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  1. What per cent of the time spent Christmas shopping is whiled away standing in queues?

    25 per cent

  2. What per cent of toys given to British children on Christmas Day are still in working order one year later?

    25 per cent

  3. Which date in December is the Feast of Stephen, as referenced in the Carol Good King Wenceslas?

    26th December

  4. What is the traditional broadcast time for the Queen's Christmas Speech?


  5. How long has Saint Valentine’s Day been celebrated? 60 years, 600 years or 6000 years?

    600 years

  6. The tradition of burning a Yule Log, stretches back to when Pagans celebrated the Winter Solstice. In England, the log would usually be Oak, what type of log is traditionally used in Scotland?


  7. What colour is Santa Claus’s belt?


  8. In the USA, what name is given to the Friday directly after Thanksgiving: : Black Friday, Big Friday or Beefburger Friday?

    Black Friday [day that shops make a lot of money – therefore known as the day retailers became profitable and “black” instead of “red”]

  9. On which day of the festive season is Christmas cake traditionally eaten in Japan?

    Christmas Eve

  10. When do Americans send most greetings cards: Christmas, Easter or Thanksgiving?


  11. What C can be added to Oranges to make a pleasant smelling Christmas decoration?


  12. A novelty condom was on sale in Dublin for 1998 St. Patrick’s day. What flavour was it? Guinness and Baileys, Jameson's Whisky or Corned Beef and Cabbage?

    Corned Beef & Cabbage

  13. Is the fourth of July a public holiday for the US post Office or do they keep working anyway?

    Day Off

  14. The first commercial Xmas card came out in 1846. What was the picture? A robin redbreast in the snow, or a picture of happy people drunk on wine

    Drunk people

  15. What was the picture on the first commercial Christmas Card which was printed in 1846: a robin redbreast in the snow, or a picture of happy people drunk on wine?

    Drunk people

  16. In which month of the year is groundhog day?


  17. What meal is traditionally served on Christmas Eve in the Czech republic: roast duck, baked potatoes or fish soup?

    fish soup

  18. Who was the first British sovereign to broadcast a Christmas Message to the Commonwealth on radio?

    George V (in 1932)

  19. In the U.K. which is the only Bank Holiday that cannot fall on a Monday

    Good Friday (the Friday before Easter)

  20. Which weather-predicting holiday takes place on the 2nd February in the USA and Canada?

    Groundhog Day

  21. Which Jewish festival takes place around Christmas and is also known as the Festival of Lights?


  22. Each year Bergen sends a Christmas tree to the people of Newcastle and the people of Oslo send a Christmas tree to London, in thanks for what?

    Help from Britain during WW2

  23. Does the Christian season of Advent come immediately before Christmas or immediately after Christmas?

    Immediately before (it's the month leading up to Christmas)

  24. In which month is Plough Monday when farmers traditionally celebrated the start of the English Agricultural year with Molly Dancing?


  25. Which country banned Christianity in 1612 but now enthusiastically celebrates Christmas which, as it happens, co-incides with the emperor's birthday?


  26. Where were Christmas crackers invented: London, New York or Hong Kong?

    London (in 1847)

  27. It is Shrove Tuesday – but what do people from Iceland eat to mark the day: is it bread and butter, fish and chips or meat and peas?

    Meat and peas

  28. Pancake Day is Shrove Tuesday – but what do people from Iceland eat to mark the day: is it bread and butter, fish and chips or meat and peas?

    Meat and peas

  29. What Christmas decoration might you find growing in an apple tree?


  30. What annual celebration in May brings restaurants in the USA their busiest day of the year?

    Mother's Day

  31. What day is celebrated in on the 2nd Sunday in May in the USA and on the fourth Sunday in Lent in the UK?

    Mothers' Day

  32. Norway Spruce , Fraser Fir, Nordmann Fir, and Scots Pine are all sold as Christmas Trees. Which type is the most popular in the UK?

    Nordmann Fir

  33. What came top of a poll to find the most hated Christmas present for dads: Novelty socks, bad aftershave or jigsaws?

    Novelty socks

  34. During what month does of the year does St.Andrews day fall in?

    November (30th)

  35. What is the name of the equivalent to Santa Claus in Greece: Saint George, St Basil or St Andrew?

    Saint Basil

  36. Which country refers to Santa Claus as Santa Haraboji and is the only east-Asian country in which Christmas Day is a public holiday?

    South Korea

  37. Do the twelve days of Christmas begin on Christmas Day or end on Christmas Day?

    They begin - carry through to the Feast of the Epiphany on Jan 6th

  38. On which day of the week is the Thanksgiving holiday always held in the USA?


  39. Prince Albert, Queen Victoria’s German husband made the tradition of having a Christmas tree indoors popular. In 1841 he put a tree up in which royal residence?


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