer Annie Lennox?


  8. Which UK city has had most White Christmases since 1950: Aberdeen, Bradford or Belfast?


  9. What is the most popular tourist attraction in Britain: Alton Towers, Tower of London, Blackpool Tower?

    Alton Towers

  10. Which "A" is the smallest of Northern Ireland’s six counties?


  11. What is the number one destination country for people emigrating from the UK?


  12. Which British City has the highest concentration of Grade 1 listed buildings: Birmingham, Bath or Belfast?


  13. Which English county has is home to Whipsnade wildlife park, Woburn abbey and the headquarters of the RSPB?


  14. Which UK city has a river called the Lagan, a football ground called Windsor Park and is home to the shipyards which built The Titanic?


  15. Which English city is nearest to the motorway intersection known as Spaghetti Junction: Liverpool, Birmingham or London?


  16. Which UK city has a main train station called New Street, a test cricket ground called Edgbaston and was the last British city to host the Eurovision Song Contest?


  17. What does the name Dublin mean: Green hill, black pool or red-faced drunk?

    Black Pool

  18. Which of these English towns is furthest West: Blackburn, Birmingham or Brighton?


  19. Which is the taller tower: the Glasgow Science tower or the Blackpool Tower?


  20. What was Britain’s most visited tourist attraction in 1999: Blackpool Pleasure Beach, Alton Towers or Saint Paul's Cathedral?

    Blackpool Pleasure Beach

  21. What are there more of in Britain? Butchers or Fishmongers?


  22. The British Isles has one herd of Reindeer. Where can they be found?

    Cairngorms, Scottish Highlands

  23. A Big Issue survey from 2002 put Glasgow at the top of a poll for quality of living in Britain. Which city came bottom? Cardiff, London or Belfast?


  24. Which UK city is home to Glamorgan County Cricket Club and is the birthplace of singer Charlotte Church?


  25. Which city in the Republic of Ireland was European Capital of Culture in 2005? Clue: it wasn’t Dublin.


  26. Which of these places is furthest south in Ireland: Cork, Galway or Limerick?


  27. Lady Godiva rode naked through the streets of which city in the 11th century?


  28. In which English county did the Virgin rail crash take place in February 2007?


  29. If you’re going from Scotland down to London, England on the East coast line, which do you pass through first: Darlington, Doncaster or York?


  30. Which is the northernmost Irish county: Antrim, Kerry or Donegal?


  31. In England, where is the tourist resort of Skegness: the East coast, the West coast or the South coast?

    East coast

  32. According to recent statistics: which British city buys the highest proportion of Extra-Large condoms: Edinburgh, Glasgow or London?


  33. In which British city was Alexander Graham Bell born in 1847?


  34. London is the city in the UK most visited by tourists. What city is number 2?


  35. Which Scottish city has been named the kinkiest in Britain, after recording high sales of fetish gear: Edinburgh, Glasgow or Dundee?


  36. Which city has the most stag nights: Dublin, Newcastle or Edinburgh? (2004 figures)


  37. Where is the M18 Motorway: England, Scotland or Wales?


  38. Which British country contains junction 20 of the M4?


  39. Where is Port Sunlight? England, Scotland or Wales?

    England, near Liverpool

  40. Scottish B&B owners were asked what guests caused them the most trouble. Who are the most trouble for landladies and landlords? Scottish guests, English guests or foreign guests?


  41. What is the county town of Devon?


  42. What British city has the fattest men and the lowest life-expectancy: Glasgow, Swansea or Birmingham?


  43. Which city in Britain has the children with the highest truancy rates: Glasgow, London, or Belfast?


  44. Which town gets most rainfall in a year: London, Manchester or Glasgow?


  45. What UK town has the highest number of heroin junkies per head of population: Hull in England, Newport in Wales or Greenock in Scotland?


  46. What is 73 miles long and stretches from Solway Firth to Wallsend on Tyne?

    Hadrians Wall

  47. What symbol of Ireland appears on all Irish Euro coins?


  48. Do more people immigrate to the UK or emigrate away from the UK every year?

    Immigrate to (difference of 185,000) (2006 figures)

  49. Which English city has a Rugby team called The Tigers, a basketball team called the Riders and is the home town of rock band Kasabian?


  50. According to a scientific study of beauty habits, which city’s women are most likely to have a fake tan: Glasgow, Liverpool or London?


  51. Where in Britain can you find the football stadium Goodison Park?


  52. According to Ann Maurice, the house doctor on Channel 5, which houses are the dirtiest and smelliest in Britain: those in London, Glasgow or Aberdeen?


  53. According to new research, who are the most moaning-faced people in Britain: people from Glasgow, people from Cardiff or people from London?


  54. In which British city are you most likely to find a woman who will consent to anal sex: London, Glasgow or Dundee?


  55. According to a survey amongst British women: which men have the sexiest accents Londoners, Aberdonians, or The Welsh?


  56. Where in Britain do girls have most casual sex: Manchester, Cardiff or Edinburgh?


  57. What British city is the karaoke capital with more machines per head than anywhere else: Glasgow, Newcastle or Brighton?


  58. According to a recent study: which city has the most polluted air in the UK: Glasgow, Oxford or Blackpool?


  59. Which European city is home to the most dog poop per square meter: London, Paris or Berlin?


  60. Which of these is the most common street name in Britain: High Street, Church Street or Park Road?

    Park Road

  61. What islands are known as "Ynysek Syllan" in the Cornish language?

    Scilly Isles

  62. According to recent scientific research, where are family gatherings most likely to end in violence? Scotland, England or Wales?


  63. Statistically, which is the most suicidal country in the UK: Scotland, England or Wales?


  64. What is the happiest place to be in Britain according to a survey by Lloyds TSB: Wales, Scotland or South-West of England?


  65. Where is the M9 Motorway: England, Scotland or Wales?


  66. Which of Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales or England is the most sparsely populated country of the uk?


  67. Who have the greatest number of sexual encounters per year: People from Scotland or People from the south of England?

    Scotland (122 vs 97)

  68. According to a recent study: who have the quickest tempers in Britain: English, Welsh or Scottish?


  69. According to scientific study, who are the most pessimistic: English, Scots, Irish or Welsh?


  70. According to Social Welfare statistics, who are most likely to beat their children: English parents, Irish parents or Scottish parents?


  71. According to a recent survey, who live healthier and happier lives: Scottish teenagers or English teenagers?


  72. Which UK city has a local football team nicknamed the Saints, a river called the Test, and lies at the end of the M3 motorway?


  73. Which river forms much of the boundary between Devon and Cornwall?


  74. Which motorway runs from London to Leeds?

    The M1

  75. In 2005, which country had the highest average house price: Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland?

    Wales (Average house price: £144,023)

  76. Stonehenge is located in which modern-day English county?


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