1. In which year did the Canadian Post Office release the world's first special Christmas postage stamp?


  2. How many freemasons are there in Britain: 40,000; 400,000 or 4m?


  3. The first 10 yearly census in Britain was in 1801. What was the population then, to the nearest million?

    10 million

  4. What is the world record speed for a steam locomotive?

    126 mph [The Mallard]

  5. What decade was cigarette advertising banned from British TV?


  6. During which decade did hole-in-the-wall cash machines first appear in Britain?

    1960s (67)

  7. How long did Neil Armstrong’s first ever walk on the moon last: 2 minutes, 2 hours or 2 days?

    2 hours

  8. In old money, how many pennies were in a pound? 120, 240 or 526?

    240 pennies

  9. Did Julius Caesar invade Britain 55AD or 55BC?


  10. Did the Volcano explosion and the burial of Pompeii take place 79 BC or 79 AD?


  11. When was the Parthenon in Athens built: BC or AD?

    About 2000 BC

  12. When was The Colosseum in Rome built: BC or AD?

    About 75 AD

  13. What happened first? First Photo finishes for horse races, Speaking Clock Telephone Service introduced or First transatlantic aeroplane flight.


  14. What is believed to be buried under the Kelvin walkway beside the Big Blue pub? A million pounds worth of pirate gold, five thousand plague victims from the middle ages, or an elephant?

    An elephant

  15. Who invented toothpaste: Ancient Egyptians, Brits in the Middle Ages or Americans in the 20th century?

    Ancient Egyptians

  16. When a total eclipse of the sun took place in the UK in 1999 – what month of the year did it take place?


  17. What was the name of the first Archbishop of Canterbury?


  18. What type of animals did Roman emperor Claudius most enjoy having sex with: Horses, Sheep or Baboons?


  19. What is the only country in the world never to have imposed censorship on films: Argentina, Belgium or Morocco?


  20. What drink was promoted by Britain’s first electric advertising sign, which was erected in Piccadilly Circus in London in 1909?


  21. Where was the world’s first regular TV service (which began in 1936): Britain, America or Italy?


  22. In which city was the famous black hole of 1756?


  23. First Transatlantic flight took place between which two countries (Alcock and Brown 1919)

    Canada and Ireland.

  24. What was the name of the Space Shuttle that blew up in 1986?


  25. What were the names of the two different Space Shuttles that have blown up? (disasters were in 1986 and 2003 – 1 point for each name)

    Challenger (1986) & Columbia (2003)

  26. What feat are Chinese scientists currently attempting to pull off: put a man on the moon, build a new wall round the whole country or dig a tunnel to the centre of the Earth!

    Chinaman on the moon

  27. What did the Republican Government of England ban in the mid 17th Century: beer, football or Christmas?


  28. Which explorer sailed in the Nina Pinta and the Santa Maria?

    Christopher Columbus

  29. What was the name of the Space Shuttle that blew up in 2003?


  30. If you get an CBE from the Queen – what word does the letter C stand for?


  31. Which of these things happened first? The first powerboat race, the first drink-driving conviction or the invention of the toaster?

    drink driving conviction (1897)

  32. In which national army are the soldiers allowed to wear earrings? French, Dutch or Japanese?


  33. Which of these things happened first? The first commercial flight of Concorde, The first Glastonbury festival, or Lulu the elephant shitting all over the studio live on Blue Peter?

    Elephant (1969)

  34. Which ruler made it compulsory for adults to wear hats on a Sunday: Genghis Khan, Elizabeth the 1st of England or George Washington?

    Elizabeth the 1st

  35. The world`s first public railway was opened in which country?


  36. In which country was the heir to the throne known as "The Dauphin"?


  37. What became more common in Britain following a change in the law in 2005: gay weddings, naked weddings or weddings involving animals?

    Gay Weddings (same-sex Civil Partnerships were legalised)

  38. Which country currently has a woman leader: France, Germany or Ethiopia?

    Germany (Angela Merkel)

  39. Back in 16th century Britain: what was the most common method of executing witches: Hanging, Burning or Boiling?


  40. Where is the earliest known written reference to sausages: The Book of Revelations in The Bible, Homer's Oddyssey or Doomsday Book?

