Free Quiz Questions on Human Health.Topics include psychology, circumcision and porridge.

  1. Within 10% what percentage of British men are clinically obese (according to EU statistics)?

    22% [accept answer in range 12%-32%]

  2. According to new figures this week, what age can the average 35 year old man expect to live to?

    85 years old

  3. What is your life expectancy if you are born today in Britain?

    77 years old

  4. Which of these is the more popular UK car colour: silver or red?


  5. Which of these is the most popular UK car colour: black or white?


  6. According to a recent study – what are Britain’s favourite flowers?


  7. According to food research, who are more adventurous with food (more likely to order something they have never tried before): British men or British women?


  8. According to a recent survey – what sound annoys British people the most: mobile phone ring-tones, pneumatic drill, or a crying baby?

    Crying baby

  9. According to a recent survey (2005) – what percentage of Scottish male teenagers say they are happy with their appearance?

    13 per cent

  10. According to a UK survey What thing makes people happiest: sunshine, waking up to find out its Saturday or chatting to a friend on the phone?


  11. According to recent research in the UK, who are happier: women in their 20s or women in their 30s?

    Women in their 30s

  12. According to scientists at Berlin University, which colour of bikini do depressed women wear when they go to the beach: blue, red or green?


  13. What is the favourite colour of Americans?


  14. What is the most common subject of people’s dreams: animals, people or houses?


  15. What is the most popular car colour in the UK: Red, white or blue?


  16. What is the most popular colour for a new car in America: Red, White or Blue?


  17. What is the UK’s most popular day of the week for committing suicide: Monday or Friday?


  18. What time of year do suicides peak in the UK: Spring or Autumn?


  19. Which of these countries has the highest suicide rate in the world? China, Finland or Argentina?


  20. Which of these is the most popular UK car colour: Green or Yellow?


  21. Which town in America has the highest suicide rate? (per head of population). Las Vegas, or New York?

    Las Vegas

  22. Which of these is the more popular UK car colour: purple or gold?


  23. What is the most popular car colour in America: Red White or Blue?


  24. According to a 2004 survey, who’s happier: American teenagers or British teenagers?


  25. According to a recent study: did people laugh more 50 years ago or do people laugh more now?

    More 50 years ago

  26. When people are watching live football on TV, do they eat more snacks if their team are winning or losing?


  27. A scientific study has discovered that staring at a particular colour makes you more stupid. Which colour: Blue, Orange or White?


  28. What are there more of in the world: circumcised men or uncircumcised men

    More uncircumcised (between 1/3 and ¼ are circumcised)

  29. What is the most common form of plastic surgery in the USA: facelifts, breast enlargement or liposuction?


  30. According to scientific research, does playing large amounts of beach volleyball give women firmer breasts or does it lead to saggier breasts?


  31. According to a recent report: who are more active – 70 year old women or 70 year old guys?

    The Men

  32. According to a recent survey, who are more active: seventy-year-old women or seventy-year-old men?


  33. Are there more or less than a million sufferers of dementia in the UK?

    Less (750,000 – Sunday Mail 2006)

  34. Charlie Cairney (Glasgow) was born with hole in the head size of golf ball. He suffered meningitis, stroke, semi-paralysis. What new treatment from Holland is helping him. Eating nothing but fruit, wearing nothing but brilliant white clothes or sitting in a padded room watching flashing lights and listening to Pink Floyd


  35. Daniel from Namibia is 112. To what does he ascribe his longevity? Porridge and Sex, Whisky and cigarettes or coffee and watermelons?

    Porridge and sex

  36. What are there more of in the world: breast enlargement operations or breast reduction operations?

    Breast enlargements

  37. According to health and safety regulations, what is the highest that a playpark swing can be off the ground? 2ft 3 ft or 4ft?

    3 foot

  38. In 2005, did road death statistics in Scotland hit a record high or a record low?

    Record low

  39. What percentage of British drivers actually wear seatbelts? 60%, 80% or 99%?

    60 per cent

  40. What percentage of British men say they have been on a diet at some point in their lives?

    67 per cent

  41. Which country has the highest percentage of depressed people: USA, Japan or the UK?


  42. Which of these obstacles features most often in British car crashes: trees, bus stops or lamp posts?


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