Free Quiz Questions on scientific units of measurement. Height, weight, mass and all that other complex stuff.

  1. What part of King Henry I’s body defined the measurement of a 'yard': his arm, his leg or his waist measurement?


  2. In Autumn, do the clocks go forwards or backwards?


  3. What calendar do we use in Britain these days: the Gregorian calendar or the Julian calendar?


  4. What weighs the most: A metric ton, an imperial tonne or soul singer Barry White (when he was alive and at his fattest)?

    Imperial ton

  5. In which month does British Summer Time officially end?


  6. what day of the week is Christmas going to be this year?


  7. What is longest: 1 Mile, 1½ kilometres or 11 furlongs?

    11 furlongs

  8. In printers measures, how many points are there to a pica: 12 or 100?

    12 points

  9. What is 10 C below zero equivalent to in Fahrenheit: 7, 14, or 21?


  10. How many standard vinyl record 12" album covers would it take to completely cover a standard football goal?

    192 record covers

  11. How wide is a lightning bolt: 2 inches, 2 feet or 2 miles?

    2 inches

  12. What is longer? 2 miles, 3 kilometres or 1000 Dale Wintons laid end-to-end?

    2 miles

  13. What is the earliest possible date that Easter can be in any year?

    22nd March

  14. What is the latest date that Easter can be?

    25th April

  15. What is the longer distance: 45 miles or 70 kilometres?

    45 miles is longer (45 miles = 72.4 km)

  16. How many feet in a fathom?

    6 feet

  17. How many picas to an inch are there on a printer’s ruler?

    6 picas

  18. How many points to an inch are there on a printer’s ruler?

    72 points

  19. Which is the smaller bra size: A or AA?

    AA is smaller

  20. In which month was Easter in 2007?


  21. Which elementary particle orbits the nucleus of an atom and has a mass 1836 times smaller than that of a proton?


  22. Who is shorter: A wee guy from Fife measuring 5’6” or a petit homme from France measuring 160 centimetres?

    Frenchman is shorter

  23. During which month does British Summer Time officially start?


  24. What is longer: a mile or a nautical mile?

    Nautical mile

  25. What day of the week was January 1st in the year 2000?


  26. Which is larger a Dessert-spoon or a Table-spoon


  27. On the 'Mohs scale,' the hardest substance is diamond - what's the softest?


  28. What weighs more? An Englishman weighing 15 stones, a Frenchman weighing 120 kilos or an American weighing 290lbs?

    The American is heaviest

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