Free Quiz Questions on elections, organisations, negotiations and all that other wild politics stuff.

  1. How many Members of the Scottish Parliament (MSPs) are there?

    129 MSPs

  2. How many full years was the Berlin wall actually up for?

    27 years (August 1962-November 1989)

  3. Up to and including Gordon Brown, how many Labour Prime Ministers have there been in the UK?

    6 [Ramsay MacDonald, Clement Attlee, Harold Wilson, Jim Callaghan, Tony Blair, Gordon Brown]

  4. Which animal did the people of Hartlepool elect to serve as their mayor in 2002: A horse, a dog or a monkey?

    A monkey

  5. Which human rights organisation was founded in London in 1961 and was awarded the Nobel Peace prize in 1977?

    Amnesty International

  6. The Conservative Party replaced their torch logo in 2006 with a picture of what?

    An (oak) tree

  7. What animal is depicted on the badge of the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency): an elephant, an eagle or a bat?

    An Eagle

  8. British historian David Irving was jailed in February 2006 for denying the holocaust – what country is he jailed in?


  9. Which of these countries is not a member of NATO: Norway, Iceland, or Austria?


  10. Which British Prime Minister was born in Canada?

    Bonar Law

  11. Which of these countries is not a member of NATO: Bulgaria, Belgium or Bosnia?


  12. In media, what does the letter C stand for in CNN?

    Cable (whole acronym stands for Cable News Network)

  13. Which country was first to have a woman Prime Minister

    Ceylon (now known as Sri Lanka)

  14. Which of these is the top cop: chief inspector, chief constable or superintendent?

    Chief Constable

  15. Who is higher up in the Royal Navy: a commodore or a captain?


  16. Which of these first names has never been carried by an American President: David, James or Martin?


  17. In US politics, which animal represents the Republicans: the donkey, the elephant, or the vulture?


  18. In the USA, what do the letters FBI stand for?

    Federal Bureau of Investigation

  19. Which country hosted the summit of G8 leaders in 2007?


  20. Which of these countries is a member of NATO: Germany, Sweden or Ireland?


  21. Which country’s leader is called Angela: Germany, Sweden or Greece?

    Germany (Angela Merkel)

  22. What has been the most common first name of US Presidents: John, George or James? (6 presidents with this first name)

    James (Madison, Monroe, Polk, Buchanan, Garfield, Carter)

  23. What did mad Ugandan dictator Idi Amin make his troops wear in the 1970s: Bowler hats, kilts or camouflaged underwear?


  24. Based on figures from past general elections, which party benefits more if the weather is hot on General Election day: Labour or Conservative?


  25. Historically, which party benefits more if the weather is hot the day of a UK General Election? Labour or Conservative.


  26. In which English city were the Toxteth riots of the 1980s?


  27. Is the current Prime Minister of Ireland a man or a woman?

    Man (Bertie Ahern)

  28. In government security agencies MI5 and MI6, what do the letters MI stand for [it’s the same in each case]?

    Military Intelligence

  29. Which British Prime Minister, in 1938, returned from Germany with a paper signed by Hitler, declaring 'Peace in Our Time'?

    Neville Chamberlain

  30. Is the Republic of Ireland a member of NATO?


  31. Is the Republic of Ireland a member of NATO?


  32. Which of these countries is a member of NATO: Ireland, Switzerland or Norway?


  33. If you were a member of the union SOGAT in which industry would you be?


  34. What is the Islamic equivalent to the red cross?

    Red Crescent

  35. Which European country's leader was deposed on 22 December and shot dead after a quick trial on Christmas Day 1989?

    Romania. The leader in Question was Nicolae Ceaucescu

  36. Which Irish political party's name translates as 'we ourselves'?

    Sein Fein

  37. The rod of Ascleplius is the emblem of medicine which is formed by a stick and what animal?


  38. New MSP Bashir Ahmad took his oath of office in the Urdu language as well as English, but what party does he represent?


  39. In which European country did one Jose succeed another as Prime Minister in 2004?

    Spain (Jose Zapatero succeeded Jose Aznar)

  40. What industry does OFSTED regulate?


  41. What industry does the UK body OFSTED regulate?


  42. What did the Swiss vote to keep in a referendum in December 2001?

    their army

  43. In the UK, who was Britain's longest-serving Labour Prime Minister?

    Tony Blair

  44. Where was Alcoholics Anonymous founded: Britain or the USA?


  45. Which of these was once a Member of Parliament MP for Dundee: Margaret Thatcher, Winston Churchill or Ken Dodd?

    Winston Churchill

  46. Who was Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from 1951-1955?

    Winston Churchill (serving a third term)

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