    Homer’s Oddyssey

  41. What nationality was Christopher Columbus: Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Danish?


  42. Portugal has had six Kings with what first name


  43. How many folk were killed in the great fire of London in 1666: six million, six thousand or just six?

    Just the six

  44. Which creek in North-West Canada was the scene of a great gold rush at the end of the 19th century and is also the name of a solitaire card game?


  45. Where were the world’s first traffic lights: Paris, London or New York?


  46. Where was the world’s first underground railway system: London, New York or Glasgow?

    London (opened in 1863)

  47. Where was the first ever Sainsbury’s shop: London, New York City, or Dublin?

    London [in 1869]

  48. Who was the first man to fly across the channel?

    Louis Bleriot

  49. In 1911 the archaeologist Hiram Bingham discovered what lost city?

    Machu Picchu

  50. In which state in America is Salem where in 1692 a number of people were accused of witchcraft?


  51. If you get an MBE from the Queen – what word does the letter M stand for?


  52. What came first: the introduction of postcodes in the UK, the assassination of John F Kennedy or monkeys being launched into outer space?

    Monkeys in space (1949)

  53. What part of British life used to last for two years at the time is was abolished in Britain on Dec 31st, 1960?

    National Service

  54. Which country set up the world’s first chemistry lab in 1650?


  55. If you get an OBE from the Queen – what word does the letter O stand for?

    Officer (whole award is 'Officer of the Most Excellent Order of The British Empire')

  56. What was invented first: The Atomic Bomb, The Electric guitar or Pepsi Cola?

    Pepsi cola (1898)

  57. What was invented first: the telephone or the light bulb?


  58. Where did the mutineers of the Bounty settle?

    Pitcairn Islands

  59. Who was the last king of Troy killed by Achilles son Pyrrhus?


  60. In 965AD King Edgar limited what to one per village?

    pub (or Inn or Public House or Tavern)

  61. Which US president´s signature is on a plaque on the moon?

    Richard Nixon

  62. What aid to archaeologists from 197 bc was found in Egypt 1799

    Rosetta Stone

  63. Which was the first country to put a man in space?

    Russia (the USSR as it was)

  64. Which famous list was compiled by the Greek explorer Antipater of Sidon in the 2nd Century BC?

    Seven Wonders of The World

  65. What tribe did famous Indian Warrior Crazy Horse belong to: The Apache, The Sioux or the Mohicans?


  66. Which English naval commander sailed around the world from 1577 to 1580 before dying of dysentry in 1595?

    Sir Francis Drake

  67. Who sailed in the Golden Hind

    Sir Francis Drake

  68. Which military invention was successfully demonstrated to James I by a Dutchman, Cornelius Drebbel, as far back as 1620?


  69. In 1897, who became the first person to be convicted in Britain as a drink-driver? Was it a popular music-hall singer, a footballer or a taxi-driver?

    Taxi driver

  70. What London landmark was built to house the Great Exhibition in 1851 and later burnt down in 1936?

    The Crystal Palace

  71. AG Bell opened school in Boston in 1872 for Teachers of what?

    The Deaf

  72. Which civilization built Machu Picchu?

    The Incas

  73. What was the name of the Russian Navy Submarine which sunk in August 2000, killing all on board?

    The Kursk

  74. In 1928, The Flying Scotsman [a train] had a race with an aeroplane from London to Edinburgh. Who won?

    The Train

  75. What "important" event in UK public life caused the Grand National horse race of 2005 to be put back by 25 minutes?

    The wedding of Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles

  76. Which one of these massive ships was NOT made on the Clyde: The QEII, The Queen Mary or The Titanic?

    Titanic (Belfast)

  77. What did the ancient Romans believe was a cure for toothache: drinking snake's blood, strapping a live toad to your jaw, or rubbing dried cow dung onto your feet?


  78. Whose tomb was discovered in 1922 by Howard Carter?


  79. In 1890 the first electric what opened in London?

    Underground railway

  80. Which country has made the most spaceflights: USA or Russia?


  81. Where can you find London bridge today? Clue: its not even in the UK.

    USA ( Arizona )

  82. What was the name of the volcano which destroyed Pompeii in ancient times?


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