Free Quiz Questions on sports rules, terminology, equipment. Topics include team-size, playing area dimensions, etc.

  1. In Olympic athletics, what is the shortest race in which runners can move out of the lanes they start in?

    800 metres

  2. What Olympic sport uses a surface 9 foot long by 5 foot wide?

    Table Tennis

  3. Which Olympic sport needs a 'planting box'?

    The pole vault

  4. In the 110 metre hurdles race at the Olympics, how high are the hurdles – in centimetres?

    107 cm

  5. Which Olympic event is sometimes known as the 'metric mile'?

    1500 metres

  6. What’s the highest possible score in a game of 10 pin bowling?

    300 points

  7. Within 5 feet – how many feet long is a squash court (from front to back)

    32 feet (accept answer in range 27-37 feet)

  8. In the Olympic boxing weight classifications – what comes between flyweight and featherweight?


  9. When you’re potting the colours in snooker, what comes after green?


  10. Which winter sport features, hacks, hammers, and the hog line?


  11. Name the Olympic event where the competitors are obliged to wear a top hat?


  12. Which of these is the heaviest boxing division: flyweight, featherweight or bantamweight?


  13. In which 11-a-side Olympic sport do players take long corners and short corners?

    Field Hockey

  14. What colour is the bullseye section of an archery target?

    Gold/ yellow.

  15. What colour is the zero on a roulette wheel?


  16. In which sport does the runner in lane five always wear orange?

    Greyhound racing

  17. What weighs more: a tennis ball, a squash ball or an ice hockey puck?

    Ice hockey puck

  18. In sport, which nation won the first world karate and kendo team world championships in 1970?


  19. What colour jacket does the number five dog wear at a greyhound race: black, white or orange?


  20. What colour and design is the shirt you wear if you are King of The Mountains in the Tour de France?

    Red/white polka dots.

  21. Are there more people in a netball team or a rounders team?


  22. What weighs the most: a tennis ball, a golf ball or a squash ball?


  23. If your lungs were laid out flat: would they cover a snooker table, a tennis court or a football pitch?

    Tennis court

  24. Ostrich racing is popular sport in Brazil but do the birds race on their own or do they carry jockeys?

    There are jockeys

  25. In cricket, which type of spin causes the ball to gain pace after bouncing: top, back or side?

    Top spin

  26. Which sport uses a net whose top reaches 2.43 metres above the ground?


  27. How many shots would a Golfer have to take to make a Double-Bogie on a Par Four Hole?


  28. In darts, what are the two numbers either side of the 20 bed?

    1 & 5

  29. What is the official weight for haggis in haggis throwing events?

    1 and a half pounds.

  30. How many gears are speedway riders allowed on their bikes

    1 gear only

  31. In pounds, what is the maximum weight for a competition ten-pin bowling ball?


  32. Within two inches, what is the diameter of a basketball hoop?

    18 inches, (accept answers in range 16-20 inches

  33. How many standard vinyl record 12" album covers does it take to completely cover a standard football goal?

    192 record covers

  34. How many yards long is a cricket pitch (the distance between the two sets of stumps)?

    22 yards

  35. Ostrich racing is a popular sport in Brazil. But, within 5 miles per hour, what is the top speed of an ostrich with a nine-stone jockey on its back?

    25 mph (accept answers in range 20-30 mph)

  36. How much does a tennis ball weigh in ounces?


  37. Excluding the home plate, how many bases are there on a baseball field?

    3 bases

  38. How long is the athletics track race which features a water jump?

    3000 metres

  39. What is the top speed of a greyhound: 21 mph, 31 mph or 41 mph?

    41 mph

  40. How many full kilometres in a marathon?

    42 km

  41. How many folk do you need for a basketball team? (on court at any one time)

    5 players

  42. How many people are required to make up an ice hockey team (not including substitutes)?

    6 players

  43. Within 5 feet – what is the distance from the pitcher’s plate to home plate (where the batter stands) in a game of baseball

    60 ½ feet

  44. In darts: how far is the oche from the board: 7 foot 9 or 9 foot 7?

    7 foot 9 (and 3 quarters of an inch)

  45. In professional darts tournaments– how far do you stand from the board. Answer in feet and inches.

    7 foot 9¼ inch

  46. How many people are required to make up a netball team (not including substitutes)?

    7 players

  47. How many players in an Olympic water polo team (not including substitutes)?

    7 players

  48. How many feet long is a tennis court, from baseline to baseline?

    78 feet

  49. What is the final event of a women’s Olympic heptathlon?

    800m run

  50. How many different scoring segments are there on a dart board

    82 (double, outer single, treble, inner single, all x 20, plus 25 and bull)

  51. What round object is the outdoor team sport “Ultimate” played with?

    A frisbee (or aerobie, or other flying-disc)

  52. In motor racing, what does a flag with yellow and red stripes signify?

    A slippery track

  53. In golf, a hole completed in one shot under par is called a birdie, and two under par is called an eagle: what is 3 under par known as?

