Free Quiz Questions. Topics include countries, cities, seas, oceans and isalnds, cultures, mountains, rivers, etc

  1. How many hours is Tokyo ahead of the UK?

    9 hours

  2. How many statues are there on Easter Island? 10, 100, 1000 or 1000000?

    1000 statues

  3. What two countries in the world begin with the letter A but do not finish with the letter A?

    Afghanistan and Azerbaijan

  4. Where do most of the world’s hippopotamuses live: Europe, Asia or Africa?


  5. Which continent is biggest (in terms of area): North America, South America, or Africa?


  6. In which continent is the country Togo?


  7. Which is the biggest country: Argentina, Algeria or Afghanistan? (land area)


  8. Where is the world’s tallest skyscraper: America, Asia or Europe?

    Asia (currently the Taipei 101 in Taiwan)

  9. In which country would you find Lake Disappointment?


  10. What letter of the alphabet starts the most Capital City names around the world?

    B (Beijing, Berlin, Brasilia, Berne, Belfast, Banjul, Brechin…)

  11. Which country has the largest area: Bulgaria or Bangladesh?


  12. Which of these countries is the largest by area: Bangladesh, Belgium or Botswana?


  13. Which country has the world’s largest big wheel: Britain, America or China?


  14. On the London Underground tube map, what colour is the Bakerloo line?


  15. Which of these cities is furthest away from London: Beijing, Bombay or Buenos Aires?

    Buenos Aires

  16. Which country, other than England, has a city called London on a river called the Thames?


  17. Which Commonwealth country has the Queen visited most often: Australia, New Zealand or Canada?


  18. Which English-speaking country has the longest coastline in the world?


  19. Where is the island nation of Antigua: the Pacific, Atlantic or Caribbean?


  20. Which is the biggest country: China or Brazil?


  21. Which country is bigger: Colombia, Croatia or Cambodia?


  22. On the London Underground – for what does DLR stand?

    Docklands Light Railway

  23. Who is taller: the average Dutchman or the average Moroccan man?


  24. Which two London boroughs begin with the letter `E`?

    Ealing and Enfield

  25. Which is the biggest country out of Egypt, Ethiopia or Ecuador?


  26. What two countries border Andorra?

    France and Spain

  27. Which 2 colours are on the carrier bags of Harrods of Knightsbridge

    green and gold

  28. Which is the biggest country out of Greece, Germany or Greenland? (area)


  29. What leisure facility is placed in front of the Temperate Glasshouse at Kew Gardens over Christmas?

    Ice rink

  30. In which ocean is the nation of Mauritius?


  31. Christmas Island is surrounded by which ocean?


  32. In which ocean are the Seychelles: Pacific, Indian or Caribbean?

    Indian Ocean

  33. Where do most Orang Utans live: India, Indonesia or Brazil?


  34. Which of these countries does the equator run through: Indonesia, Ethiopia or Paraguay?


  35. Which of these countries is the largest by area: Israel, Indonesia or Iraq?


  36. In which country would you find the Negev desert?


  37. What is the biggest country: Jamaica, Japan or Jordan?


  38. Which country has half of the world’s ten longest rail tunnels: Italy, USA or Japan?


  39. Which country is responsible for using more than 50% of all the condoms in the world: USA, Japan, or Italy?


  40. Which country’s people are responsible for eating 30% of the world’s seafood: Japan, Norway or Australia?


  41. Which country has borders with both the USA and Guatemala?


  42. Which is the biggest country (area): Mexico, Mongolia or Morocco?


  43. Which is the largest country out of: Belgium, Pakistan or Mexico? (largest by area)


  44. Which is highest above sea level: The top of Ben Nevis, or top of Eiffel Tower, or the ground level of Mexico City?

    Mexico City

  45. What is the only country in the world with more horses than people: Mongolia, Argentina or Saudi Arabia?


  46. Which is the biggest country: Norway, New Zealand or Namibia? (land area)


  47. Which country is the largest (by area): UK, New Zealand or Greece?

    New Zealand

  48. The longest place name in the world is “tuamata-whaka-tangi-hangako-oau-auo-tama-teaturipuka-kapikima-aungahoro-nukupokai-whenau-kitana-tahu” But what country can you find the place in?

    New Zealand

  49. Which is the largest country: Nigeria, New Zealand or North Korea?


  50. Which is the longest river to flow into the Mediterranean?


  51. Which continent is bigger (in terms of area): North America, or South America?

    North America

  52. Of the world’s 30 tallest buildings: are most in North America or Asia?

    North America (17-11)

  53. According to a recent survey from the United Nations(2002): which is the best country in the world to live in: Norway, New Zealand or Nigeria?


  54. Which is the largest ocean?


  55. In which ocean is Christmas Island?

    Pacific OR Indian (two different places)

  56. Where do guinea pigs live in the wild: Turkey, Australia or Peru?


  57. Which country is bigger: Pakistan, Peru or Poland? (area)


  58. Brisbane is the state capital of which SE Australian state


  59. What was the original name of Hawaii: the Spice Islands, the Sandwich Islands or the Biscuit Islands?

    Sandwich Islands

  60. Where is Wimbledon in London: NE, SE, NW or SW?

    South West

  61. Which city has the largest population: Glasgow, Scotland; Boston, USA or Stockhom, Sweden?


  62. Which of these countries is the largest by area: Sweden, Switzerland or Syria?


  63. Which is the biggest country: Tanzania, Turkey or Thailand? (land area)


  64. Which Art Gallery opened in 2000 and has become the most visited tourist attraction in London?

    Tate Modern

  65. Under International Law, which country does the North Pole belong to?

    The North Pole does not belong to any country

  66. What links Brazil, Uruguay, Mozambique and Angola?

    They were all Colonies of Portugal

  67. What is the most expensive city in the world to live in: London, New York or Tokyo?


  68. Which country has borders with both Iraq and Greece?


  69. Which foreign country causes the greatest percentage of its British visitors to return home with a dodgy stomach: Turkey, Spain or India?


  70. In the Pacific Ocean, the Ellis Islands are now known by what name?


  71. Which country is biggest: The United Kingdom, Uganda or Uruguay? (area)


  72. Of which country is Abu Dhabi the capital

    United Arab Emirates

  73. Which country suffers the highest number of unprovoked shark attacks on humans every year?


  74. According to a survey: what foreign country would most British people like to live in outside the UK: France, Spain or USA?


  75. Which country has the highest percentage of depressed people? USA, Japan or the UK?


  76. Which country suffers the highest number of shark attacks on humans every year? Australia or USA?


  77. What are the Sirocco, Mistral and Chinook?


  78. On the London underground – which colour is the circle line?


  79. What is the last country in the world, alphabetically?


  80. Which city recently came top of a quality-of-life survey: Zurich (in Switzerland), Melbourne (in Australia) or San Francisco (in USA)


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