Free Quiz Questions on individuals in sport. Topics include champions and losers, nationality and fame.

  1. What country does golfer Nick Price originate from?


  2. Which British motor-racing driver won Formula1 in 1992 and the American version the following year?

    Nigel Mansell

  3. LeBron James in a famous name in which sport?


  4. Hugh Duff is a World Champion from Scotland, but what is his sport: Fencing, Badminton, or Bowls?


  5. Which Welshman won six World Professional Snooker Championships in the 1970s?

    Ray Reardon

  6. Out of Venus Williams and Serena Williams, who has spent more time as the world number 1?


  7. What nationality is the pro golfer Ben Curtis?


  8. What nationality is the pro golfer Angel Cabrera?


  9. In which American Sport is Joe Torre a renowned head coach?

    Baseball (he’s the coach of the New York Yankees)

  10. In 1988, Eddie The Eagle became famous for being a rubbish ski jumper: but which country were the games held in?


  11. In which sport has Rachel Heyhoe Flint achieved worldwide fame?


  12. Which top British athlete refused to carry the English flag at a Commonwealth Games opening ceremony in the 1982 but won the BBC Sports Personality Award the same year?

    Daley Thompson

  13. Nigel Benn was a British World Champion Middleweight boxer of the 1980s and 1990s, but what was his nick name: was it The Dark Destroyer, The Terminator, or The Ragamuffin Man?

    Dark Destroyer

  14. Which of these is a real horse to have won the Grand National: Lesbian Kiss, Gay Lad or Big Fanny?

    Gay Lad (won the race in 1842)

  15. In cricket, on which ground did Geoff Boycott score his hundredth first class century?


  16. Tennis star Andre Agassi’s dad was an Olympic boxer for which country: Iran, Germany or Argentina?


  17. Les Wallace was the last Scottish World Darts champion – winning the BDO in 1997 but what was his darts nickname?


  18. Which sport has produced more winners of BBC’s Sports Personality of The Year since 1947 when it started: motor racing, boxing or football?

    Motor Racing

  19. In which athletic sport did Sergei Bubka become a dominating force in the 1980s and 90s?

    Pole Vaulting

  20. Which was the most successful Grand National horse, winning 3 times in the 1970s?

    Red Rum

  21. Does Scots tennis star Andy Murray play left-handed or right-handed?

    Right handed

  22. Shelley Rudman won a silver medal for Great Britain in the 2006 Winter Olympics – but in what sport?

    Skeleton Bob

  23. What Eastern European country is the tennis player Daniela Hantuchova from? Clue: the answer starts with the letter S


  24. Which sport has top players called Shaun Murphy, Stephen Lee, and Matthew Stevens?


  25. Who in 1988 became the first boxer to win world titles at 5 officially recognised weights and was also named Fighter of the Decade?

    Sugar Ray Leonard

  26. Is former snooker world champion Peter Ebdon regarded as a particularly quick player or a particularly slow player?

    Very Slow

  27. When Frank Bruno used to be good, scientists measured his punching power: how fast were Franks fists travelling when they hit an opponent in the face: 20mph, 50 mph or 100 mph?


  28. How many Wimbledon Men’s Singles Championships did Bjorn Borg win?

    5 times

  29. How many punches can Prince Naseem Hamid throw in 14 seconds? 30, 50 or 70?

    70 punches

  30. What nationality is the tennis star David Nalbandian?


  31. Star: Who was named in a F1 magazine poll last year as “the greatest Formula one driver who ever lived?

    Ayrton Senna

  32. With which American sport do you associate the name Magic Johnson?


  33. Cycling: What nationality was Eddie Mercx – winner of the most stages in Tour de France history?


  34. Which famous horse won the Cheltenham Gold Cup three times in a row between 2002 & 2004: Worst Enemy, Best Mate or Just An Acquaintance?

