Free Quiz Questions on world records and odd achievements.

Topics include swimming the channel and world record three-legged-race attempts, etc.

  1. What is world record for writing in shorthand? Words per minute? 105, 205 or 305 words per minute?


  2. What is the knitting world record? 111 stitches a minute, 211 stitches a minute or 311 stitches a minute?

    111 per minute

  3. In seconds, what is the world record time for eating two pounds of strawberries?

    13 seconds

  4. What is the blind land speed record?


  5. In metres, what is the deepest under the sea than anyone has dived without the aid of breathing equipment?

    152m [Loic Leferme of France]

  6. An Australian madman called Les Stewart typed out all the numbers from one to a million with one finger in words (not digits) How long did it take him? 16 weeks, 16 months or 16 years?

    16 years

  7. What is the world record time for 2 nurses to make a bed in (with 3 sheets, 1 blanket, 1 pillow and 1 counterpane)?

    19 seconds

  8. What is the world record time for drinking a pint of Guinness – in seconds.

    2.1 secs

  9. When Captain Webb became the first guy to swim the English Channel – how long did it take him?

    21 hours and 45 minutes

  10. What is the world record for the most full frames of snooker completed in 24 hours on one table?

    212 frames

  11. World record for eating Baked Beans with Cocktail Stick in 5 minutes?

    226 beans

  12. The world record for eating cabbage is held by Charles Hardy – how many kilos did he consume in nine minutes (answer is a whole number – no fractions)?

    3 kilos

  13. What is the world record time for drinking pint of lager using only teaspoon?

    3 min 30 sec

  14. What is the current world record for writing in shorthand?

    305 wpm

  15. What is the world record time for travelling 100 metres on a pogo stick?

    33 seconds

  16. A couple of years ago a guy kayaked around the entire coast of Scotland – 550 miles. How many days did it take?

    39 days

  17. Some guy just kayaked round the whole of Scotland – a 550 mile journey. How many days did it take?

    39 days

  18. What is the world record for number of people squeezed into a Mini?

    39 people

  19. Next month is the British Pipe Smoking championships in Solihull. The aim of the game is that you're given three grams of baccy and you've got to keep it alight for the longest time possible. What is the world record?

    3hrs 15 minutes

  20. What is the world record number of aerial somersaults performed by a trapeze artist before being successfully caught by the bloke on the other trapeze?

    4 somersaults

  21. what is the world record time for eating a pound of gherkins? 14 seconds or 40 seconds?

    40 seconds

  22. How many dominoes fell in the latest world domino toppling record (2009)?

    4345027 - in Holland

  23. In 2000, a powerboat set a new record for circumnavigating the whole of the UK. How many full days did it take Boat called “Spirit of Cardiff”

    5 days

  24. What is the world record for inflating an 8-foot diameter weather balloon, using only lung power?

    57 minutes

  25. What is the world record distance for throwing a washing machine (metres)

    6.5 metres

  26. A man called Chun Kwan won a rat-eating contest in Hong Kong recently. How many roasted rats did he consume in 30 minutes (half an hour) to win the contest?

    62 rats

  27. Within a hundred kilos, how much did the world’s heaviest person weigh?

    629 kilos

  28. In metres, what was the new world record for stone skimming, set in 2001?

    65 metres, took place in Easdale, near Oban.

  29. How old was the oldest man to sail solo around the world?

    71 [a Japanese called Minoru Saito]

  30. In hours, what is the world record for standing on one foot.[Amresh Kumar Jha]

    71 hours, 40 mins

  31. What is the world record for climbing to top Everest from the base camp ( a climb of eleven and a half thousand feet/3 ½ thousand metres) – how many hours?

    8 hours ten minutes (by a sherpa called Pemba Droje)

  32. In Summer 2000, a guy from Nottingham [Stephen Parkes] broke the world hula hoop record. How many hula hoops did he manage get going on his body at once?

    84 hula hoops

  33. Within 5, what is the world record for number of pickled onions eaten in one minute?

    91 [Accept answers between 86 - 96]

  34. What is the record for balancing milk crates on your head?

    95 crates

  35. What world record did 3500 people break in 2002 in a stadium in Nottingham : Was it the worlds biggest group hug, the world's biggest human pyramid or the world's biggest three-legged race?

    Group Hug

  36. What IQ do you have to reach to get a Mensa platinum award and become [in their opinion] "one of the top 1% in the country"

    IQ 155

  37. What nationality is the competitive eating star who holds the world record for eating more than 50 hot dogs in 12 minutes: American or Japanese?

    Japanese (Takeru "The Tsunami" Kobayashi)

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