Free Quiz Questions on plants. Topics include flowers, vegetables and herbs as well as the origins of booze.

  1. Eating which herb improves memory: rosemary, sage or marijuana?


  2. Giuseppe Russo from Northamptonshire recently grew a 30ft high sunflower. What drink did he feed to the plants to help them grow so high? Tea, Coffee or Vodka?


  3. What kind of tree is a British Mountain Ash: an Evergreen or a Deciduous?

    deciduous (also known as a Rowan tree)

  4. What Christmas decoration might you find growing in an apple tree?


  5. Which fruit is also known by the scientific name of `Malus pumila`?


  6. What is the tallest and thickest kind of grass?


  7. The nut of the horse-chestnut tree is more commonly known by what name?


  8. In nature, what name is given to the dried kernel of coconut?


  9. Which spring flower of the primula genus has a common name that is said to derive from a polite word for cattle dung?


  10. What is the more common name for the bell-shaped purple flowers 'digitalis'?


  11. What is the common name for the blue flower myosotis, also known as 'mouse's ear'?


  12. What name is given to the leaves of ferns?


  13. How long was the world’s longest ever parsnip: 3ft, 6ft or 12 ft?

    12 foot.

  14. Which Christmas plant has the latin name "ilex"?


  15. What fruit are almonds most closely related to: bananas, apricot or pineapple?


  16. What berries are used in the making of gin?

    Juniper berries

  17. Is broccoli part of the cabbage family, the lettuce family or the leek family?

    Cabbage family

  18. What do deciduous trees do?

    Lose their leaves in winter

  19. Plants grow faster when they listen to music. But which music makes them grow fastest: Rock, Jazz or Classical?


  20. Oil seed rape belongs to which plant family?


  21. For what process do plants need sunlight, CO2 and water?


  22. What plant is opium derived from?


  23. What crop is the Colorado Beetle best known for attacking?


  24. What country do Amaryllis bulbs originate from?

    South Africa

  25. Which flowers are also known as Candlemas Bells and February Fairmaids?


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