    Best Mate

  35. Scotsman David Gourlay is world number one.... which sport?


  36. In which sport did Scotsman Alex Marshall make history by winning the World Championship for a fourth time in 2007?

    Bowls (indoor)

  37. What nationality was racing driver Ayrton Senna?


  38. What nationality is the pro golfer Lee Westwood?

    British (English)

  39. What did baseball legend Babe Ruth keep on his head, under his baseball cap when he was playing for the New York Yankees? A mouse, a condom or a cabbage leaf?

    Cabbage leaf

  40. What did 2004 world darts champion Andy Fordham drink before every game on his way to victory: a case of lager, a bottle of whisky or a pot of green tea?

    Case of lager

  41. In which sport is Englishman Andrew Strauss a big name?


  42. In which sport is Marcus Trescothick a big name?


  43. In which sport is Muttiah Muralitharan a big name?


  44. W.G.Grace captained England at what two sports?

    Cricket and Bowls

  45. In which sport are Floyd Landis and Denis Menchov top professionals?


  46. In cricket, which bowler took a hat trick for England v Australia in the 1998/99 series?

    Darren Gough

  47. Which sport has had World Champions called Keith Deller, Les Wallace, and Richie Burnett?


  48. Which British motor racing driver announced his retirement from Formula One at the end of Brazilian Grand Prix in 2008?

    David Coulthard

  49. In which event did Dean Macey win gold for Britain at the 2006 Commonwealth Games in Melbourne?


  50. Which grey horse was voted best horse ever by readers of the Racing Post?

    Desert Orchid (aka Dessie)

  51. What was the scary nickname of Welsh snooker player Ray Reardon who won six world championships during the 1970?


  52. What country did Eric the Eel and Paula the Trawler come from? (the stunningly bad swimmers from the Sydney 2000 Olympics)

    Equatorial Guinea

  53. What was the nickname given to the swimmer from Equatorial Guinea who took nearly two minutes to swim the hundred metres at the Sydney Olympics in 2000?

    Eric the Eel

  54. In golf, who won the U.S. Open twice in the 1990s and is known as 'The Big Easy'?

    Ernie Els

  55. Were most of the top ten seeds at Wimbledon (2005) European or American?


  56. Were most of the top ten seeds at Wimbledon (2005) European or American?


  57. In 1985 Keke Rosburg got in his Formula one car and set the Silverstone tack record (1’05”) What did he do just before setting the record: did he have a cigarette, did he have a shot of tequila or did he masturbate?


  58. What weight is Scots fighter Scott Harrison? Fly, Feather, Bantam?


  59. What nationality is the pro golfer Vijay Singh?


  60. Which Geoffrey used to play cricket for England and is now an outspoken TV and Radio pundit?

    Geoffrey Boycott

  61. Which one of these Irish "anti-hero" sportsmen was born first: George Best or Alex Hurricane Higgins.

    George best by six years

  62. Who did Muhammed Ali beat in the famous fight known as the Rumble in the Jungle?

    George Foreman

  63. At which sport is an Australian guy called Stuart Appleby a top player?


  64. In which sport is the Swede Joakim Backstrom a professional?


  65. In which sport was Juan Manuel Fangio a world champion during the 1950s?

    Grand Prix Motor Raving

  66. Which golfer spent over 300 consecutive weeks as world number one in the 80s and 90s but now makes more money designing golf courses

    Greg Norman

  67. Which golfer spent over 300 consecutive weeks as world number one in the 80s and 90s but now makes more money designing golf courses

    Greg Norman

  68. In which sport did Kelly Sotherton win a bronze medal for Britain at the 2004 Athens Olympics?


  69. What cricket feat did Garfield Sobers of the West Indies become the first man to achieve in 1968?

    Hitting six sixes off of one over

  70. In which sport is Kieran Fallon a famous name?

    Horse racing

  71. In boxing, which World Heavyweight Champion was disqualified in the Olympics for not trying?

    Ingemar Johansson (of Sweden - in 1952 Olympics)

