Free quiz questions about booze. Topics include beer, spirits, wine and other disasters.

The questions here are about alcohol as a grown-up thing, you know, like connoiseurs. See the fags, booze and drugs page for questions about alcohol as a social ill.

  1. According to the Australian publication The World Beer Guide, which country produces the world’s worst beer. Is it Germany, Greece or Scotland?


  2. From what is the Japanese drink saki made?

    Fermented rice

  3. How many bottles of champagne are there in a magnum?

    2 bottles

  4. How many units of alcohol are in a bottle of wine at 12% ABV? (using UK govt measure of a 'unit')

    9 units

  5. How much money does the average British adult spend on alcohol every day? [figures from 2002]


  6. How strong is Dogfish stout – the world’s strongest beer?

    23 per cent

  7. In the alcoholic drink, what but is amaretto flavoured with?


  8. Pimms No. 1 cup is based on which spirit?


  9. What colourful name given to a drink of gin mixed with Angostura Bitters?

    pink gin

  10. What embarrassing sounding word do Americans use to name the wine we call Rose?


  11. What does the term "brut" mean when referring to wine?

    very dry

  12. What drink do you add to Guinness to make a “velvet pussy”: brandy, port or Red Bull?


  13. What is the Japanese drink Sake made out of?


  14. What is the main spirit ingredient in a Manhattan cocktail: Vodka, Whiskey or Gin?


  15. What is the name of the drink made of equal parts beer and ginger ale?

    Shandy Gaff

  16. What name is given to the strong aniseed flavoured drink that hails from Greece?


  17. What nut is used to flavour the Italian liqueur, Amaretto?


  18. Where is the world’s strongest beer (23%) brewed: Czech Republic, England or USA?

    USA (Delaware)

  19. Which alcoholic liqueur is named after the largest island in the Dutch Antilles?


  20. Which american state does Jack Daniels come from?


  21. Which cocktail consists of Tia Maria, vodka and coke?

    Black Russian

  22. Which country is home to Red Stripe Lager


  23. Which drink is stronger (has a higher %ABV): Guinness or Stella Artois?


  24. Which drink was traditionally transported down river in rabelo boats?


  25. Which has been around for longer in human history: beer or wine?


  26. Which is the strongest beer: Stella Artois, Kronenbourg or Newcastle Brown Ale?


  27. Which of these drinks has the fewest calories: a gin and tonic, a glass of red wine or a pint of Guinness?

    Gin and Tonic

  28. Which spirit replaces vodka to turn a Bloody Mary into a Bloody Maria?


  29. Which spirit's name derives from a Dutch word that means 'burnt wine'?


  30. In relation to ale what do the letters SG stand for?

    Specific Gravity

  31. What are the standard sizes of champagne bottles, capacity from 2 – 12 bottles? (1 point each)

    Magnum, Jeroboam, Rehoboam, Methuselah, Salmanazar

  32. What two drinks are used to made a `Black Velvet`?

    Guiness & Champagne

  33. What spirit is mixed with ginger beer in a Moscow mule


  34. What per cent alcohol by volume is Co-Op vodka?

    37.5 per cent

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