Free Quiz Questions on leaders. Topics include kings, queens, popes, dictators, mad monks and all the other leaders who clutter up the history books.

Note - there is also a page of quiz questions about leaders in the Famous People category - the questions here are more about historical deeds and the questions over there are more about personal affairs. (Although this needs some work!)

  1. In which century was King Henry IV of England born?


  2. Within 50, how many popes have there been altogether?

    265 (up to and including Benedict 16th)

  3. How many U.S. Presidents have been assassinated?

    4 presidents

  4. Pope John Paul II survived an assassination attempt in 1981. But who shot him? Was it a Turk or a Pole?

    A TURK

  5. Which of these famous leaders was a high school drop out: Tony Blair, Margaret Thatcher or Adolf Hitler?

    Adolf Hitler

  6. King Zog ruled which country?


  7. What was Pope John Paul 2nd’s last words: was it “amen”, “good night” or “fuck you”?


  8. What was Pope Paul II in the middle of doing when he died in 1471? Was he having a drinking contest, was he smoking opium or was he receiving anal sex from a page boy?

    anal sex

  9. Napoleon Bonaparte was emperor of Europe. But was he a crazy hash smoker or was he very anti-drugs.


  10. What was King William II killed by? An arrow, the plague or old age?


  11. Which of these people is supposed to have died whilst making love? Attila The Hun, Napoleon Bonaparte or Charlie Chaplin?

    Attila The Hun

  12. Did the Great Egyptian Pharoah Tuankhamun live BC or AD?

    BC (died 1324 BC)

  13. Which pop star did Bill Clinton use to phone for advice when he was President of the USA: Bono, Elton John or Sting?


  14. What did Napoleon Bonaparte have a pathological fear of: cats, snails or potatoes?


  15. Who was taller? Adolf Hitler, Mao Tse Tung or Mahatma Ghandi?

    Chairman Mao

  16. Dead or alive: former French President Francois Mitterand?


  17. What was Pope John the 13th in the middle of doing when he was murdered in 972.A.D.? Sleeping, taking a dump or shagging someone’s wife?

    Doing someone’s wife

  18. What was the name of Hitler’s wife: Eva, Helga or Frida?


  19. What was Adolf Hitler’s wife called: Eva, Frida, Helga, Lisa?

    Eva (Braun)

  20. Where in the world is Jan 10th known as Thatcher day?

    Falkland Islands

  21. What was Winston Churchill’s favourite pet: A ginger tomcat called jock, A bulldog called jack or a Swedish tortoise called Sven?

    Ginger cat

  22. What was Pope Paul II doing when he died in 1471: was he having a drinking contest, was he injecting opium or was he getting fucked up the arse by a page boy?

    He was being buggered to death

  23. In the history of England – who came first: Edward 2nd or Henry the 3rd?

    Henry 3rd

  24. What has been the most common first name of US Presidents: John, George or James? (6 presidents with this first name)

    James (Madison, Monroe, Polk, Buchanan, Garfield, Carter)

  25. What was Saddam Hussein’s favourite alcohol while he was still alive: Smirnoff vodka, Johnnie Walker whiskey or McEwan’s lager?

    Johnnie Walker

  26. What did mad Ugandan dictator Idi Amin make his troops wear in the 1970s: Bowler hats, kilts or camouflaged underwear?


  27. What disease killed Robert the Bruce: was it leprosy, the black death or syphilis?


  28. Who was the last British Prime Minister not to have a wife?

    Margaret Thatcher

  29. What could be found in George Washington’s garden? Marijuana plants, a fairground carousel or a family of Siberian tigers?

    Marijuana plants

  30. In which US city was Martin Luther King, Jr assassinated?


  31. Which famous leader died in St Helena in 1821?

    Napoleon Bonaparte

  32. What was the last Tsar of Russia called: Nicholas, Alexander or Del Boy?

    Nicholas (the 2nd)

  33. What were the names of the American and Soviet leaders who met in 1972: for the SALT I nuclear disarmament talks?

    Nixon and Brezhnev

  34. What was King Edmund of England doing in 1016 when he was ambushed and murdered: was he sitting on the toilet, was he having sex with his wife or was he watching football?

    On the toilet

  35. Which German statesman was known as the Iron Chancellor?

    Otto von Bismarck

  36. Of which country was Alberto Fuijimori's president: Peru, Pakistan or Papua New Guinea?


  37. What was Winston Churchill's favourite participation sport: darts, polo or golf?


  38. Where did Adolf Hitler proclaim himself chancellor of Germany: in a pub, in a brothel or in a church?


  39. How was King Edward II of England killed by his assassins: By tearing him apart between two horses, by repeatedly ramming a red hot poker up his arse, or by forcing beer down his throat until he drowned? (1327)

    Red hot poker

  40. Which 14th century Scottish king used to be on the Clydesdale Bank £1 note and was later moved to the £20 note?

    Robert the Bruce

  41. Who said "Ladies and Gentlemen, you will be pleased to learn that I have just signed legislation outlawing Russia. The bombing begins in five minutes". Reagan, Carter or Nixon?

    Ronald Reagan

  42. Who once joked on a test broadcast "My fellow Americans, I'm pleased to tell you today that I've signed legislation that will outlaw Russia forever. We begin bombing in five minutes"?

    Ronald Reagan (during a radio soundcheck in 1984 - the recording was later leaked)

  43. While the two were still alive: who was older: George W Bush or Saddam Hussein?

    Saddam was two years older

  44. When the allied soldiers got to Hitler’s bunker at the end of the war, they found two films for the Fuehrer to watch in his spare time. What were they? Laurel and Hardy, Sherlock Holmes or Hardcore porn

    Sherlock Holmes

  45. Which 18th century leader had 530 children? Was it the Sultan of Turkey, The Emperor of Japan or the King of the Zulus?

    Sultan of Turkey

  46. Nicholas Breakspear was the only ever English pope. How did he die? Did he trip whilst saying mass and smash his head open, was he buried by an erupting volcano or did he choke after swallowing a fly?

    swallowed a fly

  47. Who wears the Fisherman’s Ring: The Queen, the Pope or the grand wizard of the ku klux klan?

    The Pope

  48. Who was Prime Minster longest: Tony Blair or John Major?

    Tony Blair (John Major only did 6½ years. Blair did 10 years)

  49. How did Henry 1st of England die: cos he drank too much beer, cos he ate too much fish, or because he was murdered by some blokes with swords and red-hot pokers?

    Too much fish (lamprey)

  50. Idi Amin was a military dictator and President of which African country in the 1970s?


  51. Which of these Kings of England or Britain came first: William 1st, Edward 1st or George 1st?

    William 1st (1066)

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