  72. Who won the women's heptathlon at Seoul in 1988?

    Jackie Joyner-Kersey

  73. The BBC sports personality of the year is usually won by an individual but which pair won it in 1984?

    Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean

  74. Which famous Scottish darts player was known as The Body From Kirkcaldy?

    Jocky Wilson

  75. Who did Muhammed Ali fight in his famous boxing match, “The Thrilla in Manila”?

    Joe Frazier

  76. Which Belgian tennis player won singles gold at the Athens Olympics in 2004?

    Justine Henin (Hardenne)

  77. What country does marathon running star Paul Tergat come from?


  78. Which British boxer did Mike Tyson bite at a pre-fight press conference in 2002?

    Lennox Lewis

  79. Who was the last guy to win Wimbledon before Roger Federer won 5-in-a-row between 2003 and 2007?

    Lleyton Hewitt (in 2002)

  80. What was Strange about Stella Walsh, an American sprinter who won the Olympic 100m in 1932? Did she only have one leg, Was she blind, or was she alter discovered to be a man


  81. Who won more Wimbledon singles titles: Martina Navratilova or Pete Sampras?

    Martin Navratilova (9 titles vs 7)

  82. Who was the only male German tennis player to win a Wimbledon singles title in the 1990s?

    Michael Stich (1991)

  83. Which American boxer was known as “the baddest man on the planet” and was also named Malik Abdul Aziz after converting to Islam in the mid 1990s?

    Mike Tyson

  84. What nationality is Hicham El Guerrouj, the current world 1500m running world record holder?


  85. Giacomo Agostini has won 122 Grand Prix and 15 world titles, but in what sport?

    Motorcycle Racing

  86. What British boxer – of the 1980s and 1990s, was known as The Dark Destroyer?

    Nigel Benn

  87. Which Czech player won the women's tennis at Wimbledon 1998, beating Nathalie Tauziat in the final?


  88. Which former world snooker champion carries the nicknames Psycho and Skeletor?

    Peter Ebdon

  89. Which member of the Royal Family competed for Great Britain in the 1976 Olympic Games?

    Princess Anne (in the three-day-eventing - horses)

  90. Who were the two finalists in the record-breaking Wimbledon men’s singles final of 2008 which lasted nearly five hours?

    Roger Federer & Rafael Nadal

  91. In 2001, who became the first Englishman for to win the World Snooker Championship since John Parrot in 1991?

    Ronnie O Sullivan

  92. Ato Boldon is one of Trinidad and Tobago’s most famous Olympians: but is he a swimmer, a boxer or a runner?

    Runner (sprinter with 4 Olympic medals)

  93. Who is the tallest tennis player: Andy Murray, Tim Henman or Greg Rusedski

    Rusedski (193 cm compared to the others at 185 cm)

  94. Out of Andy Murray, Tim Henman and Greg Rusekdski, which is the only one to have reached a Grand Slam final?

    Rusedski (beaten by Pat Rafter in US Open final in 1997)

  95. Which American tennis star won the Australian Open Tennis Women’s Singles tournament in 2003, 2005, 2007 and 2009?

    Serena Williams

  96. Formula one driver Jackie Stewart won the world championship 3 times. In what other sport was he British champion? Tiddlywinks, show-jumping or clay-pigeon shooting?


  97. What sport was dominated by Frenchman Jean Claude Killy in the late 60s?


  98. What nationality is the pro golfer Ernie Els?

    South African

  99. What nationality is the pro golfer Retief Goosen?

    South African

  100. In 2001 world champion sportsman Peter Nicol defected from Scotland to England – what sport does he play?


  101. Which famous summer sporting event did Spaniard Miguel Indurain win 5 times in a row in the 1990s?

    The Tour de France

  102. In which sport did Princess Anne compete for Great Britain in the 1976 Montreal Olympics?

    Three day eventing (horses)

  103. Which European snooker player is known as “The Tornado”?

    Tony Drago

  104. Who is the current holder of the 100m-sprint world record for men?

    Usain Bolt (of Jamaica)

  105. What was golfer Payne Stewart's first name?


  106. Did the Great British heavyweight boxer and pantomime star Frank Bruno ever actually hold a world boxing title?


  107. In which decade was there last a British singles champion at Wimbledon?

    1970s (Virginia Wade, 1977)

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