Free Quiz Questions on everybody's favourite bad habits.

  1. According to figures published in the Guardian in 2006, how much is the average gram of cannabis these days?

    4 pounds

  2. Less people smoke these days but what year did smoking reach the height of its popularity in the UK: 1930, 1950 or 1970?


  3. How many fags per day does the average female smoker smoke in the UK?

    10 cigs per day

  4. According to a 2005 study – what percentage of UK adults (up to the age of 60) had used cannabis at some point in the previous year?

    10 per cent

  5. Greece is officially the heaviest smoking country in the world: how many fags a day does the average Greek adult smoke? (this figure includes non smokers)

    11 cigarettes

  6. How many fags a day does the average UK Male smoker smoke?

    15 cigs per day

  7. How many milligrams of tar are there in a Silk Cut extra low?


  8. How many units of alcohol is the UK government’s safe weekly limit for women?

    21 units

  9. How much does the average 23 year old single male in the UK spend on booze very week? £5, £22 or £45? (2006 figures)

    22 quid

  10. What percentage of British adults are smokers? (2005 figures from ASH)

    26 per cent

  11. What percentage of UK smokers smoke roll-ups as opposed to ready-made cigarettes?

    31 per cent

  12. How many milligrams of tar are there in a Marlboro light cigarette?

    6mg tar

  13. Who is more likely to die from cirrhosis of the liver: a guy who owns a pub or an ordinary member of the public?

    Bar owner

  14. Which business turns over more money worldwide (legitimate revenue): cigarettes or alcohol?


  15. What kills more people in Scotland every year: tobacco or alcohol?

    Fags (13000 v 2000)

  16. According to recent research, what is Britain’s favourite night of the week for going out and getting steaming drunk: Friday, Saturday, or Sunday?


  17. Who smoke more cigarettes in the UK: teenage boys or teenage girls?


  18. In Scotland what drug kills more people in Scotland: heroin or cocaine?


  19. What is the best selling cigarette brand in Britain? Marlboro Light, Kensitas Club or Lambert & Butler?

    Lambert & Butler

  20. According to a recent report: are schoolchildren drinking more booze than they were two years ago or are they drinking less booze than they were two years ago?

    Less booze

  21. According to latest reports are there more men or more women in Britain who abuse alcohol?


  22. If someone puts a pipe up your arse and blows loads of cannabis smoke up it – do you get very stoned, same stoned as if you’d smoked it through your mouth or not stoned at all??

    Not stoned at all.

  23. What is the Scottish Drink Driving record (Glen Maxwell, 2002) : three times the limit, six times the limit or ten times the limit?

    Six times

  24. Where was Alcoholics Anonymous founded: Britain or the USA?


  25. Compared to 150 years ago, does the average Scottish person drink more or less booze than our counterparts of yesteryear?

    We now drink less

  26. What is the most popular drug amongst accountants in the UK: Ecstasy, Weed or Speed?


  27. Who are the most alcoholic teenagers in Britain? English, Scottish or Welsh?


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