Free quiz questions about the stuff you put in your mouth.

  1. How many donuts are eaten every year in USA: 10 million, 10 billion or 10 trillion

    10 billion donuts

  2. What percentage of world coffee sales are of decaffeinated? (2004)

    10 per cent

  3. How many sesame seeds are there on the average McDonald’s burger bun?

    178 seeds

  4. In August 1998, a Glasgow chef broke world record for number of pancakes cooked in one hour. How many?

    414 pancakes

  5. According to the Wikipedia article on hot dogs how long are most hot dogs in inches? Get within 2 inches to get the points.

    6 inches (accept answer in range 4-8inch)

  6. Within 20 hotdogs - what is the current world record for eating hotdogs in a 12-minute period?

    60 (accept answers in range 40-80)

  7. What is the legal minimum percentage meat content of a British pork sausage?

    65 per cent meat

  8. What fruit do you get in a Waldorf Salad: apple, orange or banana?


  9. The Sandringham Estate, where the Queen spends Christmas, has a 20,000 acre estate. What drinkable product is it most famous for producing?

    Apple Juice

  10. Does sirloin steak come from the front end or the back end of a cow?


  11. Which are the most popular sausages in Scotland: Pork, Beef or Vegan?


  12. What European country produces the beer brands Leffe and Hoegaarden?


  13. Which commonly eaten item of food has a name which literaly translates as `twice cooked`?


  14. What name is given to a sausage made from pigs blood and fat with oatmeal

    Black pudding

  15. What popular breakfast food is known in French as “boudin noir”?

    Black pudding

  16. In Britain, are sausages more popular as a breakfast food or a tea-time food?


  17. Where was the biggest curry in the world made: India, USA or Britain?

    Britain (Lichfield, Staffs)

  18. Bedford Fillbasket, Cromwell and Wellington are all types of what?

    Brussel Sprouts

  19. In a new survey: what is Britain’s favourite vegetable: carrot, parsnip or beetroot?


  20. If you are eating pickled sturgeon roe what are you eating


  21. What is the most popular flavour of Walkers crisps? Salt n Vinegar, Cheese n Onion or Ready Salted

    Cheese n onion

  22. For some years in the 1990s, Coco Pops were called something else. What?

    Choco Krispies

  23. What animal is mock turtle soup made out of: cow, pig or chicken?


  24. What pudding name means 'burnt cream'

    crème brulee

  25. What type of food is the Greek dish Taramasalata?

    Cured /smoked cod roe

  26. Which cocktail's main ingredients are rum, lime, and Gomme syrup?


  27. The name of which type of Indian curry literally translates as ‘two onions’?


  28. What kind of food is Cullen Skink?

    Fish soup

  29. Does brisket steak come front the front end or the back end of a cow?


  30. Which of these things is a popular delicacy in China: Goose poo, Horse urine or stillborn puppy dogs deep fried in batter?

    Goose excrement

  31. Which non alcoholic cordial is made from pomegranates


  32. What type of fish is a rollmop?


  33. Is roast turkey a high protein food or a low protein food?

    High protein

  34. Avocado, Honey, Dates: which of these contains no fat?


  35. A standard red lobster is worth about £15. But what about an all-white lobster: is it worth the same, is it worth loads or is it totally worthless?

    It’s worth loads: £15,000!

  36. What are there most of in Glasgow: Indian restaurant, Italian restaurants or Chinese restaurants?


  37. What has most calories per 100g: Bananas, Honey or Lard?


  38. What does crocodile tail taste more like: Pork or Lobster?


  39. Do Hellman’s sell more jars of mayonnaise or Low-Fat-Mayonnaise?

    Low fat

  40. Which was invented first twenty years earlier than the other: Marmite or Vegemite?

    Marmite (1902 as opposed to 1922)

  41. Which of these foods is claimed to have been invented in Germany: Heinz Beans, Marzipan or Soy Sauce?

    Marzipan (in Lubeck although there is plenty of competing claims from around the world)

  42. What is the outer layer of a baked Alaska made from?


  43. What has recently taken over from ketchup as America’s top selling condiment: Mexican salsa, Mayonnaise or Brown sauce?

    Mexican salsa

  44. If you cut into the thickest part of your turkey and find that the meat is pink - does that mean your bird is cooked or do you still need to give it some more time in the oven?

    More time required.

  45. Fray Bentos pies are great. Is Fray Bentos the name of the guy who invented the pie, the name of the town where the pies come from or the Spanish phrase for "steak pie"

    Name of town

  46. What is the best-selling topping of all time at Domino Pizza: Pepperoni, Ham or Veggie Special?


  47. What is the most popular crisp flavour in Britain: Plain, Cheese & Onion, Salt & Vinegar?


  48. What product removed steric acid from the recipe to become kosher for Jews in 1997? Polos, KP nuts or Big Macs?


  49. In Indian cookery, which two vegetables make up aloo saag bhaji?

    Potato and spinach

  50. Which is the most popular of these Walkers crisp flavours: Beef and Onion, Prawn Cocktail or chicken?

    Prawn Cocktail

  51. Which Walkers snack product sells the most units: Cheese flavoured Quavers or cheese flavoured Wotsits?


  52. What day of the week are most sausages consumed in the UK: Friday, Saturday or Sunday?


  53. In the Blue Lagoon chippy on West Nile and Bath Street (Glasgow) do they sell more fish suppers in a year or more sausage suppers?


  54. Which part of the mustard plant is used to make Mustard


  55. Which green vegetable can you find in an aloo saag bhaji?


  56. Do most Brits prefer still prefer tea or have our tastes changed so that we now prefer coffee?

    Still like tea more

  57. Which fruit usually appears on Christmas cakes in Japan?


  58. In Britain, who eat the most chips per head: The English, The Scots or the Welsh?

    The Scots

  59. In terms of sales: what flavour is Britain’s favourite soup: tomato, chicken or mushroom?


  60. What is the top selling sauce in the UK: Tomato Sauce, Brown Sauce or Mayonnaise?

    Tomato sauce

  61. According to recent survey: what is the most hated food in Britain: haggis, marmite or tripe?


  62. Which Scottish product was banned from Saudi Arabia in 1998: Tunnocks Caramel Wafers, Irn Bru or McSween's vegetarian haggis?

    Tunnocks Caramel Wafers (they contained milk and the ban was part of the BSE scare)

  63. What famous product is made in Uddingston, near Glasgow: is it Irn Bru, Tunnocks Tea Cakes or The Daily Record?

    Tunnocks tea cakes

  64. Which country is did Fray Bentos pies originally come from: Uruguay, Nigeria or Mexico?


  65. Where was Shredded Wheat invented: in Britain or in the USA?


  66. Which breakfast cereal has been voted number one by readers of Slimming magazine every year for the last 5 years: Special K, Weetabix or Coco Pops? (2004)


  67. Which part of an egg is lower in fat: the white or the yolk?


  68. What is a Cadbury’s Dream made out of: Milk Chocolate, plain chocolate or white chocolate?

    White chocolate

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