Free Quiz Questions about our own Royal Family from now, plus monarchs from the past and a few foreigners too.

  1. According to a recent survey of young British people, what percentage want rid of the monarchy? [“young” = 18-24]

    73 per cent

  2. According to an interview in the paper with a Buckingham Palace servant, what did the Queen Mother usually drink with her lunch: Guinness, Gin or Mango Juice?


  3. Does the Queen know how to drive a car: yes or no?


  4. Has the Queen ever visited a mosque?

    Yes – plenty of times

  5. Has the Queen ever visited China?

    Yes – she became the first British monarch to visit China in 1986

  6. How did a drunken Prince Harry make the papers in 1999? Did he: set himself on fire, run naked through the streets of a small English village or swallow a live goldfish?


  7. How is The Duke of Cornwall better known?

    Prince Charles

  8. How many walking sticks did the Queen Mum use to get about? None, one or two?

    2 sticks

  9. How old was HRH Queen Elizabeth on her accession to the throne?


  10. How old was The Queen Mother when she finally died?

    101 years old

  11. How old would Princess Lady Diana be today if she hadn’t been wiped out by a car crash?

    Birth date: 1st july 1961

  12. Prince Charles is first in line to the throne but who is fourth?


  13. Prince Edward and his wife Sophie are the Earl and Countess of... where?


  14. Princess Diana failed all her O Levels but then resat them. How many did she get second time round?


  15. Queen Mum. What was the Queen Mum's middle name? Is it Angela, Bridget or Chloe?


  16. Sarah Ferguson was on the cover of Hello magazine in Autumn 1997 was it a photo of her at a pop star's wedding, picture of her in a cake factory or a photo of her swimming in the sea with sharks?


  17. The Queen sends a greeting card to people who reach a hundred years old. She also sends a card to couples who have been married for a long time. How long do you have to be married to get one?

    60 years

  18. The Queen’s real birthday is in April but during which month is her official birthday?


  19. Was the Queen born in England, Scotland or Wales?

    England (London)

  20. What are Prince William’s three middle names?

    Arthur Philip Louis

  21. What did Prince Phillip say in 2002 when he met aborigines from two different tribes? Did he say “good afternoon” or did he ask them if they still throw spears at each other?

    The crap about the spears

  22. What did queen Victoria get from her doctor to soothe menstrual cramp? Marijuana, LSD or beer?


  23. What English county is Princess Diana buried in?


  24. What foreign language can the Queen speak most fluently: Spanish, French or German?


  25. What is Prince Philip’s nickname for his wife [the Queen]: “Pumpkin”, “Sausage”, or “Dogbreath”?


  26. What make of car did Princess Diana experience her fatal crash in?

    Mercedes Benz

  27. What sport was King Henry VIII best at when he was a youth: Archery, Hammer Throwing or The Long Jump?

    Hammer throwing

  28. What was the name of Queen Victoria's house on the Isle of Wight?

    Osbourne House

  29. When Prince Charles was born, what did the people of the USA send to The Queen as a present? A set of sliver spoons, a red Indian totem pole or one and a half tons of nappies?


  30. Where was the Queen at the Millennium: London, Sydney or Edinburgh


  31. Which cousin of the Queen was born on Christmas Day and is currently 33rd in line to the throne?

    Princess Alexandra of Kent

  32. Which European country had a King called Carol II throughout the 1930s who was a great-grandson of the British Queen Victoria?


  33. Which European country has a current king called Carl XVI Gustaf who is married to a half-German, half-Brazilian woman called Silvia?


  34. Which musical instrument can the Queen play quite well: the ukulele, the tuba or the jew’s harp


  35. Which of these Kings of England or Britain came first: William 1st, Edward 1st or George 1st?

    William 1st (1066)

  36. Which of these royals is nearest in line to the throne: Princess Beatrice, Prince Edward or Princess Anne?

    Princess Beatrice

  37. Who is uppermost in the British class system out of a duke, a baron or an earl?


  38. Who married Timothy Lawrence in 1992?

    Princess Anne

  39. Who was the first British Monarch to speak on the telephone?

    Queen Victoria (1870s)

  40. Who was the first member of the British Royal Family to shake an AIDS sufferer’s hand without wearing a glove?

    Princess Diana

  41. Who was the jeweller to the Russian Court famous Easter eggs


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