    An albatross

  54. Which piece of sporting equipment consists of a handle, a collar, a sleeve, a loom and a spoon?

    an oar

  55. In sport, where would you find a tic-tac man?

    at a racecourse

  56. What colour of jacket does the dog wear in trap 4 of a BAGS greyhound race?


  57. What colour of jacket does the dog wear in trap 6 of a BAGS greyhound race?

    black and white stripes

  58. What colour of jacket does the dog in trap 2 of a dog race always wear? Red, white or blue?


  59. Which colour of snooker ball is worth 5 points?


  60. Which ball is worth more in snooker: green or brown?


  61. What name is given to a golf club with a convex face?


  62. In which sport did the term “hat-trick” originate?


  63. In which sport played on grass are the primary colours blue, red, black and yellow?


  64. What two sports make up the "Biathlon" which you can see in the winter olympics?

    Cross-country ski-ing, shooting

  65. Which boxing weight is the heaviest: Bantamweight, cruiserweight or welterweight?


  66. What do the letters d.p.s.mean to a competitive swimmer?

    Distance Per Stroke

  67. In which sport do players take long corners and short corners?

    Field Hockey

  68. In which sport do can you find a flying camels, layback spins and mohawk turns?

    Figure Skating (they are all types of ice-skating manouvres)

  69. In UK horseracing, is a 4 year-old female horse classified as a filly or a mare?


  70. What kind of sportsman would use a mashie niblick?


  71. which animals can run at a greater maximum speed: horses or greyhounds?


  72. What measure do they use in Olympic sprints to divide the runners: tenths of a second. hundredths of a second, or thousandths of a second?


  73. In which team sport is “icing” a foul?

    Ice Hockey

  74. In which sport do the skaters use longer blades on their boots: ice hockey or figure skating?

    Ice Hockey (Figure skating blades are shortened at the heel to allow intricate moves with partners)

  75. In which sport is the playing surface frequently cleaned and smoothed by a machine called a Zamboni?

    Ice Hockey (or figure skating – etc.)

  76. What piece of sporting equipment is one inch thick, three inches in diameter and made from vulcanised rubber

    Ice Hockey Puck

  77. Which team has the most players(in action at any one time)? An ice-hockey team, basketball team or a netball team?

    Netball (7 players at any one time)

  78. Which number is positioned opposite 20 on a standard dartboard?

    number 3

  79. What covers the largest area: a basketball Court, a doubles badminton court or a football penalty area?

    Penalty area

  80. Which of these covers the largest area: a basketball Court, a doubles badminton court or a football penalty area?

    Penalty area

  81. In the Tour de France – the leader wears a yellow jersey but what colour is the leader’s jersey in the Italian equivalent, the Giro D’Italia: white, black or pink?


  82. Which 4-a-side outdoor sport is played on a ground 300 yards long and 160 yards wide?


  83. Which outdoor team sport is played on the largest pitch to have a goal at either end?


  84. What colour of jacket does the dog in trap 1 of a dog race always wear?


  85. In Polo – do players have to hold the mallet with their right hand, do they have to hold it in their left hand or is the choice left up to them?

    Right hand only

  86. Running outfits made from what material have been banned from competitions because they give runners a 4% increase in speed? Rubber, Sharkskin or Aluminium?


  87. What word is a type of material and is the name is given to the coloured uniform of a jockey?


  88. How many players are there in an ice hockey team at any one time?


  89. What are the two different disciplines of Olympic weightlifting?

    Snatch / Clean & Jerk

  90. What sport uses equipment called the spider, the swan and the triangle?


  91. Which is the largest ball: a baseball, a softball or a polo ball?


  92. In which sport would you go to a basho?

    Sumo Wrestling

  93. In boxing: which is heavier: flyweight or super flyweight?

    Super Flyweight

  94. Which indoor sport is played on a surface 42 inches wide and 62 feet long?

    Tenpin Bowling

  95. In the sport of worm-charming: which of these is a banned substance? Washing liquid, salt or orange peel?

    washing up liquid

  96. What Olympic sport features two different disciplines called The Clean & Jerk, and The Snatch?


  97. In British greyhound racing, what colour of jacket does the dog in trap 3 always wear?


  98. What colour of jacket does the dog wear in trap 3 of a BAGS greyhound race?


  99. From what wood are cricket bats usually made?


  100. In motor racing what colour flag is used to denote 'danger, no overtaking'?


  101. What colour is the race leader’s jersey in the Tour de France?


  102. In which sport would you find a Bomb, a Blitz and a Shotgun?

    American Football

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