Free to use multiple-choice questions on the subject of flags

  1. Which of these appear on the national flag of Mexico?

    A: Cactus

    B: Palm Tree

    C: Sombrero

    D: Bottle of Tequila


    The coat of arms depicts a Mexican golden eagle perched on a prickly pear cactus devouring a rattlesnake

  2. What colour are the stars on the Australian flag?

    A: Red

    B: White

    C: Blue

    D: Green


    There are six stars

  3. What is depicted on the flag of Taiwan?

    A: A sun

    B: A moon

    C: A flower

    D: A dragon


    It's a white sun with twelve triangular rays.

  4. What is pictured on the flag of Cambodia?

    A: Sword

    B: Temple

    C: Goat

    D: Space Ship


    It a depiction of Angkor Wat

  5. Which colour stripes go with white to make the flag of Peru?

    A: Red

    B: Green

    C: Blue

    D: Yellow


    Two vertical red stripes either side of a white stripe in the middle.

  6. Which country's national flag includes a yellow rhombus and 27 small white stars?

    A: Brazil

    B: Jamaica

    C: South Africa

    D: Denmark


    The flag originally included 21 stars but this was updated in 1992 to reflect the creation of new states.

  7. Which of the following colours do not appear on the German flag?

    A: Green

    B: Red

    C: Yellow

    D: Black


    It's a horizontal triband. From top: Black, red, yellow.

  8. Which country's flag does NOT include a white cross on a red background?

    A: Austria

    B: Denmark

    C: Slovakia

    D: Switzerland


    Denmark's is just a white-on-red cross, Slovakia has a small white-on-red cross in the coat of arms, Austria is just horizontal tri-band with red, white, red. There is an 'artistic' version of the Austria which includes a coat of arms but even this has no cross.

  9. Which country's flag includes a graphic representing mountains?

    A: Austria

    B: Moldova

    C: Slovenia

    D: Iceland


    The coat of arms is a shield with the image of Mount Triglav, Slovenia's highest peak, in white against a blue background at the centre;

  10. Which unusual shape appears on the flag of Kuwait?

    A: Pentagon

    B: Hexagon

    C: Rhombus

    D: Trapezium


    A black trapezium on the hoist side of the flag

  11. Which of these colours does not appear on the flag of Kuwait

    A: Red

    B: Green

    C: Blue

    D: Black


    Flag colours are green, red, black and white



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