Free Quiz Questions on animal's making out, screwing, getting pregnant and reproducing.

  1. How much whale-spunk is released when a blue whale ejaculates: 8 fluid ounces, 8 pints or 8 gallons?

    8 gallons

  2. When snails have sex with each other: how long does it take: 12 seconds, 12 minutes or 12 hours?

    12 hours

  3. Do more lionesses fancy male lions with blonde manes, dark brown manes or ginger manes?

    Dark Brown

  4. Whose sex life lasts exactly 2 seconds Dolphin, Mosquito or Frog


  5. Which animal has the fastest orgasm in nature, taking only three seconds to have sex and ejaculate: mosquitoes, pandas or snakes?

    Mosquitoes (quickest orgasm in nature)

  6. Which animal is pregnant for longer: a White Rhino or an Arabian Camel?

    White Rhino

  7. How long do male chimpanzees have sex for before they come: 10 seconds, 10 minutes or half an hour?

    10 seconds

  8. How long do ducks take to have sex with each other: 2 seconds, 2 minutes or 2 hours?

    2 minutes

  9. Which animal has the biggest vagina on Earth: a whale, an elephant or a goose?

    A whale (up to 8ft long)

  10. Which animal has the heaviest penis of them all: the elephant, the blue whale or the gnu?


  11. How frequently can a male kangaroo have sex: 25 times a day, 5 times a day or only once a week?

    Five times a day

  12. Which animals form life-long gay couples in the wild: lions or flamingos?


  13. Which of these birds are most likely to be homosexual: owls, penguins or geese?


  14. Which animals are pregnant for longer: a giraffe or a camel (Arabian Camel)


  15. Which female animals have more orgasms than any other per day when in heat and mating: lions, rats or spiders?


  16. Where are the sex organs of a male crab: on its legs, on its back, or in its eyes?

    On its legs

  17. Which of these animals do NOT masturbate: Walrus,Penguin or Dolphin?


  18. Which animals have orgasms that last for 30 minutes: Pigs, Blue whales or Boa constrictors?


  19. Which animals have sex most frequently: rats, penguins or snails?


  20. Which animals can have sex for over 100 days at a time without stopping? Snakes, penguins or jellyfish?


  21. Which of these animals urinate in each other’s faces during the mating season? Monkeys, dolphins or rats

    Squirell monkeys

  22. Which animal is pregnant for longer: a walrus or a giraffe?


  23. Which animals are pregnant for longer: a llama or a walrus


  24. Who is pregnant for longer: a human or a walrus?

    Walrus (480 days)

  25. Which animals is pregnant for longer: a White Rhino or a giraffe?

    White Rhino

  26. Do porcupines ever masturbate: yes or no?

    Yes - female porcupines rub themselves up and down on sticks

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