Free Quiz Questions on Home Life. Topics include, names, pets, tv remote control habits and pairs of socks.

  1. Which dog has the longest life expectancy: Bulldog, Rottweiler or Poodle?

    Poodle [16 years, others are 8 and 12 respectively]

  2. A woman’s pet labrador ate her £800 Gucci watch. It sat in the dog’s stomach for two days before there was an operation to remove it. Did the watch still tell the time OK or was it kaput?

    Watch was OK

  3. If an Australian person asks a shopkeeper for “Durex” – what are they asking for: Sellotape, Toilet Paper or Petrol?


  4. Most common name for a pet rabbit in Britain? Flopsy, Thumper or Jimmy Saville?


  5. Name any of the top three names for Goldfish in the UK

    Jaws, Goldie or Fred

  6. There’s a guy in Manchester who takes his pet rabbit to the boozer. What is the rabbit’s favourite drink: Lager, Vodka or Bacardi Breezer?


  7. What are the most frequently abandoned pet animals in the UK: cats, dogs, or hamsters?


  8. What is the most popular name for a cat in the UK: Sam, Molly or Tiger?


  9. What is the most popular name for a dog in the UK: Sam, Molly or Benji?


  10. What is the most popular name given to pet cats in the USA: Tiger, Ginger, or Sam?


  11. What is the top British name for a male dog: Rocky, Duke or Sam? (2004 figures)


  12. Which of these is the most common dog name for a male dog in Britain: Spot, Rex or Rocky?


  13. What is the most common name for a pet rabbit in the UK and was also the name of the rabbit in Bambi?


  14. On a European ski-ing resort map, what colour are the most difficult runs?


  15. On a European ski-ing resort map, what colour are the second most difficult runs?


  16. According to a recent survey: who most often has power over the TV remote control in most UK households: a man or a woman?


  17. Giuseppe Russo from Northamptonshire recently grew a 30ft high sunflower. What drink did he feed to the plants to help them grow so high? Tea, Coffee or Vodka?


  18. What is the more popular leisure activity amongst UK adults: watching TV or listening to music?

    Watching TV

  19. Which type of knitting requires only one yarn: warp knitting or weft knitting?

    Weft knitting

  20. What is the more popular leisure activity amongst UK adults: going to the pub or gardening


  21. What is the most common pub name in Britain? Clue: it's a combination of a colour and an animal.

    Red Lion

  22. A survey of Scottish teenagers was conducted in 2002 to find out what book they would most like to have if they were stranded on a desert island. What was the most popular book. Was it Treasure Island, was it The Panini World Cup Football Sticker Album or was it The Bible?

    The Bible

  23. How much time every day does the average American person spend watching TV?

    4¼ hours

  24. According to Social Welfare statistics, who are most likely to beat their children: English parents, Irish parents or Scottish parents?


  25. Does the average British male own more pairs of pants or more pairs of socks?

    more pairs of socks

  26. How many hours of television does the average American person watch every week: 18, 28 or 38 hours?

    28 hours

  27. How many hours of television does the average British person watch every week?

    28 hours

  28. How many hours of television does the average Italian person watch every week?

    27 hours

  29. How many remote control devices are there in the average American household?

    6 remote controls

  30. On average, how many hours of TV do British People watch every day? [The answer is a whole number]

    3 hours

  31. What is the most common complaint that people have about their neighbours in the UK: barking dogs, loud music or messy gardens?

    Barking dogs

  32. What is the most common reason for people moving house: To escape the neighbours, to get more space, or to move to a better area?

    More space

  33. What is the number one reason in the UK for moving house: new job, death in the family or just cos you fancy it?

    New Job

  34. How much time does the average person spend watching TV in their life? 1 year, 3 years or 12 years?

    12 years!

  35. In Britain, do more people recycle household waste or go to church?

    More people Recycle

  36. In the first hour after getting home from work – do more people do household chores or do more people sit down and watch the telly?

    Household chores

  37. Which of these is the more common weekly activity for British households: recycling the household waster or going to church?


  38. Who watches most hours of TV per week: Germans, Belgians, or Brits?


  39. Within 20 cards - what is the average number of greetings cards sent by an adult in the UK every year?

    55 (accept answer between 35-75)

  40. Within 5%, what percentage of British men admit that they sometimes pee in the shower?

    25% [accept 20% - 30%]

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