Free Quiz Questions on Slang. Topics include rhyming slang, turns of phrase, local variations, rhyming slang and other non-standard usage.

  1. In cockney money: how much is a “pony”: £25, £50 or £500?

    25 pounds

  2. How much is a “monkey” in cockney money slang: £25, £100 or £500?

    500 pounds

  3. Money slang: What amount of money is known as a Pavarotti?

    £10 (tenor = tenner)

  4. What colour do Germans use to describe themselves to say they are drunk: yellow, red or blue?


  5. Ruby Murray is the rhyming slang for curry. But who was the original Ruby Murray? Was she a British pop singer, an American Film Star or an Irish prostitute?

    British pop singer (from the 1950s)

  6. What was a 'MOON MAN' in the olden days? A burglar who preferred to do his crimes by moonlight, someone who was partial to lots of cheese, or a bus driver.


  7. If you're in Germany and you say that someone is moon-faced, is it a compliment or an insult?


  8. What is the American equivalent word for the Irish "Poteen"

    Moonshine (it means strong liquor)

  9. Which word meaning “idiot” recently came top of a survey to find Scotland’s favourite word?


  10. If you were at a party in the 1960s in the USA and you go into the "balloon room"... what is happening? Is it the room where people have sex, is it the room where people smoke marijuana or is the room where people where people dance

    Smoke Dope

  11. In cockney, what’s meant by Mae West?


  12. What word denotes a slang term for a currency and a male rabbit?


  13. What word connects Harry Secombe with wine-in-abox?

    Goon (Harry Secombe was one of The Goons and boxed wine is known as "goon" in Australia and NZ)

  14. What red fruit used to be known as the love-apple?


  15. In Australian slang, what is a “willy-willy”: is it a kind of tree, a chocolate cake or a Whirlwind?


  16. Which term for an imaginary situation which is the product of impractical or wishful thinking derives from an ancient play by Aristophanes?

    Cloud Cuckoo Land

  17. Who would 'take silk' as part of their job?

    a Senior Barrister (it means to be appointed a QC)

  18. What is the name given to the second full moon in one month? Clue: the term involves a colour.

    Blue Moon

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