Free Quiz Questions about kings, queens, princes, dictators, prime ministers, presidents and party leaders.

Note there is also a page of quiz questions about leaders in the history category. The page here is more about personal lives while the page in history is more concerned with historical deeds.

  1. Dead or alive: former French President Francois Mitterand?


  2. In 1997 an environmental protestor called Daniel Hope became famous for fifteen minutes. What was the nickname he was better known as?


  3. In the USA, what is the name of Bill & Hillary Clinton's daughter?


  4. In which country was the birthplace of famous revolutionary Che Guevara?


  5. Is the current Prime Minister of Ireland a man or a woman?

    Man (Bertie Ahern)

  6. Ronald Reagan was the USA’s oldest ever president. How old was he when he took office?

    69 years old

  7. What Irish name did the "F" stand for in the name of US President John F Kennedy?


  8. What is American President George W Bush’s wife’s first name?


  9. What is the name of the female Labour politician who became Gordon Brown's deputy leader in 2007

    Harriet Harman

  10. What was Ariel Sharon's job when he went into a coma in 2006: the President of Israel or the Prime Minister of Israel?

    Prime Minister

  11. When shown a picture of Jack McConnell (while he was Scottish First Minister), what percentage of the Scottish public recognized him immediately?

    65 per cent

  12. Which of Scotland's political leaders has been rumoured as having a sexual fetish regarding women's feet? Alex Salmond, Donald Dewar or Tommy Sheridan


  13. Which politician claimed in 2002 that he enjoys having sex up against trees: Tony Blair, John Prescott or Ken Livingstone?

    Red Ken

  14. Which politician/rock star used to appear on stage in a coffin?

    Screaming Lord Sutch

  15. Which US state was the birthplace of Barack Obama?


  16. Who is the richest man in New York City and also became its mayor in 2002?

    Michael Bloomberg

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