Free Quiz Questions for use as tiebreakers. Topics inlcude countries, cities, inventions, animals and weather.

  1. In miles, how far is it by road from Nottingham in England to Aberystwyth in Wales?

    160 miles

  2. How long, in miles, is the line that can you get draw with a standard HB pencil before it runs out?

    35 miles

  3. In centigrade, what is Britain’s highest ever recorded outdoor temperature (recorded in Kent 1958)?

    38 degrees C

  4. On average, how many years do lions live?

    45 years

  5. What percentage of the earths water is drinkable without treatment 1% 10% 20%

    1 per cent

  6. What is the population of the US State of Ohio?

    11,353,140 people

  7. How heavy, in kilograms, was the world’s largest recorded pig?

    1160 kg

  8. What is the population of Zimbabwe?

    12,160,782 people

  9. How many centimetres long do anchovy fish grow to?


  10. According to a 2006 estimate, how many people live on Christmas Island in the Indian Ocean?

    1493 people

  11. How many miles from Glasgow to Newcastle by road?

    150 miles

  12. In years, what is the average lifespan for a tiger in the wild?

    16 years

  13. How many kilometres of railway are there in the UK?

    16,878 km

  14. How many members make up the Parliament of Norway?

    169 politicians

  15. How many metres long is the longest suspension bridge in Scotland: The Forth Road Bridge?

    1822 metres

  16. What is the average daily maximum temperature in Berlin, Germany in June (in degrees centigrade)

    21.6 C

  17. How many miles by road from Glasgow to Liverpool?

    220 miles

  18. How many miles of motorway are there in the UK in total?

    2243 miles

  19. How many cows are there in Europe?

    23 million

  20. What percentage of modern day British farmers actually have a scarecrow?

    28 per cent

  21. What’s the distance by road from Glasgow to Birmingham?

    290 miles

  22. Going by road, how many miles is it from Bishopbriggs to Birmingham?

    293 miles

  23. What percentage of British people are naturally blonde?

    3 per cent

  24. Going by road, how many miles is it from Glasgow in Scotland to Gloucester in England?

    339 miles

  25. How many kilometres is it by air from Brussels to London?

    349 kilometres

  26. How far is it by road from Manchester to Aberdeen

    355 miles

  27. According to research from Sweden, how fast must Santa's reindeer travel to visit every house in the world on Christmas Day? (answer in miles per second).

    3604 miles per second (5800 km per second)

  28. How many miles by road from Glasgow to Bristol?

    365 miles

  29. How many light years away is the star Alpha Centauri from Earth?

    4.28 light years

  30. How many grains of sugar make up a teaspoon?

    4000 grains

  31. How many degrees south of the Equator is Wellington, the capital of New Zealand?

    41 degrees (and 17 minutes)

  32. How many metres high is the world’s tallest chimney, which is at a power station in Kazakhstan?

    419.7 metres

  33. How many miles from Aberdeen to Birmingham by road?

    423 miles

  34. How many feet tall is the London Eye?

    443 feet

  35. Going by road, how many miles is it from Stirling in Scotland to Southampton in England?

    445 miles

  36. How many miles is it from Glasgow to Dover by road?

    488 miles

  37. Ulm Cathedral in Germany has the tallest cathedral spire in the world. How tall is it: In feet?

    528 feet

  38. What is the top speed of the world’s fastest land animal – the Cheetah?

    62 mph

  39. In pounds, what is the heaviest that a male reindeer can weigh?

    660 lb

  40. Going by road, how many miles is it from Glasgow to Aberfeldy in Perthshire?

    72 miles

  41. How many miles of motorway are there in Germany in total?

    7450 miles

  42. How many road miles from Sheffield to Middlesborough?

    100 miles

  43. How many road miles from Glasgow to Aberdeen?

    146 miles

  44. What is the population of Kazakhstan?

    15,300,000 people

  45. How many times a minute does a mouse breathe?

    163 breaths

  46. How many prime numbers are the between zero and a thousand?

    168 prime numbers

  47. How many road miles from Aberystwyth in Wales to York in England?

    200 miles

  48. How many public libraries are there in the whole of South Lanarkshire?

    25 libraries

  49. As of 2009, how many miles of track are there on the London Underground?

    253 miles

  50. Average chicken lays how many eggs a year?

    260 eggs per year

  51. How many square miles make up the state of Texas in the USA?

    268,581 square miles

  52. What is the population of Berlin?

    3,391,407 (June 2005)

  53. In metres and centimetres, how tall is the Eiffel Tower (not including the radio mast)

    300 metres and 65 centimetres

  54. How many road miles from Fort William in Scotland to Preston in England?

    300 miles

  55. In miles, what is the road distance between Liverpool and Aberdeen?

    360 miles

  56. How old is the sun?

    4.6 billion years old

  57. How many taxi drivers are there in New York City?

    40,000 drivers

  58. What is the longest number of days anyone has spent in outer space (continuously)?

    437 days

  59. In (human) years, what is the average life span of a lion?

    46 years

  60. Going by road, how many miles is it from Aberdeen to Aberystwyth?

    466 miles

  61. What is the population of Rio de Janeiro, in Brazil?

    5, 613, 000 people

  62. Alligators have been in the news in Florida, killing people, but how long is the longest ever recorded alligator ever found in the USA? Answer in metres, please.

    5.80 metres

  63. In metres, how is Nelson’s column (from street level to the top of Nelson's)

    51.659 meters

  64. According to the train timetable – how many minutes does it take the [midday] train to get from Glasgow Central to Ayr?

    53 minutes

  65. How old was the world’s oldest pony when it died?

    54 years old

  66. How tall is the CN tower in Toronto?

    553 metres

  67. How many road miles is it from Glasgow to Penzance?

    560 miles

  68. How many times a minute does a mosquito beat its wings (if its flying about)?

    587 times

  69. What is the population of Austria?

    8,292,322 people

  70. How many people round the world share your birthday?

    9 million

  71. What is the population of Bolivia?

    9,182,000 people

  72. What is the population of Fiji?

    905,949 people

  73. In pounds, how much do the ashes of the average cremated person weigh?


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